Paranormal Investigation & Spirit Rescue with Kerrie Erwin & Pete Clifford


In your words, what is spirit rescue or what is commonly called ghost busting?

Part of my life’s work to date as a spiritual medium is releasing earth bound spirits from entrapment from the earth’s plane. This is called spirit rescue or more commonly known from the popular movie as ‘ghost busting’. Often I will do this quite successfully over the phone if the client lives interstate, but generally visit the home, building or land area. This can be a poltergeist, a visitor ghost or somebody that actually lived in the home or place, as it is familiar.   This work is very rewarding for the client, as it will totally change their life as I am also able to offer suggestions with my space clearing with the ancient art of Feng Shui for further improvement with attracting abundance, peace, harmony and most importantly order in their lives.

Residual energy

I am also able to work with residual energy that keeps going on, or repeating itself, like a loop that creates a ghost effect. This is actually just part of a soul that is fragmented and needs healing so it can cross.

Interference energy

Interference energy is like a portal or small tornado may also be found in homes and places. If left open it can work as an open door to unwelcomed guest from the astral world. This can be easily closed down and the property will be restored to the natural chi energy and grace for all involved.

Not everyone can do this work or have this gift either and you have to be trained as a medium and be able to hear or be able to see the spirits that you need to rescue. I always say the proof is always in the pudding.

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There are two types of spirits


These are spirits that in most cases I have found do not understand or know that they are actually dead and because of this they have not, or will not pass over successfully. The reasons for this may be in some cases, but sometimes it is not understood why.

1)     A fatal accident or accidental death

2)     A suicide- it must be noted that not all suicides refuse to cross.

3)     Fear- do not want to cross over because of some illogical reason

4)     Religious beliefs- e.g. perhaps they have done something bad and think they are going to hell which is not a reality

5)     Their belief system (perhaps they are scared that they have done something wrong and God will punish them, there is no god only hell.

6)     An obsessive love or greed for the material world and earthly possessions

7)     They simply do not understand that they are actually dead or have died.

Earth bound spirits generally congregate or are found around large groups of people (hospitals, railway, shopping centres, airport, schools, or homes where they once lived) and are rarely found in a lonely home like what we see in the movies as they need our energy.


These are the majority of spirits that have crossed over successfully into the light or have ‘gone home’ to the spirit world. When we cross over as souls, we are always with our guide, angel or a loved one. Once we have crossed over are never alone as our guide, in some cases angels, joins us and also often a loved one from spirit will join us as well. Once there we are taken by our guide to our own soul groups, are given a life review by spirit elders about our life on earth and receive healing. The spirit world is an incredible consciousness of light and love and healing and is also a vast recycling place. Some people refer to the afterlife as heaven- this is not up in the air, but in another dimension, just an arm’s length away

Why is it beneficial and how do you know you need a clearing like this?

If you have a lost soul, or earth bound spirit in your home, it will not go unnoticed, as you will have quite a few issues. Some of the issues or problems you may encounter are as follows

1) Your home will feel ice cold and unpleasant in certain areas and no matter what you do, the energy will be heavy and unbearable to live in.

2) Most of the family living there will feel tired; have colds, flues or unexplained illness. They will also feel stuck in their lives.

3) There may be continual fights, arguments or disagreements because of the imbalance of the energy in the house.

4) It will almost be impossible to sell or make changes to the house because of the constant delays.

5) You many also have unexplained or continual problems with electricity or water for not obvious reasons with lights going on and off.

6) There may be unusual sounds, knocks, things disappearing, strange smells and constant confusion.

How do you expect to feel in their space and what will change after you is clearing.

Once the earth bound spirit or spirits are removed and space clearing is finished and sent into a vortex or porthole of light the energy in the space will no longer feel toxic, uncomfortable, cold or in most cases unpleasant and the space will generally go back to normal without any spirit interference.   The space will no longer what most people describe as heavy and everything will feel lighter once again. The other good thing is life will once again return back to normality and things will start to flow.

Get in touch

If you feel you have a lost soul in your home, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment now, and watch your life change!

Interstate Spirit Rescue

Spirit rescue is now done over the phone if you live interstate. Phone rescues usually take only 30 mins.
I have done countless interstate work doing this and have had excellent results.