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Hi everyone! My names Kerrie Erwin. I’m a psychic medium, trance medium, international author and ghost buster from Sydney, Australia. I am a featured writer for the new magazine called “Heart Soul and Spirit” which is very cool! http://www.heartsoulspiritaustralia.com

I also write for other magazines as a freelance writer. In my practice I also run séances and I will be uploading information from my guide Romanov.

I have 4 books to date, which you can purchase from my online store here: https://pureview.com.au/ or they are on Amazon as ebooks.

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I have been running séances for 5 years, and am working with a new group of sitters called “The diamond circle of light” this is a closed group but we are happy to share our information. My reasons for this work is my own growth as a spiritual medium, and a spiritualist. Our aim is for evidence working with the paranormal.

The Diamond Circle of Light

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Message from Ramonov

Good Evening and Welcome into this circle of Love and Light.  I welcome you all with much delight.   It’s wonderful to see that you come and make the effort, you come tonight with your friends and your guides.       

God bless you everyone. 

I ask that you enjoy the show tonight.  Tonight will be working with more orbs for you to see, the phenomena with be bright, so you will enjoy that.  It’s good to see that you are using the red light; this is what is needed tonight.  The energy and temperature will drop as well.

Call your dear friends from the spirit world in. Ask them to join us tonight, this is a good thing.  We will be working with all types of different phenomena.  We also would like to bring direct voicing. This will be done later on in the coming months and also, we will be working with conversations. You will start to hear voices when we have our quiet periods.  You know it’s important to sing but not all the time.  It’s also important to have the quiet periods, so we can bring the phenomena in.   It goes in pecks and trots, do you understand this.

Many of you are starting to move ahead.  I do see that there have been a few health conditions; this is not a problem at all because it is just the new energies coming in. Just be patient with yourselves Dear Ones.  There are many new ideas in the world and there are so many people out there and souls looking for Joy, Love, Spirit and Enlightenment.  But there are also many out there that are in confusion and fear and live in their egos. These people, these energies, you will walk away from, no longer will they serve you. Do not be afraid of this.  You need to bring more peace into your life.   This is good for the endearment of the heart, to bring peace and tranquillity.  It’s important to nurture yourself.  

We are always with you.  Always ask us for help with the many changes that are coming.  Unfortunately, there will be many changes in the world.  I see more earthquakes in Indonesia and South America.  Also, I’m seeing Title Waves also in the Indian Ocean area.   Also, I’m seeing more sighing of UFO’s, as these beings are starting to make themselves known and will be coming in more.  Do not be afraid of these beings Dear Ones. These beings are our friends, as you know.  Do not be afraid of this but Yes they do exist and many of you here have been hybrids as well.  You understand this, don’t you?  But Brothers and Sisters, we come from the same energies, it’s called the source.  These beings are here to help us.  I see more peace, I see more love in your hearts.    Do not be afraid of the changes in world.  It is just a progression of this planet.

Love and Light to you all, my Friends

Good Evening.


Note: Evidence of spiritual phenomenon was

  1. Several people were tapped physically
  2. Rapping’s on the table
  3. 2 sitters complained of a spirit sitting on them
  4. Several spiritual light orbs (not ghost orbs)
  5. Our spinning table spun all night
  6. The trumpet was played like a drum from one of the spirit children pushing the table round, and round
  7. The room was freezing
  8. Earing was pulled out of someone’s ear, and put in another ear