Excerpt from Memoirs of a Suburban Medium

The spiritualist church

My initiation into the spirit world came around the time I was 18. Back then I was drinking gallons of herbal tea, reading as many spiritual books as I could get my hands on by authors such as Lobsang Rampa, and I was astral travelling out of my body. I was so dedicated to leading a spiritual life that I would try just about anything to become enlightened. Every morning I would read the Desiderata, which I had plastered with thick sticky tape on the back of my bedroom door. As soon as I opened my eyes, I would stare up at the poem and ponder about my life and where I was going. Like most people of my age at that time, I had so many dreams about what I wanted to do with my life that I started to worry how I was going to fit everything in.

My early days of astral travelling, which was an awesome experience and I recommend everyone to try, soon came to an abrupt end when I had a slight accident one day. My mother, always wondering what I was up to in when I locked myself in the room I shared with my sister, starting screaming out my name to come and eat breakfast while I was astral travelling. Startled on hearing my name called, I suddenly lost concentration and found myself, for a split second, stuck in the bedroom door. The next thing I remembered was lying back on my bed with the taste of wood fibers in my mouth. This awful experience really frightened me but when I tried to tell my mother about it she would have none of it.

With no one to encourage me to push myself with my spiritual studies, I never attempted astral travelling again until later in life. I now travel all the time and in my sleep state as well.

Now that I am well practiced I no longer have any problems, as I know I am safe and always protected by spirit. At the same time, I was also reading tarot cards. Somebody had given me a pack for a present and as soon as I picked them up and tuned into their energy I had a feeling of déjà vu that I had worked with them before. It is a great responsibility reading the cards for others, however. I soon learnt to be careful with what I said, as my friends took every word I said as gospel, and were always amazed at what I came up with. As soon as my predictions came true, they would let me know right away and became extremely excited. They thought it was amazing how I could channel information and not really know what I was talking about. I always put it down to the fact that all people, events and actions leave an energy trail that is easily detectable for past and even future events. My newfound gift made me very popular and before long I was in great demand. By developing your psychic abilities, you are placing your soul’s energy or aura in contact with another’s and establishing a connection.

Whenever I did readings, so-called feelings about the person just came to me naturally and most of the time I would tell them things I couldn’t possibly know about. Even to this day I still find it all quite extraordinary. I don’t recall how I knew how to channel or what to do, I just did it. As soon as I looked at the pictures on the cards, I had an inner knowing of what they meant as well. I now put all this down to past lives and I believe I must have been a witch and burnt at the stake, as that’s what happened to many intuitive or healers as their skills were considered evil.

People who do not understand things often choose to go into fear. Luckily for me, I was able to carry the information quite easily in my soul’s memory and carry on the work or life path that was intended for me.

As soon as I relax or centre myself, I open my third eye and tune into the other person’s energy. Then the information just flows and I am able to pick up or channel information from the person’s guide, or what we call communicator. This can be a spiritual guide or a relative or friend in spirit. I have always been attracted to the paranormal and everything it has to offer as well as learning as much I can. Back then, I was also a member of the spiritualist church so I was not alone in my beliefs and abilities and enjoyed being surrounded by lovely and helpful like-minded people.

The spiritualist church was a safe haven for me but, more importantly, it’s also a sacred place of learning and development for those wanting to develop their spiritual beliefs while working with white light, which is love and Christ consciousness or what we call the “source”.

The church and its people, who work tirelessly for the sake of this way of life, will always offer a sanctuary where like-minded people can open their spiritual awareness. The church has seven principles of spiritualism, which it teaches to all its members.

1. The fatherhood of God.

2. The brotherhood of man.

3. The communion of spirits and the ministry of angels.

4. The continuous existence of the human soul.

5. Personal responsibility.

6. Compensation and retribution hereafter for all good and

Evil deeds done on earth.

7. Eternal progress opens to every human soul.

Finally, I had found a place where people could help me with my abilities and, more importantly, where being psychic was accepted and quite common. I was relieved to find others who spoke my own language and who were willing to teach me everything there was to know about being a natural medium. To me, it was a lot better than the Christian church because the people were kinder, listened with patience at everything I had to say, and genuinely interested in spiritual matters. Each time I attended, I heard similar stories to my own that others were going through or had experienced themselves. The spiritualist church down the south coast was just a couple of suburbs away and took me a good 45 minutes to get there by car. When you live in the country you are used to driving long distances and one of the first things you do when you leave school is get a license.

A medium and clairvoyant, who was also the minister, ran this church. She was a kindly woman, well into her seventies, with the face of an angel and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. There wasn’t a mean bone in her body, and she encouraged all her students to believe in their gifts as being natural and given by God. She was a great inspiration to me in the early days and appeared at the right time in my life because no one else I knew had any idea what I was on about. She taught me to believe in my abilities and myself and had a profound influence on me. I believe that everybody on the planet has some type of spiritual gift, whether it is healing, channeling or psychic abilities. If you want to develop these, it is just a matter of believing in yourself and spending time to do so by learning to meditate to still your mind and finding a good teacher. As you learn to work with your powers, you will gain confidence. Your ability to tap into things will give you much insight to your inner world and the world around us. The more time you take to work on yourself will help you release negative patterns and karma, by connecting and working with your higher self.

You will also learn to stay focused which, in turn, will help you take less time to do things. Meditation also helps you become more aware of the people around you and teaches you everything there is to know about Great Spirit. Spirit always works in so many wonderful ways and always uses us for the good of mankind in a way that we may not even know is possible. I am still amazed when I go to other spiritual churches or groups and find out later that some of the people who congregate there are often not who they say they are. I always tell people and clients to trust their own intuition and to only work with people that they feel they can trust and who are working in the light. There are too many people out there who are only into ego and power and make it their life mission to disempower everyone else they come across by stealing their energy. Often, these “energy grabbers” are so caught up in control issues and their own needs they are not aware of what they are doing and forget why they are there in the first place. I always protect myself by wrapping white light around my energy field, a most effective practice. Yet again, there are also wonderful true earth angels out there who work tirelessly for the spirit world and who would do anything for you. These people are few and far between but I never give up hope, knowing that these people are out there. I will always be grateful to this kindly minister for teaching me to trust in my own inner voice and myself and power regardless. Our prayers to God and spirit are always answered, no matter what we think or how difficult our circumstances.

What goes around comes around for every single living person on the planet, no matter what they believe in. It is a universal law that every action is followed by a reaction, as we are all energy. When you ask for assistance you will always receive it as spirit is always with us every single second of our lives, and we are connected to spirit through our love. I also believe that when you are ready to learn about yourself as an immortal soul, the teacher will appear. When I first walked into a spiritualist church, I had never seen anything like it in my entire life. I was used to seeing spirits

or dead people hanging around, but never so many and all in one place. As I looked around me in awe, I saw great gobs of energy whirling and swishing around in the room in the air above people’s heads as they sang. This really frightened me, as I had no idea what I was seeing. Now I know this was energy or spirits congregating in the hall. As the congregation sang, they built up the energy to create a bridge or link, making possible for the medium sitting at the front of the church to connect to love ones on the other side. I could also smell something like old dirty socks. Some lower types of entities or spirits often have a funny smell about them. These spirits have a lower vibration and dwell on what we call the lower astral level. Not all spirits are highly evolved and when you go into a spiritualist church there are all types hanging around. Just because Freddy the old alcoholic and drug addict has crossed over to the other side and is in spirit does not mean that he is suddenly an ascended master or someone special because I or another medium can contact him. Once he is dead and has passed safely over he, like everybody else before him, will have the same personality he had when he was alive. Once he is in spirit, he will receive healing like all incoming souls. He will also get to stand in front of the council with his guide and review how his life went on earth. He will have time to heal and be able to reflect whether he accomplished his spiritual lessons as an immortal soul. We all have free choice, so it was entirely up to him. The next time he decides to come back and reincarnate on earth, he will have the right to make other choices on what he wants to learn on a soul level to heal and grow, and raise his own vibration.

When I read for someone, I often smell smoke if the spirit was a smoker or alcohol if they liked to drink, although some spirits smell like perfume. When I am doing spiritual healings on people, I will often smell a sweet perfumed flower which signifies a mass of angels are in the room, which is a blessing as the energy is always beautiful, loving and serene.

The spiritualist church and teachers I was attracted to, not only taught me how to meditate, but also about all types of healing, including trance and platform mediumship. For this I am eternally grateful. The rest I already knew and remembered as I must have worked with these abilities in other lifetimes and it was easy to utilize as it was already downloaded in my memory cells. Over the years I have worked tirelessly for spiritualist churches all over Sydney and parts of Queensland on the platform as a medium giving messages, healing and survival evidence.

Spiritual healing I have also over the years worked as a practicing healer for

Australian Spiritual Healers Association or ASHA. The late Arthur Kendrick with the help of the late spiritual healer, Harry Edwards, first founded it in 1964 in Melbourne. The ASHA, now defunct in NSW, was founded with a vision of uniting Australia spiritual healers and aspired to promote spiritual healing here and overseas.

ASHA members practiced spiritual healing by the laying-on of hands, and by attunement through meditation and prayer, seeking to induce a beneficial effect upon a client’s life force at all levels of their existence. Spiritual healing may be given for any disease, illness, stress or injury as a therapy that has no side effects and complements other therapies.

The medical diagnosis of an illness doesn’t influence the outcome of spiritual healing as you learn to work with detachment. The healer acts only as a conduit of pure light energy from the “source” or “God” energy.

For many years I was part of a group of like-minded people who would hold free healing every month for the elderly and sick down in Manly, on Sydney’s northern beaches. I met so many wonderful healers and like-minded people in those years that gave up their Sundays to help the sick. It was a very humbling experience, which taught me a lot, and we enjoyed getting feedback from the willing participants. This was also a great learning curve for me as it taught me about healing on so many levels


Kerrie Erwin – Psychic in Sydney