A Medium’s Work

When you work between two worlds, you learn not to be surprised whatever happens. You learn to simply take each day as it comes and go with the flow, as there is always so much to learn from psychic phenomena. For me, working for spirit is an ongoing experience what I would honestly call an apprenticeship as we have to remember that we are working between our world and the afterlife so nobody really knows all the answers, do they? We have to keep the faith, and rely on our guides and spirit to tell us what to do.

The life of a medium or energy worker is always educational and requires a lot energy to open up to receive the spirit energy, or what’s called spirit ‘links’. Some of these links can be stronger than others, depending on the spirit in question that we are communicating with. If we were talking or getting in contact with a client’s grandfather in spirit, for example, and he was not a big talker when he was alive, I doubt whether his skills will have improved. I find there are no set rules, however, and things are constantly changing all the time in the spirit world. I once had a lovely woman who wanted to get in contact with her son in spirit. Once the link was set up, he was so happy to talk to her that it took him ages to stop. This was one of those extraordinary readings where the link was so incredibly powerful because of the strong bond of love between the two. I can’t say why this happened, but it amazed her and exhausted me, because he wouldn’t stop talking. The funny thing about it was, my client told me later that when her son was alive he hardly said a word. I put this down to the young spirit man being over the moon to make the loving link he must have been waiting for so long.

I truly believe also that the spirit world has a say in what type of person it chooses to do this type of work as well. One thing is certain, that you have to have some type of bereavement counseling skills, or at least an ability to be compassionate towards those who are grieving. You can also tell how well you are going by the number of people you see in your practice. If you have a good reputation are authentic and work with integrity you will never stop growing and working as people will never stop knocking on your door. The work we do as mediums is groundbreaking, as we are learning more and more about the spirit world in this pioneering field.

Once on this path, spirit will always teach you things you can never learn from a book. This sometimes-difficult work in service to others also keeps us on our toes as reality is ever changing. It is also wise to be broad-minded: surrender yourself to spirit, trust and be of service to others with an open heart. Be willing to learn new concepts and leave your ego behind. The spirit world will never give you anything you cannot handle and remember we are not working alone: we are loved and protected by our own loving spirit guides and angels. Over the years the number of angels I’ve seen in past-life regression sessions is incredible, as there are so many different types. Through clients I have regressed, I have learned that they often surround people who have had violent paths. They will help people pass over in lifetimes where they have had a violent death or been murdered.

There have been times when I was fearful of some events, and experienced mind-blowing fear on several occasions. Once this has surfaced and I am able to understand and process where it is coming from, I can stand back and not take it on. Years ago I once sat in a physical development group with a group of highly experienced, well-trained mediums. At first, I could not handle the energy and phenomena going on in the room, as it was so powerful. Some of the spirits kept touching me and blowing on the back of my neck while I was sitting in the circle in complete darkness. I realized later that this was the spirit children, who always come in first when you do this type of work. It scared the hell out of me at the time because it reminded me of my childhood experiences, when I first started to see spirit people walking around my bedroom. My voice sounded like that of a child and I felt I was reliving my old terror when I saw an evil spirit man standing in the corner of the darkened room.

This, of course, was not real and one of the women in the group, a really good friend, saw the vision I had conjured up and told me to let it go, as I did not need that old fear anymore. As soon as I did this, the scary vision disappeared and I have never looked back. It was just a childhood memory—an illusion caused by misinformation, as are many fears. It is extraordinary what the brain can produce when under duress. Once I had brought it all out into the open within the group, all my old fears seemed to disappear and we moved on with our work. I was then able to further trust my guides and grow even more as a medium and a soul as I have now been running my own private séances for many years.

Whenever you sit in any type of development group, there will always be what I call an initiationperiod where spirit will open you up energetically and work on all your chakras or energy centers. This in turn will clear energy blocks and old belief patterns that may be blocking you psychically on your spiritual path. This process is the same as anything you put time and energy into. The more work and dedication you put into it, the better results you’ll get. People who have worked on their issues and cleaned up their chakra energy may fare a lot better, depending on the layers in the emotional body. I once sat in a group with an experienced and talented medium and, every time I did so, my throat chakra would ache and I found it difficult to speak without gulping when I was giving messages. When I told her my problems she just shrugged and could not give me an answer as to why this was happening. As soon as I left that group, the sensation went away and didnot return. I was later told by my guide, White Feather, it was because she was a deep trance medium and her energy must have impacted on me, making it possible for me also to go into the deep trance level, which I still to this day do not want to do.

Love and Blessings

Kerrie Erwin