Affirmations – Food for the soul

Affirmations – Food for the soul

Positive thinking is so powerful it can be used to turn your dreams into reality, changing the rest of your life.

This is not a new concept, it’s something spiritualists have known for decades, however scientific research is now backing up what I was taught decades ago and what I have been teaching for over 20 years.

Scientists have discovered that negative ‘self-talk’ has the power to determine your emotional, psychological and physical health.

Chemical responses in our bodies are triggered by our thoughts and when these are negative we experience:

  • An increase in hormones released by our adrenal glands
  • Cortisol, a stress hormone, also being released in higher amounts
  • Poor cardiovascular health
  • Poor digestion
  • Weight gain or loss
  • High anxiety
  • Low drive; and
  • Decreases in volume of parts of the brain

This evidence demonstrates that we have control over our reality simply by our thoughts.

If our thoughts trigger chemical responses, this means that positive thoughts – or affirmations as I call them, trigger positive responses within our bodies, helping us to create the reality that we desire.

The Law of Attraction is based on the concept that like attracts like.  So, as negative thoughts attract negative outcomes in our lives, positive thoughts attract positive outcomes.  Think more positive thoughts and you will attract more positive energy into your life.

Affirmations are positive statements which you consciously say to yourself several times each day. They can be focused on any area of your life you’d like to see change in.

Some of my favourite affirmations to say to myself are:

‘I am a beautiful person and I love you’

‘I AM now ready to meet my soul mate’

‘Everyday in everyway, I am loved supported and safe’   

‘I deserve the best in my relationships and am not afraid to have healthy boundaries’ 

‘I always find myself in the right place at the right time to receive golden opportunities and met wonderful people that support me’

‘Everyday in everyway my life gets better, better and better.’

‘I am always grateful for the blessings and wonderful people I have in my life everyday’

‘The world is my oyster and I am happy to have the most amazing loving experiences in my life I receive openly’

The power of affirmations lies in repeating them to yourself regularly, several times each day.  If you find yourself thinking something negative turn the thought right around by using your favourite affirmation.

To increase the benefits of affirmations, visualisation is incredibly powerful.  Instead of just saying your affirmations, visualise the changes too.

I have been using affirmations for most of my life and believe that this has helped me reach the success that I have, with people often referring to me as Australia’s best psychic.

What have you got to lose?  Give positive affirmations a try and see the difference it creates in your life.  If you’ve been using affirmations and learnt first-hand how powerful they are I’d love to hear from you, comment below.