Welcome to the year of the Goat / Sheep – 2015

The year of the Goat (sheep) is what is called a Yin energy, which means a symbol of peace, tranquilty, and harmonious existence for the universal world energy. This is a good thing because it means a lot of the highs and lows of the HORSE ENERGY in 2014 will be a thing of the past, with more peace and compromise, a fundamental under current for the new year to come. The whole world needs peace and for most of us this is a great relief!

As the Sheep/Goat energy is passive and nurturing it will help in the process with regard to past events with a period of mending.

Faith and Belief are the key words for next year and with this mantra, happiness and success will always follow.

We are also asked to use our intuition more and not to encourage negative or old worn out thought forms that are nothing but destructive and not good for problems and solution solving which is a blessing. Forgiveness and moving on with our lives are the key words for 2015.

With great relief, Sheep/Goat energy spreads over the planet, with its radiant golden energy, offering peace and solutions to most of our problems that have been plaguing our world for some time.

Many will look into their hearts and souls and come to realize that past grievances are waste of time and not the right road to economic strength and worldwide harmony for our beloved mother earth.

In hindsight, 2015 is a good year to use mental abilities over brute force, as this will get you nowhere. For those who wish to be aggressive it will be a lonely path, as many of these types will be stopped by strategy and common sense.


  • Tensions will continue to emerge in the Middle East with more fighting and no resolutions for years to come.
  • There will be a surprise re-shuffle in the Liberal Government due to lack of insight for many of their agendas.
  • China and Australia prosper with trade deals, which will benefit both countries.
  • Large and several earth quakes in South America and Japan
  • Sydney real estate settles second part of the year
  • Erratic conditions continue with heavy rain, storms and bush fires increasing in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and rural parts of Queensland with drought.
  • Very hot summer as global destruction continues in Australia due to poor leader ship and insight into environmental climate change.
  • Sea levels increase for Queensland and parts of NSW causing damage to coastlines
  • More ET craft sightings in NSW and South Australia
  • Security tightens for terrorist in Australia after a high government threat from ISIS.
  • Another plane goes down- an Asian airway company
  • Information comes forward with discovery of missing Singapore plane (cover up from armed forces and military?)
  • Health issues for members of the royal family with Camilla the Queen and Prince Phillip.
  • A scandal in the royal family comes to light
  • Break through with diabetes, important new drug trials, and new cancer drug
  • Health scare for Elton John and health problems for Rolf Harris
  • Death of an American rap singer
  • Baby for Danni Minogue and partner
  • Pregnancy for Brittany Spears.

Mariah Carey emotional and mental stress causing delays in work due to health issues.

Nicole Kidman wins award for film work

Beyoncé splits from husband with news of love child around husband and rumors of cheating. She will go on to win an award


(Special note this document was completed in November so many of the predictions have come true)