Moses is a significant prophet in Judaism and considered one of the most important religious leaders in our world history to date. He was born in 1393 in the land of Goshen and died in Nebo, Jordan. In the bible we are told how he spoke to God on Mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments after he led his people for forty years of constant travel, out of bondage and slavery from Egypt and into Israel which was he called the ‘land of milk and honey’. His mythical and supernatural powers and great leadership have been taught to many of us with his story. As the story goes, after the ruthless Pharaoh of Egypt, worried about the growing number of Israelites, he decided, after a prophecy, on making a terrifying decree that every male and new born baby boy must be killed. Mose’s mother, terrified for his life, sets him adrift in a papyrus basket on the Nile, where he is rescued by the Pharaoh’s daughter and her attendants while bathing. She takes him back to the palace and names him, his son and calls him Moses. After growing up in the Egyptian palace, Moses witnesses the atrocities, murder and hardship suffered by the Hebrew slaves that work tirelessly for the palace. After siding with the Hebrews, he decides to leave the palace and flees and after marrying, lives in the land of Midian before he gets a message from an angel of God in a burning bush to go back and to Egypt and save his people. He will receive God’s help and be given supernatural powers.



How many times are we tested in life and forget who we are and our spiritual purpose only to end up questioning everything in our life we once thought was so important. So often it is hard to walk our path and follow our true purpose as we often have so many stops, starts trials and tribulations thrown our way, which causes confusion forget or lose interest in all our dreams and ideals. We are all leaders in our own way, powerful and insightful and it is up to us to take personnel responsibility for our actions and deeds and to stay true to ourselves no matter what others may think or what the consequences are. We are brave souls here on planet earth to learn our spiritual lessons and learning and the lesson often is often, no matter how hard it is to just keep going. The path may not be easy and we are often tested, but we know what is our truth and we have a longing deep in our hearts, a yearning that keeps us going to make this dream our reality.  That knowing has been from us from birth and it is the core essence that drives us. It is the key to the divine source and all our memories we carry as eternal souls, from every life time we have ever lived.  How many times have we just giving up, not felt right and just gone along with what others want when we know it’s wrong just to please everyone, only to regret it later? When we are younger, ideally, we are by taught by our parents to always do what’s right thing and fit in, no matter what the consequences. That old programme, that is often passed down through families stays with us until we have the insight to know it’s safe to make our own decisions and trust in ourselves, creating positive outcomes for an often better and happier life. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out exactly how we wanted and we lose sight of all our ideas, dreams and ambitions. When you think about it, it really comes down to the simple choices we make. Faith and love are the most fundamental things in the world to make us feel empowered and good about who we are. Keeping the faith and being true to our spiritual purpose creates miracle and blessings. They happen all the time, in a blink of an eye but sometimes we are too busy to notice.


If you are attracted to this energy, spirit is telling you to stop and take your power back, stick to the plan and stay focused. Sometimes we end up just giving up on what we want to do and go along another path way, just to please our friends and loved ones. Overtime we end up unhappy and unfulfilled as we are constantly listening to what other people want and stop believing in ourselves. There are always means and ways to get something accomplished and we can get what we want by going around, thinking outside of the box, or simply with patience.

If you have a creative project or are unhappy in your work, you can always do what you love in your spare time, until something new comes along. That goes for love too. Not meeting anyone well you never will if you never make the effort. The same for toxic relationships. It up to you. Keep moving forward.