The Burning Bed

by Kerrie Erwin

Excerpt from Spirits Whispering in my Ear- available on Amazon and Kindle One day I received a phone call from one of my clients, a businessman I had met at a conference who had just bought a place in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Larry was a hard-working man in his early 50s, who had just relocated [...]

Easter time in the mountains

by Kerrie Erwin

Easter has always been an important time for me in my busy life. Although it I a peaceful, serene time, it is also great to share it with the people you most love and care for, as the energy is very healing. I usually take time out in nature and this can be anywhere in [...]

Create a sacred space to meet your guide

by Kerrie Erwin
Create a sacred space - kerrie erwin

Creating a sacred space in your home or in nature would be ideal for meditation. It is a space which you can call your own, where you feel safe and secure and where no one can interrupt you. If you make an effort to meditate at the same time every day you will get better [...]

Connecting with and understanding the Archangels

by Kerrie Erwin

CONNECTING WITH AND UNDERSTANDING THE ARCHANGELS In this day and age we need to get as much help as we can from all our friends in the spirit world and that includes not only our loved ones, that are eternally connected to us through out love, but our loving guides, that are with us on [...]

Christman Blog – December 2015

by Kerrie Erwin
Christmas 2015 blog

For many Christmas time can be difficult as it is not often as festive as we think. After all it is is the end of the year and often many people are tired and exhausted from working long days, dealing with old worn out patterns and deep emotional wounds from disputes from family and loved [...]


by Kerrie Erwin
November 2015

How important is it to remove the clutter from our minds by living in the past or the future? Life as we know it is about living in the NOW. Always expect more for yourself and understand that you run your own show because once you understand the rule of personal responsibility you give yourself [...]


by admin
selling a home

Are you having problems selling a home? Everyday I get asked by people why isn’t their house selling, or the business moving faster along. Try these quick tips and without a doubt you will get a positive result. 1.Clear all the clutter. When you clear clutter from your home, you are removing negative, blocked energy. [...]

Past Life Regression

by Kerrie Erwin
Past Life Regression

PAST LIFE REGRESSION I first became interested in past life regression when I went to Norway in the late 70’s. Once there, I found it quite extraordinary that I had an understanding of the ways and idiosyncrasies of most Norwegian people I came across and felt quiet at home there.In the large group of international [...]


by admin
space clearing kerrie erwin

Whenever there is evidence of an earth bound spirit in the home, the natural energy or Chi, overtime will be undoubtedly be affected as the atmosphere will feel heavy and gradually will build up like a dark, gloomy cloud of stagnant, dull and thick energy, drain everything around it and cause imbalance and havoc in [...]


by Kerrie Erwin

IF EVER YOU HAVE A PROBLEM IN YOUR LIFE, AS WE ALL KNOW LIFE CAN BE HARD, CALL ON YOUR ANGELS. These amazing spiritual beings bring in so much needed light, joyful feelings, strong intuition, and inspiration and leave you with you with a strong sense of wellbeing and deep peace from deep within your [...]