A visit to the Kimberley’s

A visit to the Kimberley’s

From Suburban Medium

My husband Andrew and I travelled with friends on a holiday to the Kimberley’s, a few years ago. We flew by small plane and helicopter to remote Kimberley Camp, as we were interested in seeing some ancient rock art in the area and doing a bit of fishing. Now I know why they call it the last frontier. The energy is wild and pristine as there are hardly any humans living in that part of the world. Instead it is governed by a vast wilderness that spans thousands of miles, abounding in vegetation, fish, crocodiles, wild birds and waterways. My husband and I camped in a tent next to a very large boab tree which had one flower on it which was unusual for the time of year as we were told it usually flowers in the wet season which is in September and October. One of my dreams has always been to make an essence from this magnificent tree as boab is one of the most powerful bush flower essences you can use for releasing negative karma and old family patterns from generations. While I was sleeping in my tent I could feel the presence of a spirit watching me. It unnerved me at first, but I just relaxed, put some white light around the tent, and myself and kept watching the stars, trying really not to think too much about it. All I could sense was that the spirit watching me was an Aboriginal. After a couple of days, I knew there were many spirits visiting this place as we came across quite a few sacred burial grounds in the area. There were no earth-bound spirits, however, only visiting ones. On one of the last days we decided to fly by helicopter again, as driving is impossible, to a location with the most ancient rock art in the area. We were to meet with somebody from the National Parks and Alex, an Aboriginal man, who would explain the history of the art we were seeing. On our arrival, I started casually talking to Alex, who is an artist. He is a kind and spiritual man who was interested in my work as a medium because he had lost his daughter in a tragic accident a few years ago. Before I had a chance to really start talking to him, my husband rushed up and handed me a wild flower, which he had found behind a rock. As soon as he handed me the flower I could feel Alex’s daughter coming in and she started to give me messages, which I gave to her father with his consent. Alex couldn’t believe his eyes. The flower my husband gave to me was called Kimberley Rose. His daughter’s name was spelt Kimberley Rose after the wild Kimberley Rose flower. I went on to tell him that she had died in a car accident and went pretty fast over to the over side. There were other messages as well, but these were personal. After our chance meeting, I briefly told him about my experience in the tent back at Kimberley Camp and how scared

I had been. He told me he also had a similar experience as he had stayed in the same tent before. He said it was the “Jillinya”, who is a spirit woman. There were many painting of her work in the rock art in the camp, so she had a strong presence and I am sure many who have travelled to that remote place have felt her energy. After returning to Sydney, he sent me her story by email. We have remained very good friends ever since and we have shared many laughs and interesting times over the years. He also gave me permission to take these photos so this story can be told.


Alex’s story

Jillinya is a spirit woman, a mermaid who comes from the salt water. She travels from the ocean to the mainland; looking for men I’m told. As I said … Jimmy continued, I had a mystical experience with her on the 4th December 2007 when I was lying in my bed awake but eyes closed, and I could sense someone looking at me. I opened my eyes and she was looking at me. She tried to do something to me by locking my eyes shut as I was lying there, rolling my head from side to side and trying to open my eyes. I could not move my body, and I felt my spirit guide push me in the middle of the back and lift me up out of the bed into a sitting position. As soon as this happened, she disappeared. I saw with my own eyes a very beautiful woman with black skin, a round face, big eyes and long black matted hair hanging down to her shoulders. It was like looking at a ghost that was superimposed in a movie, if you know what I mean. Anyway the story goes that if you want a wife you can grab the Jillinya. What you have to do is lie there in waiting when you can sense her approaching; you have to be very still.

As she is in spirit form, you need to take a knife and cut beneath her feet very quickly as she is floating next to you. I’m told this will cut the cord that connects her to something, I really can’t say what. You will then see blood dripping on the ground. This is when she is manifesting from spirit form into physical form. You have to grab her and tie her up and whip and beat her and flog her until she starts to cry and howl and you will see tears coming from her eyes.

She is then yours to be your wife. You have to teach her to talk and do all the things that you want her to do but you must not let her go near the river or any rock pools because if she sees her reflection in the water, she will vanish back to the sea. You have to keep her away until she forgets where she is from. She is depicted on rock art sites all around the north Kimberley coastline and is part of the history and mythology of the Mitchell Plateau traditional owners. I am told that the old people did have Jillinyas as wives. A lot of the younger Aboriginal men, when travelling in these parts of the country, are afraid of Jillinya, as she might grab them and take them. I should have grabbed one myself, as I have been single for four years now, he laughed. Both my husband and I sat in awe as he finished his story.

I could not help but feel afterward how wonderful the spirit world works, by this chance meeting with this amazing man and his beloved daughter in spirit. I smiled to myself afterwards and was happy to think that I had managed to connect my friend to his daughter and the fact that she was able to get a message of love across and I thanked spirit for this. She must have been feeling his grief and loneliness and wanted to help him in any way she could. The fact that she told him he would soon meet a new woman and if wanted he could have another child brought tears to his eyes. Like anyone who has lost someone, like a child, I only hope and pray that he now finds the peace he has been searching for since her tragic death.