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Robert Robert was a casual acquaintance from Scotland I had known for many years who often sat in spiritual and development groups. He was an unusual fellow because, besides looking like a tiny gnome with small features and very thick glasses, he never had much to say unless it interested him. He, like many of [...]

Our beloved Pets

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Our beloved Pets Ever since I can remember I have always had a pet. Our beloved pets, like our children, are innocent and must always be protected from harm’s way. They are here as simple companions, are part of our family and, more importantly, also teach us about unconditional love. On a personnel level I [...]

Affirmations – Food for the soul

by Kerrie Erwin
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Affirmations – Food for the soul Positive thinking is so powerful it can be used to turn your dreams into reality, changing the rest of your life. This is not a new concept, it’s something spiritualists have known for decades, however scientific research is now backing up what I was taught decades ago and what [...]

A Medium’s Work

by Kerrie Erwin
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When you work between two worlds, you learn not to be surprised whatever happens. You learn to simply take each day as it comes and go with the flow, as there is always so much to learn from psychic phenomena. For me, working for spirit is an ongoing experience what I would honestly call an [...]

Welcome to the Universal Year of the Earth Dog

by Kerrie Erwin

‘CHANGING AWARENESS AND CONCIOUSNESS WITH A NEW INTERPERATION OF OUR HUMAN CONDITION’ 2018 looks like a year marked about security and concerns with the rise of social conservative movements within society. This year is all about communication, universal values of dialogue and solidarity, which is mandatory for this time on out planet and important values [...]

A visit to the Kimberley’s

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A visit to the Kimberley’s From Suburban Medium My husband Andrew and I travelled with friends on a holiday to the Kimberley’s, a few years ago. We flew by small plane and helicopter to remote Kimberley Camp, as we were interested in seeing some ancient rock art in the area and doing a bit of [...]

Introduction Meditation Working with your Animal Spirit Guide

by Kerrie Erwin
Introduction Meditation Working with your Animal Spirit Guide

EXERCISE: Introduction Meditation Working with your Animal Spirit Guide FROM SACRED SOUL-KERRIE ERWIN- AMAZON My own totem animal is the wolf and I work very much with the crow energy and owl. I often see these totem energies when I meditate and in times of stress and disharmony in my life they are always, like my [...]

Ways and Means to Raise Your Vibration, and Using Protection

by Kerrie Erwin
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WAYS AND MEANS TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION AND USING PROTECTION 1)AFFIRMATIONS Life is something to be cherished and honored so make the best of it. To get started with the new you, find out what is important in your life and promise yourself for the next week or so that you will never feel guilty [...]

Excerpt from Memoirs of a Suburban Medium

by Kerrie Erwin
Excerpt from Memoirs of a Suburban Medium Blog Heade

The spiritualist church My initiation into the spirit world came around the time I was 18. Back then I was drinking gallons of herbal tea, reading as many spiritual books as I could get my hands on by authors such as Lobsang Rampa, and I was astral travelling out of my body. I was so [...]


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From my new book Sacred Soul ‘Unsuccessful people live in fear. They hate, are envious, continually complain all the time and are stuck in the ‘poor me energy’. Successful people on the other hand are blessed and operate at a more blissful, lighter vibration as they build each other up, encourage others, less fortunate than [...]