Master Hilarion is one of the ascended masters and Cohan of the fifth ray which is called truth, vision, healing and science.  He is the hierarch of the Temple of Truth on the etheric plane near Crete Greece. The energy is about knowledge and research, connected to the temple of truth, helping bring the scientific aspect of the New Age. This energy teaches us to use our mental powers and through this we receive thoughts of new technology and innovative scientific ideas into our conscious minds. Once utilized, we are open to a new consciousness and spirituality into scientific discovery. This powerful energy works with musician’s chemists, electricians, engineers, scientist, investors surgeons and researchers with this exciting new information. In a past life he was Paul the Apostle and he works with the healing energy Raphael. In ancient Atlantis he was a high priest of the temple of truth before the continent sank.



When I sat and meditated with the energy of Hilarion, I felt a beautiful, loving energy of green light wash over me and finally settle in my third eye. The third eye is the chakra for your intuition and I felt darkness and a great heaviness inside. When I asked what this was, I saw myself in a past life as a young Viking man. I was in a great battle and everywhere I looked I could others wounded like me. As I lay bloodied on the ground the last thing, I saw was a huge sharp metal sword, being pushed painfully into my third eye, in the middle of my forehead. When this horrible vision finished, I then saw myself as young child around the age of four. I was in my parent’s house and I was terrified as I was seeing spirit people walking around everywhere as if they were real and just going about their business. When I told my parents this, they became annoyed and said it was my incredible imagination and it wasn’t real. This really frightened me, so I asked the gift of sight to go and from then on, I could only hear what the spirit was saying when I spoke to them through my mediumship. Understanding this was hidden fear, I asked for a healing and saw a powerful white light, almost blinding in its entirety washing into this area. A few days later, my dreams started to be clearer and I could feel pressure like my third eye opening up like a huge petal. As time went on, my clear vision improved incredibly, I began to see, past, present and future, in little movies in my eye and I am now able to see spirit people more, especially when I am describing them, right down to the last detail in my private readings and spirit shows. This of course is a blessing as it helps the client move on, as proof of survival is the most powerful healing in the world.


If you are attracted to this powerful energy, Hilarion is ‘awakening you’ and it is time to walk your path of destiny and speak your truth. This could involve some type of awakening to speak your truth, walk your talk, study, you have been thinking of for a while, or making a stand for what feels ‘right’ or helping humanity in some type of spiritual or community service. A spiritual course may be on the cards to as your psychic abilities are coming to the fore and wanting to work with you. Start to write down your dreams, look for signs as the universe is now talking to you. Your life will never be the same again.