Mother Mary

This beautiful Ascended master energy is a universal symbol of maternal, motherly love and sacrifice for the intransigent faithful’. Mother Mary is a biblical, magical and mystical image. She is also a popular icon, for young and old, celebrated and cherished in the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the world who look to her for healing and salvation, when going through difficult times. Many of these people are from all walks of life, are broken, suffering from serious illness, extreme poverty, conflict, anxiety, or depression. It is not uncommon for visionaries to plead to Mary to ask God for healing or cure. Many people have claimed they will often feel a sensation of heat running through their body or area of illness as they receive their healing. Tumors are known to shrink or disappear without any type of reasoning or explanation. Prayer and devotion for her is a global phenomenon. Miracles, as we know them to transcend physical nature and physical laws. The Pope and Catholic Church believe miracles do happen, apparitions do occur for all the faithful and it has been reported many times from people and children that they have experienced an apparition of the Virgin Mary. As the bible tells us, Mary lived in Nazareth at a time when Romans ruled and had control of the Jewish land. After she became pregnant, her betrothed, Joseph, considered leaving her until an angel came to him in a dream and told him not to.



Sometimes in when life, when it becomes too sad, I will often sit and pray to mother Mary, surrendering all my worries, fears and problems. Once I have done this, all my prayers, are always answered in the most, strangest and incredible ways. The act of faith is very real and as a Spiritualist, from an early age, I have always believed in the divine power of love. One day, while shopping with my mother we walked casually by a gift shop. As I passed the window, I had done so many times before, I heard a voice calling out my name. Confused I looked around and saw there was nobody there. Hearing my name called again I looked into a shop window and saw a statue of Mother Mary staring at me from the window. Thinking I was going crazy I then heard her call out again, telling me to go in and get her, as she wanted to work with me. As I have had so many supernatural things happen throughout my life, I walked in the shop and bought her as i knew intuitively, Mother Mary wanted to work with me. When I told my mother my experience, she rolled her eyes and told me   I was crazy, that I wasn’t a catholic and that I needed to see someone as statues don’t talk. As I carried my new prize in my arms, so very carefully, to my car, I began to feel a warm, loving energy, flooding through the statue. It was if I was starting to channel her energy, before I had her safely tucked away in the car. The same thing happened when I arrived home, because as soon as I placed her on my desk, I was inundated with clients wanting to make bookings for healings and readings. The more I stared at her, I could not believe how beautiful she was, so I thanked spirit for giving me this experience.

In the past whenever, I channeled her in my trance group, she always came through very fast, then would go again after a few words of   encouragement. One thing I know for sure she is a very popular energy in the world and has amazing healing qualities as both my students and I felt her healing benefits later. I truly understand the power of Mother Mary.


If you are attracted to this energy today, spirit is sending you an invitation to pray to Mary and surrender all your worries and fears as she has heard your prayers, wants you to surrender and she will assist you. Time to let go of the old problems and worries and allow this pure healing energy in. With the gift of prayer, we can create miracles, as they do exist and nothing is impossible when we surrender all our fears and worries to a higher realm.   No matter how big or small the problem is, ask Mary for assistance. She also is an amazing healer and is happy to help loved ones as well. All you have to do is pray and you will receive. Understand miracles happen all the time in the word.