Upcoming Events

Spiritual Talk & Live Reading

12th August 2020

Experience an evening of LIVE readings with one of Australia’s Best Psychic Medium

Find out about your Future, Love Life, Career, Finances, Romance, Relationships with Messages from the Otherside from your loved ones or friends that have passed over.

It’s FREE no strings attached, signup for the event on Facebook to receive a reminder about it an hour before the Live show starts.

Location: Facebook Live

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/310286130113984/


Cosmic Consciousness Conference

20th – 22nd Dec 2020 (Northern Territory)

Join Kerrie on a journey of growth, expansion and healing deep in the spiritual heart of Australia, at the Earth’s solar plexus chakra.  At this powerful, sacred site, allow the old to fall away, and transcend to a place where dreams really do come true.

Bookings: https://www.cosmicconsciousness.com.au/

Location:  Voyages Ayers Rock Resort