Bobby and Angela

Angela was a young mum with three children from New York City, who had lost her soul mate, Bobby in a plane crash. After a whirl wind romance in America, while Bobby was visiting Vegas their eyes met at a black jack table and in that moment their lives changed as a familiarity they had never experienced before took over. After a brief wedding and the dumping of old partners, a week later they made it official Angela moved to Australia and helped run Bobby’s commercial and small plane business which was in a remote part of Australia where he had been doing charters, commercial and crop planes for years since he inherited it from his late father. Angela loved her new life and threw herself into the family business learning everything she could about running that type of business and helping the family make a small fortune.

Coming from a trucking business back home with her family in America, she had no trouble telling the other men what to do when Bobby was away and was known for not tolerating any nonsense from lazy other pilots and other co-worker. It was no surprise her co-workers called her Big Ange. The funny thing was, they were exact opposites, as Big Bobby was one of the nicest, generous people in the world, according to everybody who knew him and it was not surprise he had many friends who adored and loved him. He was a real Aussie character as he liked to drink, was really laid back and when you looked at him it made you laugh as he was tall and lanky in appearance and Angela was small and round.

His only annoying factor was he had a penance for telling terrible dirty jokes and using rude swear words, whenever she wasn’t around. His mates called him the cowboy as he would fly the small planes in the middle of bad storms and liked to show off, often diving dangerously low when doing the routine crop sprays. He also volunteered for the bush fires and would often travel miles in the air to help friends and people in remote places that were in perilous conditions. Angela soon became the brains of the outfit as she was used to calling the shots and often boasted how good she was at numbers. In her younger years she had studied economics from her father’s insistence, back in her university days and she had graduated with honors. Unlike her husband she had problems with her weight, which Bobby kept telling her didn’t matter in the least because it was exactly what he loved the most.

After twenty years of wedded bliss, three kids and a menagerie of cats, dogs chickens and horses their world came suddenly to an end when Bobby did not return home one day after a routine fly to another country town miles away. Angela, who had been sitting anxiously in the office all day, felt a heaviness she had never experienced before and knew instantly, something terrible had happened. Unable to contain herself from worry, when he didn’t radio in, she prepared herself for the worse. Feeling tormented with sadness, she kept seeing pictures in her mind, of her telling him not to go, as he kissed her and rolled out of bed in the early morning. She had a bad feeling for days something bad was going to happen, but she just could not pin point when. When he left, not taking any notice and laughing at her pleas, the nauseating, numbing feeling kept telling her she would never see him again.

Tears of sadness filled her eyes, as she punished herself for not insisting more. The trouble was he was a stubborn person and she knew no matter what she said, he would just laugh and roll his eyes as he had done the route millions of times before and there kept insisting there was nothing to worry about. After a forty-two hour search the family received word the small plane that Bobby had been flying had crashed after a sudden electrical storm in a remote area. According to the investigators, after a couple of weeks, the plane had been hit and lost all its electrical power it was a one in a million-chance accident. According to the authorities, Bobby was struck and killed instantly by the lightening and electrical current from the storm.

A couple of years later, Angela now 41, decided it was time to make contact and give him her piece of her mind. As soon as she sat down on the chair opposite me, with her pale stony face, heavy energy and tear-filled eyes, clutching photos and the wedding ring he had given her, I could hear a loud male voice in my ear, singing the Shirley Bassey song ‘Big Spender’ and a male big voice saying it was about time she came, as he was waiting for her. When I told her this she gasped, then laughed so hard I thought she was going to have a fit. When she finally, took a breath she told me that was the song that had played when they first met back in Vegas and Bobby often sang it to her when he wanted to get out of trouble when he did anything wrong, as a joke. Without a doubt the spirit in question was of course her late husband Bobby and it was obvious to me they still had an incredible connection, as the room felt electric and I felt hot and flustered all at once as his energy was so strong.

His personality was really funny and big and it was easy to talk to him as he was such an interesting funny and bigger than life character. Instead of feeling sad, when he gave the messages, often being rude and using four lettered words, we just laughed so much we had tears running down our faces and by the end it was no surprise if felt like we were all good friends. I am not surprised to say, Bobby was a real funny character in life and the last thing he wanted was for his beloved soul mate to be sad. As the session went on, he told Angela he never felt anything at the time of his accident and flew straight out of his body like a rocket, as if lifted by a strong, powerful current into another world, full of brightness and color. Once he arrived in a very bright place, he said he was greeted and shown around by his father, who died years before when he was younger, sitting on his old horse, Hero.

Throughout the session, the spirit of Bobby seemed very relaxed and was able to have long conversations and give messages of love especially to his three children. Angela could not get over how he seemed to know everything that went on as it gave her great comfort. He also gave a message about missing money and seemed to blame her new boyfriend one of the pilots that he knew before his death that worked in the business, and who sometimes worked in the office, saying he was young lazy and taking advantage of her because of her money. As far as he was concerned, he never liked him and warned her to be careful as her new lover had a dodgy history and never stayed in relationships. Shocked at first, she thanked him for warning her and said, embarrassed she would look into it. He also said he was comfortable with her running the business and wanted her to eventually sell it if it got too hard for her as he understood the loneliness was hard as the kids were all off at boarding school most of the year and only came home on holidays. If anything, Bobby had a big personality, kept saying he was sorry and was grateful he had made contact with the love of his life and the mother of his kids.

As the session came to a close, Bobby talked about the upcoming trip to America with the kids to Disneyland and her visit to her parents. He also mentioned his beloved dog, Bastard who was missing him as he slept on his old shirt every night without failure and how he sat beside his old car everyday as if waiting for his master to come home. It was obvious he was watching over everyone and her prayers of him doing so, were being answered.

As the link began to weaken and I could feel the session finally beginning to come to a close, he also mentioned he was happy for her to marry again but not to the creep who was around her now. When I relayed this to Angela, who had been sitting quietly until now not saying a word, nodded her head and said she knew.
A few weeks later I received a phone call from Angela. The first thing she said was she was feeling happiness again, as if an enormous weight had been lifted off her. She was now able to feel strong again and was able to make clear and concise decision’s for herself and the family. She still missed her soul mate like hell, but the connection was so strong and she knew in her heart she would never lose him as he was with her constantly. As for the boyfriend, she sacked him straight away, no more money went missing and she and the kids were looking forward to the new holiday.