The Sacred Soul – Healing Stores That Bind Us To Love

“When you truly surrender your love, soul and spirit to the work that you were meant to do, spirit will always look after you. Not only will you have food on your table, a roof over your head but your life will always be full of love and you will never be alone.”

A truly good and easy read, this is Kerrie’s fifth book to date and is based on not only true-life case studies, but also spiritual wisdom, healing tips and enjoyable stories documented from ordinary working medium living in downtown Sydney with a busy practise. It is quite different from most paranormal books as it is entertaining, educational and informative and most readers around the globe will be able to relate to some of the extraordinary situations and topics, Kerrie explains and talks about in her stories with great detail, but never had the courage to talk about.

While most people have no idea of the spirit world, this book will, without a doubt open people’s minds and help them understand that the loving spirit world does indeed exist, there is another world beyond us and that the soul never dies, but lives on. Not only will Kerrie take you on an adventure into the spiritual world of hauntings, healings, reincarnation and incredible phenomena, you will learn and understand about topics, that may be controversial to most people but learn that there is nothing ever to fear, as fear is just the unknown and love is always eternal.

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