Our beloved Pets

Our beloved Pets

Ever since I can remember I have always had a pet. Our beloved pets, like our children, are innocent and must always be protected from harm’s way. They are here as simple companions, are part of our family and, more importantly, also teach us about unconditional love.

On a personnel level I have always loved cats, and have had the pleasure of owning one ever since I can remember. As a child, whenever I saw spirits walking around in the house I noticed my cat would also see the same thing. Often it would hiss or just stare in the direction of where I thought the spirit was in the room. Many of us have experienced the same thing and I have heard many people remark over the years how they think their dog or cat is psychic. Many years ago, I used to sit in a group called the angel service. A gentle man called Peter ran the small group. Each week we would talk about angels, healing, and meditate. The people who went were all very spiritual and I got to meet many like-minded people. I also got to meet Peter’s dog and one-eyed cat that constantly wandered in and out of the hall whenever we had our meetings. Without a doubt they were attracted to the calming, healing energy, which presented itself in the room whenever we gathered. One of my cats, Charlie, a yellow Burmese, would always meow constantly whenever I did healings in my office in the back of my old home. As soon as I finally opened the door to my healing room, he would run in as fast as his legs would carry him, jump on the client and proceed to give whoever was laying on the table a little healing massage with his paws. Luckily, I had some lovely understanding clients in those days that didn’t mind. They just thought it was hysterical when they saw how determined he was to get in the room.

One day after the angel service, Peter took me aside and asked me if I would have a look at his dog Penny. She was an elderly Alsatian, which had developed a rather large tumor in her abdominal region and was due to have an operation in the next couple of days. The whole family was beside themselves with worry, as the dog had been part of the family for many years. Laying the dog down on a blanket, I gently placed my hands on her stomach and psychically tuned into her cells and energy.

After about 20 minutes, I lifted my hands off the dog’s stomach, closed down my energy and turned to Peter who was sitting patiently beside me.

“Peter, are you and your family going overseas soon?” I asked rather quietly. “Why yes,” he replied, with an odd look on his face.

“What has that got to do with the tumor?” he asked, perplexed by my question.

“What I am actually getting is that you have all been talking to each other about your trip and the dog has been listening. She is scared she will be left behind with nobody to look after her and does not understand what is going on. You need to reassure her you are coming back and she will be well looked after. “Her tumor is benign, and not cancerous, but I feel she has grown it for attention as she is terrified she is no longer wanted. As far as she is concerned, she is going to be abandoned. Haven’t you realized that every time you talk about your family trip, she hears everything you say? I think you have to learn to spell,” I laughed.

“That is totally unbelievable,” laughed Peter, relieved that his dog was not going to die. “Who would ever have thought that? We’re not going to leave you Penny! We have a lovely lady coming in who is going to spoil you to death and take you for long walks till we get back, OK?”

After the operation Peter rang and thanked me for my advice.

“You were right, the tumor was benign and the dog is going to be fine. And, by the way, we tell Penny every day what is going on so she will no longer fret and she seems a lot happier.”

Working as a medium in private sittings and stage work I often will see an animal or bird fly or run across the room or be sitting quietly next to someone in the audience. I have seen dogs, cats, birds and horses that have all crossed over to spirit and have been asked more than once by clients if I could find out how their beloved pet is going and if they can give me some confirmation that their pet is now safe. This is easily done as like our loved ones in spirit they are connected to our love for all eternity.

Psychic in Sydney Kerrie Erwin