Spirits whispering in my ear

This sounds crazy, but the damned smoke has a life of its own because it follows me everywhere. The smell never lets up!

Every day, Sydney-based professional medium Kerrie Jean Erwin deals with desperate clients haunted by phenomena—even in the form of mysterious smells that turn out to be spirit trying to get attention.

Kerrie lives her life between two worlds. One is the everyday physical world we all experience through our senses. Then there’s Kerrie’s other world, one she experiences as a practicing medium, also through all
her senses—taste, smell, sight, feeling and most acute of all, hearing.

In Spirits Whispering in my ear, Kerrie takes us on another incredible journey into the world of spirit. She explores this fascinating dimension via cases in which she connects clients with their loved ones in spirit, all keen to relay their messages of love into Kerrie’s ear. Follow the antics as Kerrie clears properties haunted by unwanted spirits and phenomena making mischief. And, try the exercises and healing techniques Kerrie has devised to heighten your senses to the spirit dimension and bring your life into harmony.

This is Kerrie’s second book in the series, a follow-up to Memoirs of
a Suburban Medium and she also wrote Magical Tales of the Forest,
a book of enchanting tales.

About the author:

Kerrie Erwin is a professional psychic medium with many years experience. She is currently performing around Sydney and Australia in various stage shows, which teach us that our loved ones are always with us in spirit. She also appears on Psychic TV
in Australia.