The art of Scrying or Crystal Ball Gazing

My life as a psychic and spiritual medium and crystal ball reader began when I was working full times in shops, doing mediumship and tarot. With my special gifts I was able to always learn to read energy very easily, as I was born this way.

Crystal balls have been used for thousands of years and sometimes I feel like I may have lived a past life as a gypsy as it has always been so easy for me to work in this art. Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface, such as a mirror, crystal, water or a crystal ball.

Many people believe and the common misconception is that crystal balls have magical powers but this is not the case as it is just a tool or doorway that enables the user to see images from their own subconscious mind. As I take my craft very seriously, none of my tools, my crystal ball is very personal and I always take great care in cleansing it after every reading by using white light and wrapping in a dark cloth so it is more attuned to my own energies.

To give my crystal ball extra energy I always place it under a full moon, just to give it extra love, mystery and light.


How does the crystal ball work?

The crystal ball is a tool to provide service. It assists in drawing out the psychic energy and focus to provide a reading.

Can a crystal ball be taught?

If you are psychic yes you can be taught, but not everybody has these gifts.

Does it go against religion to do this work?

I am sure in the dark ages it was like most things to do with the occult but this work gives people insight and empowers them to make the right choices for themselves like all spirituality for that matter.

Are you ever scared working with occult powers?

No if I see things I don’t like (such as death) I would never say anything, as this is not my place to create unnecessary fear or harm anyone in anyway. I can warn about accidents and give advice on emotional upsets I am able to see in the future but this is with great care. I am a light worker and professional medium and it is my duty to help people, from my highest potential.

If I receive a prediction I am uncertain of, is it set in stone?

No. Your choices in life will determine your outcomes and the insight you are provided with in the reading will help you do this. I always say, if someone tells you something that does not feel right, always trust your own guidance, no matter who they claim to be.