Connecting with and understanding the Archangels


In this day and age we need to get as much help as we can from all our friends in the spirit world and that includes not only our loved ones, that are eternally connected to us through out love, but our loving guides, that are with us on our journey here on earth from birth till death, the eclectic nature spirits that heal us in nature and the powerful and magnificent Angelic realm. Angels are real, stir up our feelings with inspiration, hope and faith in the greatness of all that is and can help us in our daily lives. The good thing is their service is free, but all we have to do is remember to thank them with gratitude when they have helped us with their unconditional love, healing and support. Believe it or not, we are never alone and have many spirit helpers available to us that are living only an arms length away in another reality or dimension. We may feel it sometimes the road of life can be hard and difficult, with so many ups and downs, but at the end of the day we can always call on heavenly help. I have believed and been aware of angels my whole life and as often play a part in my hypnotherapy sessions with past life regression, time and time again. Often if the client has had a violent death in a particular lifetime we are working on, as we have many, it will always be an angel and not a guide that will take them over to the spirit world. Once the client has felt or seen this in the session they are often overwhelmed and will cry, as it is an amazing experience to feel the love of these divine light workers and to know that they do indeed exist. I believe angels come and go in our lives and are solely here for our assistance. They are different from our guides that we quite often had a past life with as they are from a much higher vibration and often have not reincarnated in this world

There are many types of angels but there are four Archangels that I would like to talk about


Michael is what I affectionately always call the ‘bouncer boy’ of the archangels from the higher powers that be. No matter what the challenge is or what you are going through all you have to do is ask him for his help, as he is always ready to protect and serve humanity in anyway. This divine energy will always clear the path of obstacles, give you strength and courage and will always be there for you in the dark and rough times in your life and all you have to do is ask. To me he is a strong warrior energy who carries a shield and a sword and I always call him in as a shield of light for extra protection when I am doing haunted houses or feeling rundown or may feel as if I am suffering from psychic attack from other people that should know better. I have also used him when cutting the cords with life situations and difficult people.

In meditation I have sensed his energy as a big strong big man with a sword and shield. He was one of the first arch angels that came through when I started channeling different energies with my work, when I first started out and it was no surprise when I realized I would be working with often lost and confused earth bound spirits in haunted houses and places. Whenever you have any problems in your life call out to this angel as it is a very powerful energy and things will be resolved miraculously, if you believe. Whenever I need him in my life I light a candle, say a prayer and call him in. Within minutes of doing this, no matter what the situation, challenge, or any stress I may be going through, I will always feel a strong protective loving force of pure energy around me and I will feel reassured heavenly help is with me.

When I found one of my gifts was to rescue spirits in the astral or what is commonly known as ghost busting, I knew I must have had the right guides working with me that did this work from the other side, as it was so easy and simple. All I have to do is call the energy in and I am safe and able to do the work required. I was also amazed and humbled at the same time I was given the opportunity to work with the archangel Michael, as it was a privilege to know that his energy is in my team of powerful Spirit Rescuers.


This is the angel of healing and protection as his name means God heals. The name which I find appropriate means “God Heals” which implies we can shift our consciousness and heal ourselves if we believe, as God is within all of us and everything alive all around us. This angel is also known as the patron of healers and those in need of healing. It is believed that this mighty Archangel is able to fearlessly move into whatever area is needed in healing, bringing a host of Angels with him to accomplish this. I affectionately call this energy my miracle angel because any problems you may be having with health, money or any problem this energy will clear the obstacle in most cases. Invoking this angel also brings peace to others and his often used by light workers all over the world, counselors and anyone that works with energy and the power of love and light.

When travelling through southern Europe last year, my husband and I saw this patron of the saints almost everywhere we went not only in churches but also in the   architecture of the majority of buildings and surroundings. To me it was a not only a big greeting, as I adore this angelic being, but a personnel signpost, that I was safe, I would be ok and to enjoy myself as I was in alignment with my inner faith, ideologies and beliefs, as I am not a good traveller as different people, experiences and energies affect me so much. For example having an oversensitive nose is ok to help me in my spirit work, but can be a real burden when switched on I can smell spirits a mile away and certain smells really get to me as I suffer from headaches and pollutants more than the average person.

When I became violently ill with severe agonizing headaches and allergies, from the dirty towns and cities, while travelling through southern Europe, I prayed to this angel for help and within no time got the assistance I needed. The city hotel we ended up staying in for a few days had a lovely receptionist who saw how much pain I was in and suggested I should go and see her own doctor who she highly recommended and went to all the time. The woman I ended up seeing on such short notice, was a Homeopathic practitioner that practiced mainly in allergies. When I told her what my problem was she kindly gave me the right medicine and my allergies cleared up within a week. The other thing that completely took me by surprise was when we started chatting after the consultation and she asked me what I did, we found out we had both trained with the same Naturopath Doctor, from Berlin but who lived in Norway when I was there living so many years ago. Talk about coincidences…. hmm I don’t think so.


This angel means Light of god bringing divine light and healing to painful burdens from the past into our lives. I call this angel the Arch Angel of forgiveness as its energy helps release anger, resentment and past memories, which can cause mental pain and illness. Years ago while working as a young nurse I used to take cancer patients from the hospital I was working in, in a small bus to cancer clinic in Sydney to receive radiation treatment as the last resort. My job was to help and assist these lovely but very sick patients that were very ill and from many walks in life. As we spent so much time together, a lot of my patients gradually opened up and not only told me all their problems but went on to describe very sad stories that they were never really able to get over. Often I was reduced to tears and would often think that the cancer that they developed might be caused by their often strong and painful emotions they could not seem to let go of.

This is a good energy to use when you want to surrender as you are invoking pure love that will soon fill your soul with balance and peace. The energy helps you to anchor spiritual understanding as it brings harmony to often-chaotic situations and an easier path in healing process. I also use this angel to help me with my goals and dreams and to keep my faith that is often tested through other people that try and sabotage me or misunderstand who I am. It is also said that this energy supervises the Nature Spirits, those fairies and sprites who inhabit the elements of the earth, air, fire and water which adds to the beauty of nature.


The Archangel Gabriel is the bringer of good news and hope. I call this energy my special magic to help me manifest whatever I may need in the physical world. Years ago, while doing a service, when working as a medium on platforms in spiritual churches around the city and beyond I always doubted myself and wanted to be better than what I was so I could deliver really good messages from spirit. After all, one never knows what is going to happen when you are standing on a platform and working with team spirit for the spirit world.  Sometimes I would feel really scared and wondered indeed if anything would come through. I should never have doubted myself, because the spirit will always have messages for their loved ones on earth. After invoking this powerful angelic energy, my clairaudience started to improve dramatically and my medium ship began to grow because I was working from my highest good. Soon after I began to trust in the process and believe more in my gifts that I already had. Because of this I began to enjoy the whole process, felt relaxed, learnt to listen more clearly to my guide who taught me how to line the spirits up in a so I could place them to the right loved one that wanted the messages so badly. Over time my mediumship grew overnight and my career took me further a further into a larger arena, with even more people, which included working for the media on many levels.

These beautiful beings can be part of life as well. All you have to do is call on them in times of trouble, or if you need heavenly love support.

Blessings to all and enjoy the year of the Monkey 2016 xxx

Kerrie Erwin.