Christman Blog – December 2015

For many Christmas time can be difficult as it is not often as festive as we think. After all it is is the end of the year and often many people are tired and exhausted from working long days, dealing with old worn out patterns and deep emotional wounds from disputes from family and loved ones.

Many people often struggle with financial problems as well, as there never seems to be enough money to go around with the credit card already over drawn. It never ceases to amaze me how Christmas always seems to bring up problems that we had thought we are top on or have dealt with many times before.

Instead of stressing over stupid things and going into sickness and ill health take the time out to visit nature, as it is a wonderful healing tool that is natural and free for all.  Swimming, walking and taking the time to go into nature is always very nurturing for the soul and a great way to stay on top of things as it clears away negative thoughts and destructive dark energy.

Enjoy the festive season everyone and please enjoy my meditation that is my gift to you as it will without a doubt give you loads of energy and lift, heal and will   soothe the soul. My gift to you.




  1. Find yourself in a comfortable sitting position. Gently closing your eyes imagine now taking three deep breaths, in through your mouth and out through your nose. As you slowly does this feel all the tension from the day, being slowly released from your body and cells.
  2. With your eyes remaining closed, I want you to imagine a beautiful white light at the top of your head and entering the top of your crown chakra. As you continue to breathe in and out slowly, feel this energy clearing out any negative energy or blockages in your body and cells, as it makes it way slowly down through all your the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral base,  base, down to the earth star where you connect to mother earth.
  3. Now expand your energy, 5cm from your body, out to the size of the room, the country, out to the universe and other dimensions. Feel the love all around you and know that you are one with everything around you.

Once you have done this pull all your energies back in to your heart chakra and visualize breathing out a white light which comes out from your mouth, you are now feeling completely relaxed.

Once you have done this, breathe out a red colour making you feel more and more relaxed. An orange, taking you deeper into relaxation and trance, yellow…. you are now deeply relaxed…a green…You are now in a relaxed state and very deeply, deeply relaxed…..a blue….you are now deeply relaxed…deeply relaxed into a deep mediative state.

I want you to imagine you on a journey to the elemental kingdom, a magical, mystical place which is all around you in nature but invisible to the human eye.  You now find yourself walking slowly along a deserted beach. It is early morning and you can feel the sun gently shining down and caressing your skin, the wind softly blowing on your face and you can hear and see the gentle waves from the sea washing up to the sand as you walk slowly up the beach.  You feel relaxed, free and happy in mind, body and soul, without a care in the world. You feel one with everything around you, no cares, no worries just simply letting go in mind, body and spirit.

As you walk along the water’s edge you come across a beautiful white feather, standing upright in the sand….As you bend over to it up, you realise this is a message from spirit, to let you know, that you are not alone and that spirit is always with you, protecting you, guiding you.

As you continue to walk along the edge of the sea, you now come to a pathway that leads you up a small hill, which is hidden away from the rest of the coast line. As you slowly make your way up a small sand dune, you now come to a hidden lake, tucked well away from human eyes. Around the small lake are beautiful ancient trees and there are rocks, in many sizes and colours, covered in moss. All around you are delightful wild flowers with strong perfumes and of many descriptions and colours.  Happy with your discovery, you sit down by the lake and close your eyes and open yourself up, to everything this magical energy brings, by just letting go… now ask for the magical undines or water fairies to come forward. They may be mermaids from the sea, or glistening tiny water fairies with beautiful gowns that glisten in the sun.

Ask them to show themselves to you and if they have a message.

Next you ask for the winged sylphs to appear… may see a butterfly or moth or perhaps a bird will show itself to you.  Or perhaps you will just feel a breeze as they may be invisible. These tiny spirits are celestial messengers from this dimension and dwell in a place between two worlds where dreams and experiences come from.

Ask them if they have a message to you.

Now it is time to call upon the entrancing salamanders. These are spirits of fire. See them as tiny sparks of red, yellow and gold spread everywhere in the ether.

Ask them if they have a message for you.

Now it is time to call on the earth elementals. These can be gnomes, goblins, pixies or elves. See which one comes forward and see if they have a message for you.

It is now time to say goodbye to your new friends in the elemental world. Whenever you go for a walk in nature, just ask for their assistance and they are also here for healing and work together with the angelic realm.

When you are ready, gently come back into the room and close yourself down by anchoring your energy to the ground.