Different types of energies we meet in life

Contract players

Contact players provide a unique, incredible experience as they are souls from your own soul groups or in close proximity that have made a spirit contract or pact to help you at a difficult time in your life, on earth when needed, whatever the odds. The experience is a positive signpost that we are always looked after, from the spirit world, no matter what we feel about being alone on the earth experience or journey. The experience is very spiritual in its essence and one feels a general psychic all knowing that the meeting was meant to be, no matter the short duration. Once the help or contact is complete you will never see them again on earth anyway, or just for small periods of time as the soul never stays in your life and each of you moves on to your own destiny for lessons and learning.


While living as a nurse in Norway in my younger years, my spirituality almost went out the door, as I was so busy working, living a new life in another country with different cultures and exploring interesting loves and friendships. When you live in another country it takes a lot of time to really fit in as it feels as if you are walking on your hands and your legs are dangling in the air. I always carried with me a deck of tarot cards but most of the time they were tucked away as I was too busy doing other things. My nursing job I had at the time was in the local hospital in an acute ward in the lung department. After work I would drive a few patients around doing errands as many had no family. When not running around doing other things I did charity work once a week in the local soup kitchen with my German friend Arthur a naturopath.

Arthur also ran a meditation group in Trondheim, with his wife Nari. I often attended as the energy was always so peaceful and I always felt he was like a spiritual brother to me, as our friendship was so easy and so familiar, as if we’d been in each other’s lives a million times. His wife was lovely and very gentle natured but was happy to stay at home while we were busy, rushing around and involved in many different things. Knowing my passion for alternative therapies, Arthur asked me if I would be interested in working as his assistant. He said he would train me in Bach flowers, iridology and reflexology. As I was already trained in medicine, from my nursing experience and knew my anatomy and physiology, the work would be perfect for me. Overjoyed, I accepted his offer and started to study with him. I loved the work with a passion as it came so easy for me. It almost felt like I was remembering something that I had done before many times, as it was so familiar and easy. Unfortunately, it was never going to go far, because when I contacted the authorities about my decision to leave the hospital, I was refused permission to work with him full time and instead was sent back to the hospital where I already had a contract. If I wanted to stay in the country, I had no other choice but to work at the hospital as the community needed it. It was easy for Arthur to work in his own practice, as his wife was a Norwegian citizen, giving him the same status. I was sad about this at first but not for long.

Life went on and we still kept in contact and throughout my hectic and erratic life, he had a steady influence on me and anytime I was in any emotional turmoil, he would make up a remedy for me and have me back on my feet again, miraculously within days. After my marriage finally broke up when I found my husband in bed with a singer in my band, Arthur again came to the rescue with some natural remedies and said like the wise owl, he was definitely expecting something like this, as he never thought we were suited. If it wasn’t for him, I am sure I would have had a major breakdown so I am still grateful to this day for his help. After taking his remedies he made up I felt normal again and the fire in my belly had returned. My dear friend Arthur, who I never saw again when I came back to Australia was for sure what I would call a ‘contract player’ as he was only in my life for small time but was always there to put me back together, offer guidance and help at my most vulnerable. Whatever the reason, spirit had sent him to assist me at that crucial period in my life and my future for the unseen problems that were to come and I will always be grateful to him to this day.

Years later while travelling throughout Europe with my second husband Andrew; I became seriously ill with terrible sinus problems and painful headaches as there was thick dust everywhere in the town we were staying in Spain. After praying to the healing angel, Raphael, that I kept seeing everywhere we went, I asked spirit to help find me somebody that would be able to treat my condition holistically. When I was guided to ask the kind woman at the reception of the hotel for help, I found she was very helpful and she told me about her doctor, a woman of naturopathy who worked in the city. Once I arrived at the small clinic, not far from our hotel, we started talking and realized we had the same teacher many years ago and to our surprise, it was my friend Arthur that was an incredible coincidence. As she spent most of her time working in Spain and India, she had never met him again herself, but talked of the fond memories and was delighted we had the same teacher and called me her sister. She certainly agreed though he was most definitely a contract player for me.

Have you had a contract player in your life?