Hercules is the mythical, iconic, popular demi-god and one of the greatest heroes in ancient Greek mythology. In the legend, he was the son of Zeus, king of gods, and a mortal woman called Alcmene. It is said he was a twin, one born to Zeus and the other boy born to Alcmene’s husband. It soon became apparent from birth, he had superhuman strength, when two snakes were found in the baby’s cradle and he strangled them. With his superhuman amazing strength, he completed many feats throughout his life and his stories were very popular among the people. His life was difficult though due to Zeus’s wife, who never like and accepted the fact he was the illegitimate son of her husband. He was a half-god with superhuman strength, a brave warrior in the Olympian order, always working for the good of man, defending his fellow man from monsters and earthly villains. Everything he did he was the best and outshone others with his amazing inner strengths and ability to overcome hardships. This made him inspirational to many before he died and continued his legend, on Mount Olympus.



Often in life’s journey’s we have many obstacles in life that come away. These hard lessons are actually tests that make us dig deep, to find a solution and to teach us many things we never knew about ourselves. Sometimes we just have to put on a brave face and keep going, enduring the hardships and obstacle’s thrown our way until we know how to deal with them. Some of the ways we can learn about ourselves, strengths, skills and gifts with coping in the world are these few tips.

  1. Spend time alone in silence or meditation, connecting to the core of your power. By just spending twenty minutes a day, we can learn many things from deep within by listening to our soul energy, intuition or inner voice, which has the wisdom from many past lives we have experienced many times before.
  2. Start to make the time to nurture yourself, instead of running after everyone and helping the, this may be with exercise, listening to music, spending time in nature and doing things that you love to do.
  3. Understand boundaries, by learning to say no and delegating projects and things you can’t possible finish alone. Too many times we overload ourselves and can’t think. This can often lead to sickness, especially when we take on others negativity.
  4. Create the right balance of friends and not spread yourself thin. Sometimes we collect people that only take from us, want we have, are jealous and not happy for our breakthroughs and when you think about it, have no interest in who we are. These shallow people are just energy users and only have their own interests at stake. It may be disappointing when you find out, but you will power on to better realities without someone riding you.
  5. Learn ‘you are what you eat.’ Your body is your temple and what you look like and feel like, is from what you are putting in your mouth. Learn the art of this and you will not only have more energy and be healthy, but your mind will also be clearer as well.
  6. How important it is to have a good home. Your home is your foundation and without its integral support, you will have great difficulty surviving and being successful in world. With its support, you can do anything.


If you are drawn this energy, understand that you will be successful in any endeavor, or situation you chose that is presenting itself to you at this time. You have the infinite power of great strength that comes, from deep within your soul and nothing can surpass it. No matter the situation, understand, without a doubt, you can rise triumphantly, to any given situation. Write a list of only good things you know about yourself. When you start to write these down, with gratitude, others will surprisingly recognize this.