I have known Kerrie Erwin for many years now and ‘above all else’ what  touches me about Kerrie is her sincere desire to serve humanity with truth and integrity. Her Deep Love, Compassion and Empathy toward life allow  Kerrie to be one of the most effective channels of healing energy I have been blessed to meet. This healing energy takes many forms and has allowed  Kerrie access to many blessed gifts to share with humanity… I have no hesitations at all recommending Kerrie Erwin to anyone who is ready to  move forward with any area of their lives. Kerrie is a True Ambassador of Light.


In terms of the testimonial I can honestly say that from the Wednesday night group that I attended I learnt new skills and how to fine tune my existing ones. I also really enjoyed the diversity and energy of all those in the group.

In the guided meditation I always felt relaxed and centred afterwards. Overall the benefits for me were learning to read people and situations more clearly without judgment.

The one day course was a fantastic way for me to look at my life and the order in it. I examined the influences that lead my to my decisions, I also learned how to reprogram old beliefs and values and replace them with more positive ones.

Many of the things I looked at are now unfolding! I would recommend Kerrie on private level and also her workshops to anyone with an enquiring mind and a sense of Helping others and empowering themselves.


Kerrie is a lightworker in every sense, she has helped illuminate my path & to learn so much more about who I am. A session with Kerrie recharges you & is always fun!


Thanks Kerrie! Your flower remedy drops are brilliant. What a kick-start. I feel I have made a subtle but powerful shift in how I feel and how I see the world around me. My intuition and self-knowing have kicked-in the last two weeks, in particular my life-long resentment of my father has vanished, replaced by compassion and love. Your practical treatment of my vague complaints, have switch my Go-button and my own recent past experience of being panicked has calmed as I now know I am in control of my own physical healing. Your adept use of both the Bach Flowers Remedies & the Australian Bush Flower Essences and your divine ability to intuit what I need has been a blessing for me. Thank you for your tender care and may the sun always bless your days.


I have been a client of Kerrie’s for a few years. Kerrie is an amazingly talented healer who gives all her energy to her clients and her work which is a vocation to her.

With Kerrie i have experienced the powerful healing effects of Reiki and immediate as well as subtle transformation within my psyche and under Hypnotherapy have been able to access a greater understanding of the life path i have chosen and people from past life connections in this life and the lessons and gifts of this life.

Kerrie has also given me powerful insights as a medium psychic and tarot reader as her accuracy and ability to connect to spirit and decipher the meaning of the readings with regard to a situation i am seeking guidance on is phenomenal.

Her Bush Flower Essences are like an elixir for the spirit warming the heart and soul. Her workshops are insightful funny practical and inspirational providing me with the necessary and effective tools to include rituals that guide and heal me in my daily life. I highly recommend her as a healer. Her knowledge has no bounds and her style eclectic.

With Love, Light & Compassion


My name is Anne Lewis and I am a Yoga Teacher. I have known Kerrie for over 15 years now and have been seeking counsel from her when I need help. Kerrie is highly intuitive, supportive and has an extremely giving nature.

Her gift as a medium has helped me in times when I needed to make decisions so that I was in harmony with my destiny. She has always been accurate which has helped me trust the spiritual guidance that she channels.

I am very grateful for all the readings and healings that I have received from her and know that she is always available with an open heart to guide astutely whenever I require it.

In times of turmoil or just needing guidance or healing, Kerrie has proved to be a great help and gift in my life.


I went to see Kerrie for a reading one day and before I even sat down she was picking things up from me.  She then asked to hold a piece of my jewellery (physchometry) and proceeded to tell me more about what was going on in my life and I was amazed by how accurate she was.  After that she read the Tarot cards Ithat I selected and it really helped me acknowledge what was going on in my life and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Kerrie also suggested a Reiki healing as she was a Reiki Master and I had to get her to explain that one, but was very keen to get a healing from her.  The next week I had my first healing and she made me feel very comfortable by explaining what she would be doing and I felt ineradicably calm and peaceful at the end of the session.  No wonder it’s called a ‘healing’, after a couple more sessions I was well on my way to getting my ‘mojo’ back!  Asides that, Kerrie also ran courses covering Channeling, Tarot Card reading, Meditation, Pyschometry, Affirmations, Manifestation, Chakras, Angels, Mirror work, Physic Protection and Aura’s to name a few.  I completed quite a few of her courses and I felt like I was on my path at long last.  I am now in a position to give healing to others thanks to Kerrie who attuned me to Reiki II and I thank her everyday for that gift and for helping me on my spiritual journey.


A session with Kerry will get you right back on track. She has a warm, sincere and down to earth energy. Just being with her will help you feel good. She has helped me gain more clarity and hope for my future, helped me come into my success, but most importantly, she’s helped me to empower myself to find love within myself and through others. I will always be grateful for her help.” Sylvia, age 26.

“I always had the worst luck in my love life. I could never attract the right man, let alone one who’d stick around for long enough. Kerry helped me to see that it was my family patterns that were affecting me, and that also I needed to improve my self image and self love. So a session of hypnotherapy, cutting of the ties of certain family members and old boyfriends, a quick reading of my love life and some flower essences fixed it right up. I’m now getting married!!!”

“Kerry is so accurate and has a great sense of humor when she conducts readings. I couldn’t stop laughing when she gave me a reading! My belly hurt, I nearly fell off my chair and I was in tears from laughing! Everything she said was 100% spot on, but the bonus is she helps you to see the funny side of life. My problems didn’t seem so bad after that, and I was able to get rid of people I didn’t need in my life.

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