Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya is known as the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha, or overlord of the planet. This master energy works diligently behind the scenes to enlighten humanity and the birth of light. He is guardian of the Earth, or Lord of the world, monitoring world changes. His name means ‘loving one’ or ‘loving kindness’ He is head of the Great White Brotherhood which radiates, pure white light. These beings radiate pure white light as it is their intention to radiate pure love. His name means loving kindness and focuses on the evolution of earth.  His mission is to monitor potential earth changes, the progress of the Christs incarnates and the fallen angels, e.g. ‘the dark forces.’ He origins are from Venus. In the history of the planet, we have had numerous Buddhas. Lord Maitreyan, the Cosmic Christ, has passed the imitations of the Buddha, with years of training and is here to help us in the great age of Aquarius. It is also said this great master was Krishna and that he inspired the life of Jesus.   



When I realized my life’s purpose was of helping people, through my work with mediumship and spiritual healing many years ago, I decided to be of better service, it was time to learn how to meditate and go within, so I could connect to the ‘the light’ force and speak to my spiritual guides, who have helped me with my work. Not only does it help us focus, so we can do more, in our daily lives, it also teaches us grow to become much calmer, relaxed, and successful.

Twenty minutes of minutes of meditation is all you need for results in our busy lives. Spiritually can also help us to move to a higher vibration level or frequency, connecting us to our higher self, angel helpers, and our own loving spiritual guides. Once we learn this easy process, our life becomes more rewarding as it helps us go with the flow. Creating a small. sacred space in your home or nature, would be ideal for meditation. All you have to do is find a place you can call your own, which you feel safe and secure in and where no one can interrupt you. Also remember to meditate the same time each day for better results. In the beginning I found this very difficult, as my brain is very fast. Over time I managed to sit in the stillness and connect to the powerful life-force of the spiritual world and all its wonders. Eventually, I was successful and quite often I would meditate with a smile on my face, as I realized the beauty and healing it brought me. Stillness takes time and dedication, but has great rewards as it is very healing and aligns us with our creator, the divine source of all that is, unconditional love. Since that moment of great learning, I now mediate every day and my life is so much more joyful, focused and I have so much more energy. Divine power is your ability to recognize the power within and the energy around as we are all one. Once we realize this, we can live our dreams and create the life we desire, by taking responsibility and being our own creator. Once you learn to do this, you will always trust your own inner knowing and loving guidance. Taking personal responsibility for your life connects you again with your own power in the world and helps us all go to a higher level of consciousness with far better consequences.


If you are drawn this energy today, the message is to take note and watch your thought forms, the way you see the world and make changes where there is   disharmony, sadness or imbalance. Sometimes in life we become disappointed, lose our way, have no idea of our purpose and begin to think in a negative way, creating obstacles that block us from great joy and manifestation in any area of our life. This is a message to say keep the faith, stay happy and let go of any negativity that you feel you have been giving too much energy or time to. It is now time to allow great joy in your life and allow light and positive outcomes to come your way. Out with the old way of thinking and in with the new. The gentleness and renewal of peace and harmony will begin to come back into your life again and your life will go into renewal.