The Goddess Dianna

Dianna is a Roman virgin Goddess of the hunt in Roman mythology. She represents hunters, the countryside, wild and domestic animals, nature, the moon, which increases our psychic abilities and awareness, childbirth, children, fertility and finally the patroness of families. In ancient times she was considered a triple deity, merging with Luna, Selene of the moon and Hecate, from the underground. In the Greek mythology she was called Artemis, but she did not reject men. She is described as having her hair tied in a ribbon, carrying a bow, a quiver of golden arrows, with a loose cloak, boots and a belt with a jewelled buckle. Many of her temples or shrines often had stag antlers hanging as a feature to represent her.



When I channeled the goddess Dianna, I saw her as a strong, independent, spirit goddess warrior. Someone to look up to; very noble, free spirited, wise, independent but someone that did not suffer fools gladly. An energy very wise that likes to weigh up her pro’s and con’s when challenging situations present themselves. At the time I channeled her and asked for assistance, I was going through a major decision on a creative work project I was working on at the time, which was causing me great stress and anxiety as i am known as a perfectionist. Some of my work colleagues were creating drama and I found this to be not only very annoying but stressful as I found it difficult to work this way, with all the unpleasant and uncertainness going on. Feeling overwhelmed, I started to think perhaps I should ring the TV producers and tell them I was leaving. I could not for the life of me decide to do as I did not want to miss out of the opportunity, but found it hard as I did not want to let anyone down. I really did not like the people I was working with, because of the ego and competition, but loved the people that ran the show.

Finally, when I sat and meditated, in my sacred space, I suddenly felt her strong presence and energy when I called her name and when I tuned into my problems, I saw in my mind’s eye, the solution. Almost immediately I was given clarity with a very clear message, to stay, to be patient, focus my intention and not to leave at this point in time as I had more ‘work’ to do there.  I was to just ride the waves out, so to speak before a new change which would come with a much better prospects in the near future. A few days later her message was confirmed as being correct with a phone conversation I had with a close friend. When I told my friend the problem, she told me the same, to be patient, just do my job, focus on a good outcome and just go along and not get involved in the drama and nastiness constantly going on. When you are a sensitive soul, this is something that you need to do in life, as there are always challenges along the way. Sometimes we need to use protection and like the warrior ride the battle out. There is always new learning in everything we do, no matter how long we have been on the battlefield.


Understand, Dianna is by your side and offering you her assistance, love, strength and determination to for fill your obligations, dreams and plans. Perhaps you are at the cross roads in your life and thinking of making an important decision. Time to focus on what you really want and is important, only being true to you.   Whatever it is you will be successful as you are honoring yourself and all your gifts that come to naturally. Understand, you are not alone as there are always others to help along the way. If you are wanting children this is a very fertile time, your child will be safe, or you will be hearing good news soon.

Love and Blessings