Welcome to the year of the water rabbit

Welcome everyone to the fabulous year of the water rabbit, 2023 which begins 22nd of January 2023 and ends in the Chinese New Year of 2024. On an energetic level, the water rabbit is known to be one of the luckiest of all the twelve animals and is a living symbol of longevity, peace, harmony, abundance, and prosperity. So next year will be a good year of great faith for many. The water element with the rabbit represents the Yin water element are attuned to waves of emotion, which lets us utilize our imagination, sensitivity, intuition, and inner peace. This will be a welcome break for many as we have gone through the last few years of change on so many levels. Many people will be more creative, wanting to start their own business, learn to work in different and diverse ways to make money and be will be looking at more substantial and peaceful ways to live their lives as they are sick of the constant rat race and constant struggles with terrible bosses. We will see many old structures in our modern world slowly changing to a different and more- easy to manage and more sufficient. Climate change and the war in Ukraine will also be more on the agenda as people are becoming more aware of sustaining our waterways, becoming sick of the destruction and wastefulness of war, and learning the importance of sustaining the planet and looking after its people in a more humanitarian, loving and peaceful way.

Next year is also a Universal year of 7

2+0+2+3 =7

This means that year 7 is an inner year, making us go within and have faith in the things we believe in. It is also a time for reflection, study, self-improvement, creativity, and self-analyze. People will want time to spend alone, meditate, and to plan their lives carefully. In other words, it is a year of subtle and gentle change without rushing into things. Let things you need manifest in your mind and let them come to you instead of chasing them. Believe in your dreams. This is a magical spiritual year and the more you go into yourself you will learn how powerful you are, allowing your soul to grow as you go with the flow.

Dream big x


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