Have you ever noticed tiny orbs of light darting around certain places, perhaps out in nature or in your own garden or home? As a psychic medium it is common for me to see these tiny lights because of the work I do, which includes spirit rescue, healing and having an active third eye which allows me to be clairvoyant (which means clear seeing). You don’t have to be a psychic to see orbs, however; you just need to be aware that they do exist and are all around us at certain times. Once you are aware of such phenomena, then it is also possible to see them and especially with your camera, as they will be picked up more easily by the lens. People may joke and think you are pulling their leg and say it is just your incredible imagination or a piece of dust on your camera lens. Once they see orbs for themselves, they are likely to be as delighted as you are, as they can look quite extraordinary. Orbs are actually spirit life forms that travel around and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. Sometimes, depending on the size of the orb, if you look closely you may also be able to see a tiny face inside.

Ghost orbs

Ghost orbs are bigger, thicker and denser in appearance than spirit orbs or nature orbs and I have seen a few the sizes of tennis balls. They appear to have a thicker texture but are harder to see and are not as common as the spirit or nature orbs that just seem to appear naturally. Why this is so I cannot say, but my guide has told me that they do not like to be seen.While they are spirits as well, they are called lost souls becausethey have not crossed over to the other side. Unfortunately, inmost cases, these lost souls or ghosts have no idea they are deadwhen you talk to them. Their confusion means you will not getan explanation as to why they did not cross over or refused to gowhen it was their time.Although harmless, ghost orbs can be disruptive and makelife difficult as they not only draw on our energy but can playhavoc by disrupting events at your home or business. If theyare living in your home, you will soon find out sooner ratherthan later, as they will make themselves known as they wantyour attention. Furniture or other domestic items may be moved around, jewellery or clothes may disappear, chilly spots may appear in certain places and you may also experience strange or unpleasant, unusual smells or loud, irritating noises.

Some people think it is OK to have a lost spirit in theirhome as they think the spirit is lonely but this is not the caseand you will be affected in some way, whether you realise it

or not. To remove their influence, try smoking your home or office with sage. If unsuccessful, call in a professional. I onceknew a woman who never wanted to go out and was quitehappy to sit with her so-called friend in spirit. I stepped in andsent the spirit to the light, and she is now out and about andmaking the most of her life.

Spirit orbs

Spirit orbs are usually lighter and can vary in shape andsize. Some appear as tiny pin pricks or can be as largeas an apple or an orange. I see these as tiny shininglights that glisten like stars. They are beautiful to look at andsome people call them angels. Spirit orbs are our loved ones orfriends from the other side, or healing guides or spirit doctors.The spirit doctors or healing orbs mainly frequent places wherepeople do healing and can be found in special places such asthe healing clinic of spirit doctor John of God in Brazil. Many

People travel to see him from all over the world for healing andspirit operations. There, you will see literally hundreds of spiritorbs everywhere.These orbs are totally harmless and capable of continuing afull spiritual existence on the other side with full mental and

emotional faculties intact, unlike the ghost orbs. They are alsoable to communicate to loved ones, or get a message across viaa medium, through dreams or via what I call signposts such asmusic, animals, birds, smells or simply a feeling. Their messageis always the same—to let their loved ones know that they aresafe and have survived death. By doing this, our loved ones are letting us know that love and life is eternal and that they still care. They may also have a message about what is going on inour own lives.Remember that our loved ones who have crossed over areliving in a vast, more expansive space that can be similar to

Earth but without the need for the comforts we have here, likefood and sex. As their vibration is on a higher level on this plane,once they have done their healing on the other side, they areinstead bathed in pure unconditional love from what is calledthe source of all things.

Nature orbs

How many of you can remember seeing beautifullights outside in your garden or in nature? These areusually nature spirits and can vary in shape and sizelike the spirit orbs. They seem to accumulate in large groups andyou usually see a whole lot of these transparent, shining orbsbobbing up and down all over the place out in nature or abovewater. These elemental spirits are incredibly healing and thereare four types: salamanders, sylphs, earth spirits and undines.Each is different but all co-exist in harmony and are active inour great forests or anywhere on the planet where there is anabundance of grass, flowers, trees, water or other wildlife.I have seen many undines, or water fairies, around rivers, lakes,waterfalls or rocky ponds in the form of little lights or opaqueorbs. They dislike human interference such as the dumping ofgarbage, and can become disruptive if we make too many changesto our back yard or destroy too much of the surrounding natural environment. I always seek permission from the nature spirits ifI want to make changes to my landscape in my own garden. It isalso a good idea to make a tiny fairy garden in your yard as thenature spirits will always heal sick plants if you place them there.Place a bird bath with water in your garden to increase harmony and bring in good fortune.

Pacifying the nature spirits

When a client contacted me to come and check the energy andFeng Shui in his home, he mentioned friendshad told him I was some type of “spirit and energy expert”and had worked miracles in their homes. This made me laughto myself but I was not surprised Greg was having troubles when he matter-of-factly informed me that his home was incomplete chaos after he decided to block the creek running atthe back of his home while major renovations were in progress.

This natural stream had been there for as long as anyonecould remember and had never been disturbed before. Whyhe foolishly decided to do this was beyond me. Clearly, hisactions did not go unnoticed by all the elementals and naturespirits that had been living there forever. It was no wonder hislife had changed dramatically and was now a constant strugglewith things going inexplicably wrong.Within days of obstructing the little creek, Greg’s oncepeaceful home became a war zone with angry neighbours,unreliable workmen and obstructions from the council. He wasalso having electrical breakdowns, telephone and power circuit

disruptions, not to mention blocked pipes and sewerage. Thedisputes, continuing negative energy and general bad luck hadbecome overwhelming, he said, and was beginning to cost hima fortune. It did not take him long to realise that he was wayout of his depth. Everything around him began to seem like anightmare and his health soon began to suffer from the stress.

Greg had called me in as a last resort. I tuned into thesituation and immediately saw energy that was outof balance in the home and surrounding yard. On entering thehome, I also encountered an earth-bound spirit, an elderly man,who had been living in the house since it was built and wasupset with the disruption. He said he was unhappy with all thenoise and could not understand what was going on in what hestill thought was his home.Once I explained that he needed to go into the light and senthim on his way, I had the nature spirits to contend with next.This was not as simple as the client had to unblock the stream,which took a few days, and I had to say many prayers of loveand appreciation to the nature spirits, appearing as tiny littleorbs surrounding the creek, to reassure them that the streamwould never be harmed again. My spirit guide instructed me to ask for forgiveness from the elders of the land, who were thetraditional Aboriginal owners, and to ask for a blessing for myclient and his home. As I did the atmosphere seemed muchless frenetic, although Greg reported it took another week or sobefore everything settled back down to a peaceful state again.