By Kerrie-Jean Erwin. A book in 3 parts.

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Part One: The Fairy Princess Aystanna

This story is about the elemental spirits of our world and the struggle between the forces of light and darkness. The highly spirited Aystanna, the new princess of the fairies of the kingdom Fair- Light, sets off on a journey of empowerment with a rather clumsy elf called Tucks. Together they take on the black magician who is trying to destroy their kingdom

Part Two: The Story of Llessur

This story is about the male archetype learning about boundaries and responsibilities. Llessur’s love spells come to an end when he is caught red-handed by the guardian of the forest who happens to be a powerful but beautiful white witch.

Part Three: The Brothers Briemmier

This is the story of an indigo child, Egil Brimmier, who was born different and doesn’t fit in – which seems to be more and more common in today’s society. One day he decides to run away to find a world in which he feels he belongs. This takes him on a journey of discovery and to find who he really is.

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