Mary Jane’s Friend


Mary Jane was a friend of mine from my old nursing days. I remember the first time I met her I felt as if we had known each other forever as good friends. She was very similar to me, with a restless energy and was always doing things or going somewhere. When we graduated, not happy with just being a nursing sister she moved to the states and studied medicine. I left as well and went overseas working and studying in Norway. Not satisfied, with the hospital system I got involved with music, went to university to study performing arts and finally ended up with my own healing and reading practice studying many healing modalities. Over the years, even though we had both gone in different directions, we stayed in contact but we still had the same spiritual purpose, which was and still is, helping people and making a difference in the world.

While there she met and married her soul mate Dr Tim, or so she calls him and now works in their small practice and raising two children, a menagerie of animals and working with wild horses.

I hadn’t seen her for years and I was excited when she rang me up out of the blue to have a catch up as her mother still lived in Sydney. When I heard the news, I was curious to see what she was up to of course, as she was such an interesting character, a good friend and no matter what she did it was always something very positive, as her big heart is always in the right place.  The funny thing was, even though we spent little time together, the moment she came back into my life we would pick up and it was if she never left. Living on the other side of the world made no difference, as she was always the same, every time I saw her, a loyal friend and great companion. Without a doubt Mary Jane is what I call a companion soul as she is totally supportive and has the same ideologies as myself, which I find exciting. Like most companion souls I have met in my life, they come into my life to teach me something then always seem to leave at some point, as they are always busy on their own spiritual mission. I have had a few companion souls but it is never sad when they leave, as you know when you need them again in your life, they will return again. The thing we always have in common is she has a genuine interest in humanity, is an environmentalist like myself and we have the common interest of helping others to make a better place on our planet Earth. She was and still is to this day, a kind, compassionate and considerate human being, who is here to do the best she can in tune with her life purpose, which is helping people from all walks of life. This mirrors what I want in my own life so she reminds me to remember why I am here and to keep going with all my passions and interests.

When she finally arrived, we could not top laughing and completing each other on how good it was to see each other. It was if it was Christmas time and we were little kids opening up all our presents with giggles and excitement. I could see America had been good to her as she was glowing and looked really happy and I felt so happy. Her exaggerated American drawl made me laugh and I was so happy she was doing so well, as she is an amazing woman and human being. It was wonderful to be with her again and I could not wait to see all the photos she had jammed on her iPhone, just waiting to show me. I also could not help but notice how happy she looked, as she seemed to radiate in her success in in the world and everything she had achieved. I had also just finished preparing our lunch, which I bought from the local deli, as everyone knows what a terrible cook I have always been, no matter how hard I try to be clever in the kitchen. I still remember the way the other students used to laugh at me at cooking classes at school and how I always somehow stuffed it up. If anyone can ruin a good meal it’s me, but I have improved these days. As we chatted and laughed throughout lunch, she looked like a naughty schoolgirl who had just scoffed the Chocolates and it took me back to the fun times we used to have when we were young crazy nurses, coming home late, dancing all night at some disco to loud music and sneaking in the nurses home as we had long missed the curfew.

After chatting endlessly over lunch, we decided to move out the back in the shade, under the trees which was really comfortable as at the time of her visit we were living near a national forest full of wild birds, bees and butterflies that were always flying around and buzzing in my garden. I loved my old home in the woods and laughed as I told her about the trance classes I ran in my working room up the back and how one time while running a fairy and elemental class how when we all finished our meditation, only to find there were dozens of birds and insects buzzing and carrying on outside the doors. I still remember the looks on the student’s faces, which was priceless. As we sat side by side chattering over the many photos she excitedly gave me a complete rundown of everything that had happened, but after a while, I could not help but sense her mood gradually begin to change, as if she had something on her mind that was making her feel anxious and sad. As far as I knew, she had nothing to worry about and made no sense at all until suddenly she burst out crying.

‘For goodness sakes’, I burst out, picking up intuitively on her negative energy ‘Are you OK, darling? What’s wrong?’ I was taken aback but not surprised by her abrupt behavior change. My intuition had been spot on, as the old radar was going crazy.   Not saying anything, I gently stroked her hair and waited patiently until she finished wiping away all the tears running from her eyes by the bucket-load down her sad, crumpled face. Before long, she sighed and apologized, continuing to wipe away the tears with a soggy tissue. I had never seen her like this before and began to feel really upset myself. After what seemed like a couple of very long minutes, she began to open up and tell me in a childlike voice about a friend of hers, a young guy she had known for several years, who had disappeared without a trace while she was overseas. Apparently, she had met the guyl, Peter while working for Greenpeace in her early years. They were good friends, often bush walked together and stayed in contact when she went overseas to live. Peter was a sensitive soul and loved nature. He would often disappear for days on end in the bush and spend days just being alone with nature. Over the years he seemed to become more and more depressed and worried Mary Jane said she kept telling him to see a psychiatrist, which he always ignored. The last time she had spoken to him he talked about killing himself as if it was an absolute solution to all his problems as she always felt like he never fitted in and was tired of the ugliness in the world.

The last thing she had heard was he told her he was going to disappear and would not be making contact for a while. Mary Jane did everything possible to help him but Peter had his own mind and did not want help. Before coming to my place, Mary Jane had rung Peter’s parents who must have been going through hell, as he was now a missing person. According to Mary Jane, he had been missing for a few months, and like most missing people did not want to be found. Heartbroken, Mary Jane began to weep softly again and confessed she somehow knew something bad was going to happen while she was away and but felt powerless to help Peter as he was so stubborn. She was now sensing her good friend was probably dead, as he had threatened it so many times before. Unfortunately, she was not alone in her feelings as I was also getting the same vibe. As soon as she had finished speaking, I could feel a strong spirit energy begin to build up in the room. It was impossible to ignore because all the hairs on my arms stood up, I began to burp and I could feel a spirit person moving closer. The air around us became thicker and denser by the minute, sending out a chill. As we sat there, the room seemed to fill with static electricity and my ears began to buzz, as if someone was just about to ‘plug’ into them. Starting to sniff, my nose began to run ‘Hang on a minute, Mary Jane I said. ‘I think we have a spirit visitor. I may have your friend Peter.’ I said, not really surprised. Mary Jane, choking back tears, suddenly sat up and looked at me as if to say, oh no he is dead.  Continuing to speak, I felt overwhelmed with emotion as I felt him move closer speak in my ear. It was a young, tall spirit man with dark hair calling himself Peter. Gasping with shock Mary Jane sat quietly while I listened intently as the spirit began to communicate messages through. As I listened, the spirit told me he was her friend and the more he spoke he could see him very clearly, as being very tall and skinny with busy brown, curly hair and a beard.

He was dressed in a pair of jeans and what looked like a large shirt. The only thing that confused me was that the spirit man was not sad at all but happy as he kept joking all the time and I could hear loud music in the back ground. When I described what I was seeing and hearing to Mary Jane, she was looking quite shocked but was nodding her head in agreement as I relayed the messages. The communication from the spirit man was amazing and I was stunned how clearly, he was able to get her message across. As I listened, I had the clear impression he must have been very funny when he was alive as he would not stop joking and kept calling her thunder thighs, which she took as this was their private joke when he was alive. After she began to lighten up and started laughing as well, he described how he had died in great detail. He had been hitch- hiking in heavy bush land and was picked up by two men who, stole his money then dumped him in the middle of now where. Lost and confused he remembered going deep in the bush then falling off a cliff as it was dark and he found it difficult to see. According to Peter his death was sudden and it was no wonder the authorities had not found the body as it was very deep and thick bush land. He wasn’t unhappy though as he felt an enormous feeling of freedom when he died as he described himself flying out of his body like a bird and holding the hand of his best friend Todd, who had died years earlier on a motor bike. When I asked where his body was, he refused to let me know as he said it was peaceful where it was. From my own experience with working on missing people and murder cases in the past I have heard this before. Sometimes the spirit will not tell you where the body is no matter how many times you ask. When I told this to my friend, she nodded her head and said, she agreed, as that was something very typical he would say, as he always did things his own way. He did ask me though to pass the message on to parents that he was gone and more importantly, did not kill him it was an accident, but I left that up to Mary Jane, as she knew them better than me. He was really happy now and didn’t want any fuss and just wanted everyone to know he was ok.  Unfortunately, though, it was hard for his parents, family and friends left behind as they were unable to have a burial. After the spirit man went, I hugged Mary Jane and told her I was sorry for her loss.