Psychic Medium in Sydney – Kerrie Erwin

Connecting to the Other Side is one of the most powerful forms of healing. Communicating with souls who have passed over or “Proof of survival” as it also known, is by far the most rewarding gift anyone on this earth plane can receive.

The vital realisation when contact is established with the other side is profoundly moving. I am privileged to regularly experience this in both my private consultations and my platform mediumship.

I am commonly asked how do I this work. My life development as a medium, has taken me from “seeing” to becoming Clairaudient, which is clear hearing. It is like someone talking on the telephone, and having a conversation with them. My “clear hearing “abilities have also been heightened by working as a musician, where I had to train my ear to ear the detail of each beat.

‘Proof of Survival’ and talking to loved ones who have past over can be very energetic work and does require a vast amount of energy from the medium and her guides.

Unfortunately, it is also wise to remember certain spirits may not come through because of not only what we call a poor “link” but simply because they are not a good communicator. For example, if Uncle Jack never said much in this life, why should he suddenly be any different in the next?

Just because someone has passed over to the Other Side doesn’t mean they have won the Oscar for greatest talker of the Year!

Kerrie currently works at several spiritual churches around Sydney doing platform.

Readings and private consultations are 1hour in duration. A tape is provided.

It is always helpful as well, if you can bring a picture or something that belonged to the deceased.

Kerrie Erwin – Rainbow Show 2013