Introduction Meditation Working with your Animal Spirit Guide

EXERCISE: Introduction Meditation Working with your Animal Spirit Guide


My own totem animal is the wolf and I work very much with the crow energy and owl. I often see these totem energies when I meditate and in times of stress and disharmony in my life they are always, like my guides, spiritual helpers, and angles at my side.

The wolf to me is a loner and throughout my life I have often felt isolated and alone, but have always had the good company of my loving family. The crows are always around me a lot and I can often hear them sketching, gossiping and talking. They always make me laugh as every time I meet other spiritual people or work with spirit energy I can always hear them in the background going on and watching everything, as if they find the whole thing completely amusing. The Owl, different varied types have appeared to me late at night. I have several totems of this wise bird in my office given to as gifts from clients and students.

This is a great meditation to learn to meet your animal spirit guide or totem animal/bird.

  1. Find yourself seated in a comfortable position. Start to feel your body relaxing as you begin to slowly breathe in and out. As you do this you relax your head, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs calves and toes. Now gently hold the breath, for as long as you can, then gently breathe out three times, releasing any remaining tension you may have had in your body.

Now feel the earth’s energy coming up from the earth star, bringing in beautiful white cleansing and powerful energy up to the base chakra, spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, and finally up to the transpersonal point. (Just above your crown) Feel all your chakras in complete alignment, like a tight bow at the transpersonal point above your head.

  1. Breathe and relax.
  2. Now expand your energy 5cm outside the body, and visualize energy coming from your heart, and surround yourself with this beautiful powerful energy of protection. Bringing your energy in you now visualize a white light all around you. Feel the love and warmth, wrapping all around you as you feel yourself drifting into a meditative state
  3. As you continue to close your eyes and breathe, imagine you are now walking in a tropical rain forest. It is a perfect day, the sun is shining brightly and there isn’t a single cloud in the sky. As you enter the forest, without a care in the world you feel yourself relaxing and you feel one, with everything around you. You feel happy, good and relaxed as you continue. Your body is bathed in pure sunshine.
  4. As you gradually make your way along the small trail, the light begins to become softer and everywhere you look you are surrounded by a jungle of thick greenery with ancient and enormous trees that must be hundreds of years old.
  5. The more you ascend into the rainforest, the lush vegetation becomes thicker and thicker and within no time, everything around you becomes an incredible canopy of greenery and colors as far as the eye can see.  You can now feel all your senses beginning to slowly open up and you are able to smell the freshness of the healing nature all around you. The air is pure and fresh and crisp so much so that each time you breathe you feel the invigorating air clearing your nostrils, lungs, mind, and body … right down to your soul.
  6. Walking now further into the bush, all your senses begin to open up automatically and you can hear the sharp crunching of twigs and broken branches under your feet, the call of many types of different species of birds and the sound of the wind blowing gently in the trees.
  7.  As you walk further and further into the open nature you can also hear the sound of the bush coming alive. The sound of flying insects, bugs, bees, beetles, dragonflies, flies and colorful butterflies of many shapes and different colors. Without a care in the world you begin to relax and leave all your troubles from the day behind. You are entering a new world of incredible beauty; full of healing and abundance of pure energy, which helps you forget your troubles and lift your soul. The landscape of nature all around you is a place of freedom and tranquility.
  8. Following the winding trail of soft green grass, you gradually descend further and further into the bus, making you feel suddenly alive. Feeling adventurous you head down to the left, which appears more hidden. As you begin to descend you begin to feel even more relaxed but your senses are beginner to become more open and sharper.
  9. You now take another deep breath, and you feel completely calm and in control. Gradually you find yourself in a small clearing next to a hidden stream. All around the clearing are ancient, enormous trees that look like they have been there since the beginning of time. Next to them are big boulders, rocks and a few hidden caves that are now covered in grass and gentle moss from long, long ago.
  10. As you slowly walk towards the rocks and caves you are now able to see very clearly, ancient old drawings carved and painted on the surface of the rocks, which is cool and smooth. These drawings look and feel as if they are from an ancient tribal civilization.
  11. As you look closer you now see that they are pictures of many animals and birds of all shapes and sizes. They seemed to have been carved very finely and precisely on the sides and walls as of only yesterday.  Some of them you now begin to recognize and you feel your imagination expanding as you begin to see horses, cats, dogs, cows, sheep, deer, and goats. Many varieties of birds, eagles, crow, magpie, parrots, and lizards, snakes, worms, wombats, bats, rabbits, dragons and other mythical animals and birds.
  12. Some or one begin to leave an impression on you, as you become more and more fascinated by this beautiful art work.
  13. Feeling tired from the day, you now decide now to rest and take in all that you have seen and felt today, so you sit down and relax on the soft green grass of the forest floor. As you do so you begin to notice that beautiful flowers surround you with fresh forest smells, which are very cleansing and comforting.
  14. As you feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper you are now able to see in your minds eyes a picture of your totem animal or bird.  Fascinated and curious, you make you make contact and telepathically you are able to communicate. You feel perfectly safe as this animal or bird is your spirit guide who is with you at this moment in time to help you on your journey of life. You both feel a great kinship, a great knowing, and an overwhelming feeling of love.

As you connect with your spirit animal consider the following:

  1. What does your spirit animal or bird look like?
  2. Do you feel there is a message for you today?
  3. What qualities does your special new spiritual friend have that mirrors your own or that you can identify with?

Once you are ready, ask your totem spirit energy to join you now in your circle of friendships. Know now that this is your power animal and you can call on it anytime. Its loving power and strength will remain with you, for as long as you want, even when you are asleep or unaware of it.

Your totem spirit will now stay with you to help you feel protected and secure as you develop more and more your psychic skills, and it will help you on your life’s journey. Know that you will always have a deep love connection and bond till you pass into the next life and beyond.


Kerrie Erwin. Psychic, Medium & Clairvoyant Sydney.