From my new book Sacred Soul

‘Unsuccessful people live in fear. They hate, are envious, continually complain all the time and are stuck in the ‘poor me energy’. Successful people on the other hand are blessed and operate at a more blissful, lighter vibration as they build each other up, encourage others, less fortunate than themselves and attract wonderful opportunities in their life, thus living their lives to the fullest.’ White Feather 

A toxic build-up of hatred, fear and negative energy can make you feel sick and miserable. It can be disempowering and extremely destructive as it disconnects us from the source and our innate divine power we all have within us as souls. I call this debilitating, despicable energy the dark force, because it makes us feel lost and powerless. It not only sucks away our positive energy, but also disconnects us from our goals, hopes and dreams so much so that it can affect our spiritual growth as an eternal soul.

Before we came to Earth and reincarnated as souls, we all signed spiritual contracts in the spirit world to go through different experiences so we could learn the lessons we needed to grow as an eternal souls. Earth is like a big stage and we are the actors, creating our own realities. Unfortunately, some of the lessons we sign up for can be extremely unpleasant, especially when we are dealing with emotions and forces from outside that can also build up within. Jealousy, fear, greed, hatred, disapproval, revenge, denial, resistance, disgust, racial prejudice and miscommunication are but a few. The effects of these disempowering emotions can cause disease in our energy centers and isolate us from a state of grace and love. They can send us into a state of fear, which is misinformation that, in turn, creates havoc in our lives.

Years ago when I was a trainee-nursing sister, there was a period of my training where I escorted cancer patients to Sydney for radiotherapy. In those days the hospital where I worked did not have the proper facilities to treat these patients, so we had to take them on a special bus to the city for their therapy. Looking back, I will always remember those beautiful people and their very sad stories. All of them, although they were all from different walks of life, had suffered some type of emotional problem that they were never able to come to terms with. Each story was the same. They were full of sadness through some terrible incident that had happened to them. It used to make me wonder if this is why they got the cancer in the first place. Sometimes these negative emotions and realities can be programmed into our minds from an early age. Because of this, we learn to give away our power. Our belief system creates our reality and how we live our life is our own choice. As an energy worker I am always attracting people into my life as I am often called a beacon of light. Sometimes these people end up being energy grabbers and before too long I find out these are not the right people for me.

We have the power to choose the way we think and want to live our lives because of free will. We forget, or do not understand, that we are free as souls to make our own choices in life. In fact we are free to make whatever choices we want, such as I am happy, I am confident, I am a beautiful person. The way our parents talk to us as children, such as “Don’t do that or the boogie man will get you”, “What a shame you can’t be like your brother”, or “You will never amount to anything”, and so on, is in reality negative programming. Another way is when others talk negatively behind our backs or put us down in front of others to make their own egos feel more important.

Negative energy is all around us. It is even programmed into us by the media. How many times have you experienced this by simply reading the newspaper or listening to the television or radio news telling us terrible things every day?

Ask yourself this question: How many of us are truly happy for our friends and colleagues when something good happens in their life and they become successful. Is it just human nature to be a bit jealous? The other type of negative energy is via psychic attack with someone sending us negative energy or thought forms. These attacks are very real and I have seen them often. In some cases, I have even heard of people using chanting to cause more harm to their intended target.

I find it hard to believe that people in different types of cultures still to this day spend hours with angry jealous thought forms and even money buying curses so they can hurt the person they have intended to destroy or spend too many hours feeling unhappy for their friends or colleagues moving ahead. If they only knew they were wasting their time because the bad energy they are conjuring up only returns to them anyway. Just look at their personal lives and you will see these people always suffer emotionally. Whenever anything like this happens to you, just walk away and send them love. My work these days as an energy worker and light worker is not only in people’s homes, but helping people in their minds and belief systems. We need to understand that as eternal souls and spiritual people as a whole, we have choices in life. If anything, we need to learn how to speak to ourselves more lovingly so we can pass this love on to our friends, lovers, partners and parents.

Once you are aware how energy works, you will never think or speak a negative word again as you become more aware of the law of attraction. What you give out comes back to you, so to speak, and most of us are unaware of how much power we have to influence our own lives. Here are a few statements we need to beware of.


‘I can’t afford the petrol’

‘I can’t… I am not good enough

‘I will try’

‘No one is ever going to love me’

‘Maybe tomorrow’

‘Why should I’

‘I am stupid’

‘It’s all their fault ‘

‘So long as I get it cheaper and nobody finds out’

‘I have always been like this’

‘Yeah sure will do it later’

‘I can’t afford it, pay you back later’

‘It is alright for you, you have a money tree in your backyard’

As a Light worker, I honestly believe, it is important to monitor your thought at all times. Most people, unless they are aware and work with energy will have no idea how powerful their minds actually are, especially when it comes to energy as negative beliefs and though forms on a daily basis, can be toxic and build up if left to build up as it will attract negative energy and bad experiences into their life over time.  Just like the old saying, “What you believe you become”?

A good habit to learn is to surround yourself with only positive, loving and encouraging people and always listen to positive thoughts only. Also be aware of negative patterns in your life and mind. We create our own reality, so why not make it as positive and beautiful as possible? What’s wrong with creating a beautiful heaven on earth? Negative, abusive people only take or steal away our energy if we let them and take us down a heavy, tiring path, leading us astray from our true spiritual purpose. Stay away from the self-pity people of the world, as it can be draining as well and these individuals are really miserable and toxic energy stealers.

Sometimes a negative thought form will build up in the aura, making us feel drained, ungrounded and unhappy with ourselves. You can see this if you view the aura, as it will look very dense and appear above the crown chakra as a thick, dirty brown color. We can also build up negative thought forms, thinking we are unworthy of long-term relationships for example. In turn, if this is not dealt with, it will become part of a negative belief structure. To deal with this, visualize a beautiful pink bubble above your head and place all your negativity into it. When it is full, simply surrender it to God and let it go.

Once you are aware of the negative talk you will never again let another negative thought enter your head again. Most of these thoughts stem from fear, or what is more commonly known as the shadow side of our personalities. They are simply what are called patterns and they can very easily enter your beautiful creative mind and sabotage the good things in your life because you allow them to come in.

Most of these old broken down programs can be thoughts about ourselves we have carried since childhood. They have been buried deep within our subconscious minds for so long that they have become a part and are a habit and now part of our reality. By simply changing the way you think and letting more joy, happiness and love into your life, you can change your mindset and create miracles in your life. Do not ever be afraid of the real you and the powerful person inside of you. We are all divine souls and deserve so much more.


To be totally honest most of the clients that I see on a daily basis with my psychic work are always looking for their soul mate or a loved one to share their life with and lets face it LOVE in its greatest form makes the world go around. If we had love in our lives I firmly believe there would be no wars in the world and better communication. In Feng Shui we have cures and space clearing but I also have some special techniques I always give me clients to work with.


Sit down, light a candle then write down every word of negativity you have ever been given by the people around you, then tear it up the list, bless it and burn it.  Once you have done this it is time to write down all the good things about yourself you know or what other people have told you. For some this list may be small, but it is a start and something for you to build on. It is up to you now to believe in yourself, even if you feel nobody else does and decide what you can and cannot do…do not forget also that it is ok to have boundaries and say no to people that have expectations of you all the time. “NO” can be very empowering.


Life is something to be cherished and honored so make the best of it.

To get started with the new you, find out what is important in your life and promise yourself for the next week or so that you will never feel guilty or put blame on yourself for wanting to change the way you live and feel. This should concern yourself and not others. We all have free will and we all need to walk our own true spiritual path. Also it is good to make contact with the right people that can help you and often some of these ‘like minded’ people just might want to get involved in some your projects that may be good for them as well, especially if it is for a good cause. The more of these great people that you find inspiring and resourceful and want to help you, the easier it is for you to move ahead in the world. Remember never let go of your dreams, as they are the driving force for you to create your divine life and live your life to the fullest.

One of the most important keys for eliminating insecurities and establishing a habit of self-love is the use of affirmations. These really work, because they raise your vibration and especially when said in front of the mirror because you express them to your eyes, the window of the soul. Affirmations are known as food for the soul and just expressing loving words loudly and clearly reinstates who we want to be in our eyes. Through affirmations we can think ourselves healthier, have a healthy and happy love life, improve toxic relationships by having the confidence to walk away, feel confident and accomplish everything we ever dreamt about.

Here are a few affirmations that may work for you:

‘I am a beautiful person and I love you’

‘I AM now ready to meet my soul mate’

‘Everyday in everyway, I am loved supported and safe’   

‘I deserve the best in my relationships and am not afraid to have healthy boundaries’ 

‘I always find myself in the right place at the right time to receive golden opportunities and met wonderful people that support me’

‘Everyday in everyway my life gets better, better and better.’

‘I am always grateful for the blessings and wonderful people I have in my life everyday’

‘The world is my oyster and I am happy to have the most amazing loving experiences in my life I receive openly’

Once used everyday these simple affirmations will become part of your mindset and can never be taken from you, as they will open a new reality you only once dreamt about.


Another effective way to reinforce your affirmations in your relationships is by writing them down. Address them to God or the universe, your angels or spirit guides- whomever you want! This act symbolizes surrender and trust that your manifestation is now a reality. By making a commitment, it becomes even stronger and an investment in yourself.


Sharing is caring and when you give back to the Universe there is always a reward. We must remember our friends, our loved ones, and those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Caring and sharing brings many spiritual rewards and is good karma.  I firmly believe what we give back will always come back tenfold.


Sit quietly in a comfortable position. Breathe in and out three times and visualize yourself actively letting go of any negativity you may be holding onto. Think of something you want very much, as long as it is good for your higher self. As you begin to concentrate on what it is you really want, imagine being overjoyed and visualize what you want as if it is happening now. Hold this for three minutes, and then let it go surrendering it to the Universe.


Write down exactly what you want in life. I always use a vision board for this and change it every six months. Some people may like to write down their wants and dreams on a piece of paper and put it away for a year or two, depends on what your expectations are. Often when they take it out, people look and see how much their lives have changed. Don’t be afraid to expect more of yourself. If it is a partner you are looking for or soul mate, make sure you write down exactly what they may look like, right down to the color of their hair, intelligence, personality and interests. One needs to be very careful with this as it works and you need to know exactly what you want because you might just end getting it. Vision boards are great to have to help you achieve all your goals in your career, as you are writing down what you want and need in the world. Trust your brain because of constant reminders the statements and affirmations you give your subconscious mind will finally achieve them.  Vision boards are really good to have by your desk as they are in a good position to keep it up to date. Overtime you will be amazed at what happens and see how you gradually are able to achieve all your wishes and goals. When doing this always remember to be patient but be ready for the unexpected as anything can happen.

Vision boards are a lot of fun, are generally quite cheap and do not have to be elaborate. What you use to design your life is entirely up to you. Creating one is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available, as they are easy to make and they actually work. I have always been a big fan and have used them for years because they have proved to me time and time again that they always work and you will always get results with your goals, just like the old saying goes, ‘the proof is always in the pudding’. They can be plain and simple or incredibly creative and attractive, depends on the individual. They are a tangible vision of the future, on how you see yourself and where you are going. It entirely up to you what you create, so long as your intentions are positive and good and you don’t hurt anyone.

I always love to stick happy, beautiful pictures of how I would like to see myself in the now on my board and use happy quirky quotes to keep me motivated and fill my life full of purpose. Find pictures that represent or symbolize only the experiences, feelings and possessions you want to attract in your life and place them on your board. I use a black texta to write very clearly what I want and in the now.

For example “I am a renowned sprit medium, successful international author and have sold out shows wherever I go. I love the work I do with a passion and am truly blessed by spirit”.

Usually by six months I usually change it again as things have happened that are already in my life so I need to go to the next goal.


What is the most common thing, besides focus, practice and perseverance that famous and successful people use in the world today to help them climb up the golden career ladder of success?  Besides knowing exactly what it is you want, it is meditation. By just taking twenty minutes of your day to go within and work on the theta level of your brain, you will feel more energized, younger and motivated. When you learn to meditate you not only heal yourself, as the body needs to rest to regenerate cells, but you can learn to visualize what it is you need in the world. It is also an essential tool to help you discover who you are as eternal souls and grow spiritually. It is important for you to see within our hearts and connect with our souls’ energy to work with those on the other side in the spirit world. You will always be drawn to people and teachers who will help you learn, but at the end of the day it is your own spiritual guide that will in the long term show you the way to reach higher vibrations. Earth teachers can only show and teach us so much. This process does get easier, and the technique can be mastered. Daily practice and dedication with meditation are needed to encourage communication with our loving guides, angels, and spirit helpers living in the spirit world so that they will help us on our life journeys.

Meditation is not only a wonderful process for self-discovery, but it is also the key to good health and well being because it brings balance and harmony into our lives. Many successful people in the world meditate and are able to focus clearly and achieve their desired outcomes. By going within and using meditation, you can manifest and create your own reality.

With the energy on the planet now, everything is changing around us as we move into the fifth dimension or what is called the Age of Aquarius. This involves a quickening process, so everything appears to be amplified.

To support this process, we send love, light, and healing to not only ourselves but to everyone we know and every living thing on the planet. If someone upsets you, either say your peace or bless him or her and walk away. When you meditate, call on the light to help lift your light body so it will make easier energetically to go with the new energies coming to the planet now. Daily meditation helps you to ground yourself to these new energies. It is also a time to take charge and be aware of negative thought forms because they can attract negative people or destructive situations if they are not deleted or dealt with.

When you finish your meditation for the day, it is always a good thing to always close down your energy by imagining your chakras closing down like little lights. It is also a good thing to send healing, forgiveness and gratitude and to all the people in your life, this includes your enemies (which are in your life as spiritual teachers to teach you your lessons you signed up for before you came down here from the spirit world), as this will help you move on.

Remember not everyone will be on your vibrational frequency, so not everyone is going to be your friend.

When we are working in groups, we connect with what is called the over-soul. This is a collective group in the spirit world that includes all our guides and higher selves joined together as one. When people leave one of my groups, I will always cut them off from this energy so they are no longer connected to the group metaphysically.

For meditation, find a place where you feel safe, secure and where no one can interrupt you. You can find and create a place in your home, which would be ideal, a favorite place in nature, or a quiet place where you work and are not disturbed for a while. Once you have done this, always make a point to remember to meditate at the same time every day for better results. When you do this, you are also making a date with your own guide and spirit helpers. Once a day would suffice, but twice a day would be even better.


Sometimes in life we have difficulties communicating with our work colleagues, loved ones or just people in general. We are often put in situations in our life where it is just about impossible to have a civil conversation because of our misunderstandings, confusions or emotions. Nobody is perfect and we have all had times in our lives where our emotions rule our intelligence, making it impossible to bring closure to a relationship, get on with the boss or a colleague, or simply move out of a bad relationship. By talking to the person’s higher self telepathically, we can conquer this problem. It is an easy technique that really works. Just by trusting in yourself and talking to the person’s higher self, you can bring healing to any situation.

One day a client came to me with tears streaming down her face. She told me that every day for the past two weeks she was being harassed on her mobile phone. Every time she answered it, there was nothing but silence at the other end. It would ring repeatedly, everyday after 5pm, and sometimes up to 20 times. When she answered it, the person would suddenly hang up, leaving her feeling terrified. This put her in a desperate situation, as she felt someone was stalking her and her life was in danger. She found it difficult to sleep at night and became too frightened to be alone or even walk down the street. Her happy disposition had changed dramatically to a person desperate and depressed and full of anxiety.

Connecting to my higher self intuitively I felt the perpetrator was a woman. Sitting her down, we determined who she was. The person who came to mind was someone my client remembered from a person she used to work with and who had once been the girlfriend of my client’s now boyfriend. The other woman was obviously full of jealousy and was taking her revenge out on my client in a nasty and terrible way. My client was shocked and could not understand how anyone could be so cruel, as when they worked together they had always been friends. She herself was a very spiritual and nice person and would never want to hurt anyone in a malicious way. The ex girlfriend was obviously hurting and in need of healing so she could move on with her life. Feeling more relaxed now, my client gently closed her eyes and we proceeded with ‘The Higher Self Healing’.  A dialogue was set up with success and my client was feeling a lot better. That evening the phone calls ceased. The healing was finally complete.


Sit in a comfortable position, making sure you have switched the telephone off and you will not be disturbed for a while. Close your eyes gently and breathe in and out three times slowly, relaxing as you let go of any emotions and negativity that may be stored in your mind, spirit, soul and body.

Feel your loving connection to the source and fill yourself deeply with unconditional love and light. This will make you feel calm, warm and secure.

Picture an image of a beautiful pink bubble in your minds eye in front of you. This is a healing bubble. Now put the person you would like to have a dialogue with inside, then step inside yourself.

Ask them if you have permission to talk to their higher self. A simple yes or no is all you want. When you have their approval, it is now ok to continue. If you do not, keep asking until you do. Now begin the dialogue in a gentle and calm way, stating clearly and precisely in a loving tone exactly what you want to say. Listen for an answer and keep talking to the person until you have reached a conclusion. If there is no conclusion, try for a better outcome next time.



Often in life certain people come into our lives to teach us lessons. Once we have learnt these lessons or Spiritual Contracts we need to move on, as the relationship can become toxic and create bad Chi energy. This exercise is good for cutting off old and worn energy that no longer serves us from people that are no longer in our lives, or mean us harm. It is good as it helps both parties move on. It can also rid negative energy we may have been carrying towards that person and other people who may be tuning into the old destructive patterning we have been carrying with us. I have tried this myself and have found results immediately as the karma or contract is finished.

1) Visualize a blue figure eight, with gold in the middle.

2) Put yourself in one side and the other person in the other.

3) Now imagine ties or old ropes or vines wrapping around you from the other person.

4) What color is the energy or what may seem like ties or ropes? Is this energy, thick or thin? How does this energy make you feel?

5) Now cut them off with a sword, knife or a pair of scissors

6) When you have done this, cut the Centre of the figure eight and blow the person away into a big, pink bubble of love. This is your healing bubble or healing room. No harm can come to anyone, as it is a sacred place of love.

7) Once you are there, in your minds eyes, tell them exactly what you think of them. Now, once you have done this, tell them who you are as a person and how you want to be treated in all your personal relationships.

8) When you have done this, tell them you love them and forgive them and tell them the contract you once had is now terminated. Now it is time to bless them, say goodbye and step out of the healing bubble and send the healing bubble full of green healing light, into the source of love.

9) You are now able to move on as the contract is now terminated and the person will generally go out of your life. You may hear from them once, or they may try and contact you, when you do this but they will also be able to benefit from the healing and move on as well



This is your opportunity to be the author and creator of your own show. For this you need to write a story of at least one or two pages in the present tense about your dream situation. This is how you want your life to be. Be very careful what you ask for because you might just get it. Nowadays, with the new energies coming through and the way energy is moving faster here on this dimension, you will notice your manifestations happening a lot quicker than you anticipated. Always believe in your dreams and don’t listen to what other people may say. Oh course, some dreams will take a bit more time to manifest, but never give up! Nerveless you will be pleasantly surprised with what you end up with.