What is Past Life Therapy?

Have you ever;

  • Been attracted to certain people, food, countries, and have had a Feeling of déjàvu?
  • Had difficult relationships?
  • Felt Your Life seems to have a continual theme that you do not like or understand?
  • Felt Your Life sucks and you feel stuck, and you do not seem to be in the flow of things?
  • Felt Your life goes round and round like a merry go round, and you feel like the mouse in the spinning wheel?
  • Had  any irrational fears, or illness you can’t understand or explain?

Do you know your purpose in life? Would you like to meet your Guardian Angel now, instead of when you pass over to the other side?

Past Life Therapy is not only a wonderful tool of discovering who you may have been in a past life but it is also a tool for helping us with all of the above and much more…

As a child growing up on the south coast there was obviously never any snow, but it is all I ever talked about. My lovely mother who thought I was already bonkers because of all the spirit-people I continually talked about and was seeing in the house, just tried to ignore these never to be discussed conversations.

So now with my knowledge of Past-Life regression, it is not surprising that immediately after graduating as a Registered Nurse, with my guitar under the arm, and bought a one way ticket overseas and ended up nursing in Norway for five years.

On my return to Sydney, I had a session with a wonderful past-life therapist who told me later her partner and his friend had been on the Titanic. She helped me see throughout the session that I had been many characters in my past lives, because when we die we come back again, sometimes to learn the same spiritual lessons or “contracts”. One of the characters which stuck out in my session was a big hairy Viking, called Tron.

Past-life regression is a one to one process, with a gently induced meditation, putting you into a relaxed state of mind. You are in complete control, I am only the driver.

Kerrie had been trained by Dolores Cannon, Dr Brian Weiss and Michael Newton institute.

Past Life Regression Practitioner Kerrie Erwinhttp://www.dolorescannon.com/practitioner-detail?id=11791

Private Consultations available by appointment

It can take up to 2 hours duration, followed by a cuppa and a great discussion.

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