Kerrie Erwin is a Psychic based in Sydney

Kerrie grew up on the south coast of NSW Australia, near the sea. She has encountered dead people or spirits since she was small.

“When I was sleeping, spirits used to wake me up at night.” “You could hear the footsteps, then sure enough, I would look up and someone would be standing by the door, usually it was the man in the suit.”

Initially frightened, I would try to suffocate myself under the blankets and sheets.

“I didn’t know what they wanted; I was too scared to even ask.”

Joining the local spiritualist church as a teenager was a revelation as well as a home-coming and I must say a great relief. Finally I met other people who also had the same experiences, and this is when my life’s journey really began.

Assisting others in their grief process has been an ongoing experience for me. Working as a Registered Nurse in Australia and Norway, I have looked death right in the face on a daily basis.

“To realise I can help people connect to their loved ones on the other side is a “gift”. This also comes as a great responsibility but is absolutely worthwhile for the healing process that takes place.”

In addition to her on-going work as a spirit medium, Kerrie has had a vibrant creative life. Live music and performing have also been a large part of Kerrie’s life. An expressive outlet and a sense of humor can goes long way.

She also works as a Platform Medium, Trance Medium, and Clairvoyant. This work is ongoing as she has studied;

  • Spiritual Mediumship
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Past-Life Regression
  • Australian Bush & Bach Flowers (Vibrational Medicine)
  • Spiritual Healing, Crystal, Reiki & Reconnective Healing
  • Crystal Bowls

Her studies in performing arts at The University of Wollongong have enabled her to work as performer, writer, and in the past, a drama teacher for the TAFE colleges.

Kerrie’s background in the Performing Arts has given her an ease in working with both large groups as well as private consultations. This has also enabled Kerrie to develop and present her own private metaphysical classes which are on going.

Kerrie is a Psychic in Sydney, and is available by appointment, or by phone Australia Wide. Kerrie also does Psychic Readings in Sydney, and around Australia.

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