Clearing Your Space

The practice of feng shui

The practice of feng shui originated in China thousands of years ago and has been passed down through the generations. Fen Shui means wind -water and it is used to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings. It is also referred to the ancient art of placement because it focuses on orienting things like furniture, colours and room locations to balance the chi energy in the home or office. It is all about using your own common sense when it comes to choosing the tips and tools that work for you. Once you do this you can create real magic in your life as it opens doorways to positive experiences by balancing energy and creating a good fortune for its inhabitants. You will no longer feel stuck, things will stop going wrong for no apparent reason and you will eventually make changes to your life, you only dreamt about.

  1. The first thing to do is get rid of any clutter, large and small. You will be surprised at how many things that are not needed. Once you do this you will create an abundant flow of positive energy in your home that may have been causing unnecessary blockages. A blockage of energy will slow down the natural Chi energies.
  2. This means getting rid of any old favourites including toys, games, trinkets, shoes, clothes, underwear, slippers, hats, kitchen appliances, out of date goods including broken utensils, pictures, old furniture, papers, sundries old makeup, broken electrical appliances and anything that is taking up space and is not liked, including things that have been inherited. Also don’t forget to fix those leaking pipes.
  3. Once you have cleared all the clutter out, be aware of old smells, mouldy toxic areas and any water or drainage leakages and make sure you always have fresh air in your home with open windows every day, so not to encourage bad health.
  4. Now recognize the different areas of your home by dividing it up in nine sections, over your home, like a square grid. Start with the far right of the home from the front door this is your Relationship Section, next to it is the Fame and far right is Relationships. Then in front of the prosperity section we have Family and Health, next to that is the middle section which is called tai chi and then the Creative, Children and Projects section. Next moving forward to the front of the home, to the left side of the home we have Inner knowledge, Intuition, the career in the middle of the front and then to the right we have Helpful People and Travel. Any section that is missing you can just add a cure.
  5. By placing cures, intuitively in each section we can enhance the energy. These cures are windchimes, lucky buddhas, mirrors, crystals, fresh flowers, plants, colours, water features, and music for example. On a personnel level I never have fake flowers in my home as they collect dust and are not a living energy.
  6. Overtime you will notice subtle differences in your life and an overall improvement.

If you are interested in learning more you can purchase my book Sacred Space, Find Harmony with Feng shui, Kerrie Erwin