Lady Portia

Lady Portia embodies Divine Justice and is known as the ‘Goddess of Justice’ and the ‘Goddess of Opportunity’. She is recognized by a golden glow that comes from her aura. Her main aim is to teach humanity how to attain balance of the physical, mental emotional, and spiritual planes. She helps us transform this energy through the feminine aspect of the violet flame. She is also one of the Lords of Karma and sits on the karmic board embodying divine justice. She holds the balance of mercy, grace, and judgment. She helps those who want to balance their heart and head. She also helps those who judge and criticize from the lower mind to raise their energy to their heart Centre and be more loving towards themselves and others, coming from a higher perspective. She has had past live in Atlantis, as a high priestess in the temple of Poseidon, was part of the Italian royal bloodline, introducing a justice system where people were fairly tried, working for humanity and it is believed she wrote manuscripts for the senate on justice for the people that are still in-laws today. Her energy is also helpful today if you have an unjustified spiritual situation in your life that needs releasing. Her pure gold energy will radiate through the consciousness and bring you back into balance, bring back your power, and encourage you once again to live your life to the fullest. Before too long, you will find forgiveness for yourself and others.



Throughout the years I have called on Lady Portia many times throughout my life, in meditation to help me move forward when times have been rough. The energy of Portia is about balance and personal power as she evokes the qualities of justice and is known to help in the freeing power of the violet flame which helps move you along. It opens up opportunities for change. Her energy is also known as the twin ray of Saint Germaine. She has a very strong feminine energy when I channel her and afterward, I feel very solid, not cluttered, and calm in my body, mind, and emotions. One day a client rang me up and said she remembered my Lady Portia meditation on my website and used it when she was having difficulties in a court case with her ex-husband. They were at loggerheads for so long and it was so exhausting time-wise and financially. After she remembered to sit in the energy, a great calm came over her and the difficult court case she was involved in eventually went into her favor and her life suddenly turned back to normality again. Overjoyed with gratitude she thanked me again for introducing her to this amazing energy and has since used it many times when going through difficult times for restoring balance in trying times.MEANING

If you are attracted to this divine energy, the goddess is calling on you to ask for help and all karma, no matter how big or small will be restored and healed, creating balance once again in your life. No problem is too big for this energy and you are asked to surrender all your worries, let them go, and have trust and faith in this process. If it is family, the energy can work right down the ancestral line, or in love situations, the energy can help you move on and cut any ties that may be holding you back from your personnel power. If you have an unfair work situation, this energy will be sorted with better opportunities coming in. Love and forgiveness are the most powerful energies and forces in the world and are harbingers of change. Sometimes life is hard and unfair, with so many spiritual lessons, that sometimes repeat themselves until you understand the lesson. This master energy, when you truly understand it, asks us to trust in the process and allow heavenly energy to help clear the clutter that has stopped you on your path to a happy and peaceful life.