Interview #69 | Spirit Rescue and Experiences in Mediumship (with Kerrie Erwin)

Kerrie Irwin is a respected author, psychic medium, clairvoyant, tarot reader, spirit rescuer, Feng Shui practitioner, and columnist. She joins us to discuss her many experiences in spirit rescue and mediumship. We delve into why spirits should not be treated as pets, a haunted doll that moved at night, her childhood experiences, physical mediumship, apports (teleportations), angels, making it rain in a drought, and the many wonderful guides she has worked with over the years. This is a fantastic interview from which you can benefit from the extensive experiences of an accomplished medium. I am sure you are going to love it!

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ABC – Remember Me, good spooks bad spooks

“When Nell and Caitlin moved into a century-old shop in the historic suburb of Stockton in Newcastle unexplainable things started happening; a lady with a bouffant hairdo appeared in their loungeroom, books, clothes and electronic gadgets were disappearing, there was the acrid smell of unwashed old men in the kitchen. This paranormal activity went on for years, until they called in a ghostbuster.”

Expert panel – sceptic Adam Spencer, psychic Kerrie Irwin and agnostic producer Greg Appel put their claims to the test.

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Kerrie Discusses Types of Earthbound Spirits

Spirit Rescue author Kerrie Erwin discusses different types of earthbound spirits during her LlewellynCon 2023 presentation.

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A Radio Station Like No Other Ep.11

Kerrie Erwin on “A Radio Station Like No Other” – Kerrie’s segment begins at 18mins 35secs

A Radio Station Like No Other Ep.11

Kerrie Erwin on “A Radio Station Like No Other” – Kerrie’s segment begins at 20min 20secs