Diamond Circle of Light

Hello again and welcome everyone to my blog. My name is Kerrie Erwin and I am a Sydney based professional medium and international author. You can see my work on my face book for spirit shows on a regular basis and my books and articles on my website. www.pureview.com.au/staging  I have been a student of spirit for many years now and this is my fifth year with my physical group, with three sets of different people. I am also a trance medium and use physical mediumship for my mediumship development and have noticed how it helps me with my stage work. The spirit world is a vast unknown consciousness of light and healing and there are so many things still to learn. This report of the sittings is for inspiration only, so we can share our spiritual journey with the rest of you out there who are also pioneers in this wonderful journey.


Diamond Circle of Light

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Message from Romavov (My main guide)

Good Evening and Welcome Dear Friends.  We ask that you have patience with this group.   You’re all moving very quickly but understand this is time to be very patient.  You have to just take each weekly meeting as it comes.  We understand that you all have busy lives and we have busy lives as well.  Therefore, you need to be patient with us, do you understand.   As the weeks go by I’ll be working more and more with you, levelling out the energies.   We understand that this is a very slow process.  The world as we know it is going through many changes.  All around you not only the environmental changes but also friendships and families.  There is a healing process on the planet now that is working as we speak.  A big healing process is happening all around you and within.   There are also many new children being born with these very high frequencies they will be the new leaders of the world.   It’s almost as if even in your own country you’re going through turmoil in your politic system; this is because it is levelling things out.   Patience is the key word for this year.   Just be happy with the things that you have in your life.  The blessing, the things you already have around you and the people that are dear to you will stay with you.   Each one of you will prosper.  It’s about manifesting your hearts desires.   Do not think of negative thoughts, only think positive and put them out there and it will come back to you tenfold, my dears.   It’s very exciting, very very exciting.  It’s a great time of manifestation and abundance. Now let’s speak about what’s going to happen tonight.   Tonight we will be seeing orbs call them in.   Also, we will have relatives coming into night who want to speak.  Also, we’ll have different types of phenomena.  Hot and cold spots in the room and also we’ll try bringing in moving lights for you.  The spiritual children are now here.

Thank you.

Tonight’s Phenomena

The table in the centre of the circle always turns clockwise which it did all night but when we asked for some phenomena.  The table started turning the other way.  You could tell that it was very hard for the spirit children to do this from the way the table move very slowing at first but the more we clapped the more it moved the other way.  This was very exciting. The temperature in the room became very cool and then towards the end of the session it became a lot warmer. There was evidence of a wind. Sitters complained of people sitting on them and being touched and the trumpet was glowing. A couple of relative came through to give messages and there were orbs and different types of smells.

After this sitting we lost a sitter, who only sat with us for a couple of months, as she claimed it was too slow for her. Spirit will only develop the group when they are ready, as it is always a blending of energies, so I understand this was not a personnel attack on me being the leader of the group, but spirits decision. The medium simply did not have the time, patience or perseverance to do the work. From my understanding this takes years. Speaking from my own truth I can only say how much my own abilities have increased.

Blessings to everyone xxxx Kerrie Erwin