Arch angel Azrael

Arch angel Azrael name means God Helps and he is always known as the Angel of death and Transition. This powerful angel helps with the transitional time the soul is ready to leave the planet and join up with loved ones and soul groups in the spirit world. As this is an adjustment time, he is able to help the spirit and the loved ones left behind, by helping us say the words, filling us with hope and wisdom and assisting us in the vital grief period.

Archangel Azrael helps ministers, mediums, health-worker’s and spiritual teachers from all belief systems and religions in their spiritual counselling. He also when called upon will help you shield from absorbing the pain and grief, which goes with this process. This archangel assists in all types of transitions and endings, not just those involving loss and death. When we go through great change, no matter what it is, we can call on our loved ones from the spirit world and this great powerful angel for assistance and we will receive guidance, great love, healing, comfort, compassion, and inspiration to guide us step by step as Archangel Azrael’s acts as a bridge from our world to the afterlife. He also sits on the panel in the spirit world for the life review at the end of our life and in some cases before, as you think about your life, your goals from your spiritual contract in the spirit world you signed up for before you came and all the things that mattered. Archangel Azrael can be called upon while you are still alive to help you assimilate the many lessons that you have learned in your current existence, can help with past and future lives, helping you raise your energy to access the Akashic records.



When I first had my near-death experience in my early twenties, I was thrust out of my body with a sudden jolt like impact. With incredible speed, I saw myself fly out of the world like a rocket, out into space, past the moon, the sun and the planets into a place of light, warmth and what I can only describe as all encompassing, all-consuming loving ‘oneness.’ Looking back, it all just happened so fast and before I could even think about anything, with a sudden jolt again, I was back in my body. Before I could think of what was going on, I could hear screaming in the background. It was my friend hysterically crying and screaming out my name in my face, as I lay on the ground, confused and aching like hell, while my whole body shook. I found out later, where I went to, even though it was very brief as I was able to remember more about where I went to when I visited a hypnotherapist years later. She explained I must have been in the spirit world, another dimension, just an arm’s length away from our own reality.   In that brief moment, it taught me how love is the most powerful emotion in the world as its energy, in its higher form, can create healing, miracles and magic in our world. When a loved one dies, there is no ending, but a new beginning or transition back to the spirit world. There is no such thing as death; it’s just a transition and another journey into another dimension and world.

So many people ask me what happens when you die and what I know is this. Your main guide from birth, generally assists with the departure, with a relative and sometimes angels are involved. You can also call upon the magnificent arch angel Azrael who always assists when called upon for the emotional pain that usually occurs as he is a great healing angel and incredible comfort. Once in the spirit world, you are taken by your guide, to the life review, to see how well you have done with all your spirit contracts, while on earth. The spirit world is a vast consciousness of love and light and healing and has many places to go, like the library, where the Akashic records are kept, different soul and clusters of soul groups and to beautiful parks for recreation and places with incredible nature as far as the eye can see. Some people may experience great cities, clouds or may be taken to a family home where loved ones are living in harmony but are all young again. Some souls may even spend time in a transitional phase or holding space for healing if the death was tragic, this is like a spirit hospital. There is no such thing as death, we are merely tourists here on earth, having an earthly experience.


If you are attracted to this energy, everything in your life is in divine order but it is God’s will, now time for great change, a new direction and transition into a new reality. When one part of your life finishes, as in all endings, there is often an experience of sadness but the reality is there is always a new dawn, waiting to be explored. How you perceive this is up to you and with love and openness and help from the Arch Angel, this is really good for you. Change is often a welcome time as it takes us in another direction as the spiritual contract, we signed up for with the human experience is finished. This may be with a relationship, friendships, work, health, or other aspects in your life. We generally know when this time is upon us and the more you surrender, the easy it will go.

This card is also a reminder your loved ones in the spirit world are around you, watching over you and in fact they know exactly what you are up to.  They hear your prayers and watch as you go through life’s trials and tribulations. Love is eternal and we are always connected to our loved ones, no matter what we are going through.