Hello and welcome everyone to the year 2012. And what a wonderful year this will be! It is a year of reflection and rapid change for everyone as we go into the Age of Aquarius. Love all the endearing songs from the musical!

Everything around us, as we once knew it, is changing  all around us now. 2012 will be an emotional year ( a year 5) where things you have visualized will materialise very rapidlly, if you have taken the time out to meditate and work on yourself, …. expect the best for yourselves. Stay postive and create miracels on the earth in your reality……

It is a time of believing in yourself and your own truth as souls because we are slowly eentering the 5th dimension which trascends a time of great change on the planet. I  would like to share with you all an excerpt from Convoluted book 3, written by Dolores Cannon.

“From within, will come such light. It will manifest from the core of your being. The world which your envision is already inside of you. Can I explain this to you? You are not moving to another planet. Your are breaking your sell. This planet… this shell… is bringing forth that light.

It possesses the core of essence. It is given to you to enter your light fully, fully and to draw it out. And to say I am light. I am light. Hear me, God. I am light. And truly then, this world shall be not as you permit it. I say, you permit it to be. Nothing in God’s beingness can exist without the permission of God. I say to you, you are Gods! You are light! I see your future. I say come forth into your light. Return to yourselves.

Oh, humanity, return to yourselves! And in turn know that beyond that vision, there is a greater awareness. And yet can you take the step even to that place? We await you!!!”

2012 is also the year of the Water Dragon, which is one of my favourite signs. Dragon’s are ancient, majestic, wise and intelligent and Dragon Years are considered particularly auspicious for new business, marriage and children. Dragon years also tend to boost individual fortunes and world economy.

The year of the water Dragon is noted for calm and visionary intelligence. It is a sensitive sign known for progressive and diplomatic qualities and to have a social and environmentally consciousness. This will increase the likelihood of success for progressive movements gaining momentum all across the globe. Energy cooperation and green-energy producing technologies, curtailing Global Warming, challenges to multinational corporations, (which is happening now) attention to world hunger and the renewed health of the oceans and sea creatures will likely fare well. If your expectations tend more toward sister, then you might expect tsunamis, hurricanes, monsoons and other weather extremes to be in the headlines. If you stay positive expect, harmony virtue and riches.
(Taken from Californianpsychics.com)
America, besides Australia of course, is one of my favourite countries in the world and last year, both my husband and I travelled to Tucson, Arizona. It is an incredible place and home to the cacti. These incredible looking plants almost look man-like and when you walk amongst them, it almost feels as if they have a human quality, full of mirth and happiness.

Others look mischievous and quite scary. It also remained me of the “The men in Black movie”, as I laugh out loud and I was almost expecting to see a UFO craft appear out of now where, but sadly this did not happen. This desert region, where the cacti live and grow in the hundreds, is extremely hot and arid but home to many birds, insects and creatures, such as the coyote which we saw two of hunting in the early morning, while out walking amongst our spiky friends and taking photos.

When the rains come, this isolated desert transforms overnight, into a beautiful canvas of bright colours as far as the eye can see and a vastness of incredible colours and beautiful blooms from the cacti.

2012 will be a busy year for me on a personnel level. I will be opening a new office space and starting new classes. I will also be doing spirit shows as well as my Rainbow Show, (raising money for the kid’s hospital) all over the place. These events are still the process of being organised, but will appear on my events section on my website. I will also be publishing a new book which should be coming out more towards the end of year and both my books ‘Magical Tales of the Forest’ and ‘The Suburban Medium’, which have been both received warmly, have now gone global and are on eBooks and Kindle in Europe and America.

Also anyone wishing to practise meditation, I have live recordings (if you can put up with Harry the cat meowing in the background and a section where the gorgeous Maureen ‘the hugging medium’, is snoring) which you can download from my sessions from my groups.

These powerful meditations, working with master energies can help in the healing process, expand your consciousness and heal the cells on a very deep level, if you are open to this process. Not everyone will enjoy these meditations but to those who can, I am sure it will certainly help calm the mind, body, soul and spirit. It took me years to learn to meditate because most people who know me will tell you I have ‘ants in my pants’ and can never keep still. Now that I am able to go within it has opened up a whole new world for me, which I am grateful for eternally.

Make the most of this wonderful year everyone! I wish you all love, light and healing and I thank spirit with the deepest gratitude from my heart for the gifts I have to help as many people as possible. If you know someone you can help in some small way please be open to offer any assistance you can, because small deeds go a long way and are always appreciated.
Kerrie x

Blessings to everyone on the planet.

Love, Blessing & Light.