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Sam Mac Asks A Psychic Why He Is Single

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Sunday Joyride ep 294 2/6 – aired on CTV1 in Australia on 7 August 1994

 Sunday Joyride – aired on CTV1 in Australia on 11 December 1994

Sunday Joyride ep 302 3/6 – aired on CTV1 in Australia on 12 March 1995

Sunday Joyride ep 316 2/6 – aired on CTV1 in Australia on 18 June 1995

From an early age Kerrie was blessed with a unique gift as she able to see and hear spirit people talking. She then realized her true calling and became a professional psychic medium working with spirit rescue and connecting loved ones to the spirit world.

She also teaches metaphysics, reads tarot and is also a trained hypnotherapist with the Michael Newton Institute in Life between Lives and Dolores Cannon in past life regression. Closely aligned to her healing work is a vibrant creative nature as she regularly works on stage and in spiritual churches around the country. Kerrie has also written several books and is also a highly sought-after writer and regularly contributes to publications. She has written several articles on the paranormal over the years for Insight magazine and Woman’s Day. She also hosted a TV program, “Let’s have a chat with Kerrie” on CTV-1 cable television. Her aim as a spiritual medium is to grow and to teach us that love is eternal and to inspire others to believe in themselves.