I believe that Spirit provides everything that we need in lifein the beauty and nature that surrounds us. We have been giventhe flowers in nature, not only to feel good when we see thembut to use as medicine as well.

Flower essences work on a vibrational level on the emotionalbody of the aura and over time help clear all negative emotionsfrom the aura, thus stopping disease. They are able to give usthe courage and strength to clear any blocks so we can accessour higher self, or what we call our inner wisdom. By doingthis we are also able to know our innate higher purpose andfollow our true heart’s desire by fulfilling not only our hopes, but our dreams.

One of my teachers used to say, three months of Bachflowers is equivalent to 10 years of psychotherapy. I couldn’tagree more as I have used them not only on myself   all my clients as well with wonderful results. In conjunctionwith modern, conventional medicine today, they are indeed complementary.I have been using all types of flower essences from all overthe world now for many years and find they are an essentialpart of my life and practice. I have a great understanding ofthe flower essences and how they work and have made manyessences for myself over the years whenever I go into the bush.

The Australian bush is magnificent and has the most incrediblevariety of flowers full of beauty and strength and very spiritualas well.

My husband and I love to go bush walking and will oftengo deep into the bush to see many of these special flowers to make special remedies for clients as they have very strong healing powers.