Merlin was a mythical ancient magician and is claimed to be an early incarnation of Saint Germain. He was known a wizard, psychic visionary and powerful alchemist, back in the day of dragons and king Arthurs court, in fifth-century Wales and his knights of the round table. His other names were Myrddin, Myrddin, Merlyn and Emrys. With his abilities he was also a spiritual teacher, shape shifter, time traveller, prophecy and psychic visionary who helped raise the elements, a thick mist to raise up to hide the city and myths of Avalon.  Merlin spent most of his time outdoors with the nature because this is where he worked best, alone in the forest, with the elementals. Wizards are associated with supernatural powers and as an alchemist, Merlin was able to turn base metals into gold and work with manifestation. He was from the planet of Saturn, which its energy is able to use great discipline and focus, thus being so grounded able to work with alchemy. He is associated with the goddesses of Avalon, Glastonbury and The Lady of the Lake and worked with both, dark and light forces, of the universe.



I have always loved the stories of Camelot, the knights of the round table and the great and powerful wizard Merlin. Went I went down into meditation, I saw myself sitting in a beautiful garden, the gentle sun on my skin, wind in my hair and all around me were ancient, old trees that must have been hundreds of years old. In the distance I could hear birds and see a thick forest. The energy of the forest felt very alive and busy, full of fairies and elementals from the nature kingdom. It was an old Celtic looking forest, as the terrain was very similar to places I have been in England in my travels, or old movies I have seen. As I called out to Merlin and asked him to approach, he came in straight away, as he was coming up in my meditations for a while, I saw him as an old man, full of energy, many lines on his face with a long white beard, piercing, twinkling eyes, big ears, with hair growing out of it and long hair, carrying a stave, all very powerful with inscriptions on it and old looking. He was wearing a pointed hat, like most wizards and wore an old cape, very old and well worn, but regal.  He also smelt of new grass after rain. He had no jewellery on except a large silver, sapphire ring on his pointer finger. As soon as he came closer, he sat next to me and proceeded to tell me about things in my future with work, projects I had been thinking about for a while which I thought might not work and placed in the back of my mind. At first, he seemed grump then as he began to chatter, he laughed many times, as I the whole thing seemed very amusing and entertaining to him. One has to remember he is from an older century and the new world must seem very strange to him. To my delight and amusement, in my mind’s eye I could see pictures of my future and the good thing was he was showing me how easy it was to manifest my desires, to stay focused and keep working on my projects and know it is the future and possible, as my intention is to help and educate people. It was an over-whelming feeling of joy to think these dreams were possible and would manifest. I also felt as if I was being downloaded with information, I could use in the future on how these projects could manifest with good intention and become part of my own reality. When I opened my eyes I suddenly had so much confidence and began to write what I was to do, step by step. If anything, the information was very helpful, incredible and highly useful and I was ready to create my own divine magic and help others to do so as well. When you think about it there is enough for everybody.


If you on some level are drawn to this energy, it is time to become the wizard, focus on your desires, enlighten the sparkle and magic in you and understand the laws of manifestation. Believing is receiving, when you focus on things for a long time and use lots of energy. Merlin will definitely teach you, but you have to work hard and this type of energy is not given to you on a silver platter, you have to work for it and its outcomes are based on spiritual service and not self-gain. This is a good time to start really working on your plans and ideas and bring them into your life. It may be projects you have been thinking of for a while, a relationship you want to pursue or new study. Some people may find that they were thinking of having a family and if this is the case all will be fine and a positive outcome. When you have a positive mind, you will create a positive outcome as good energy comes back to you. Let of all your fears and allow this new dawn to come in and when it does, surround it with gold and pure light.

Call in the light, call in the light

Blessings and love