Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena is an ancient warrior Greek Goddess, or deity associated with freedom, truth, wisdom, fertility, the arts, warfare and handicraft and is also known as the Roman Goddess Minerva. She is known as the Goddess of truth. Her home is on Mount Olympus.  Her temples, where she is worshipped, are at the top of the Acropolis in the central part of Athens and the Parthenon is dedicated to her. She is regarded as the patron or protector of Athens in Greece and other cities. She is shown wearing a helmet and holding a spear. Her symbols include owls, trees, snakes and the Gorgoneion, a wooden panel or special amulet showing the Gorgon head, intended to guard from unwelcome guests. Zeus is known to wear this as well. In Greek mythology, she was believed to have been born from the head of her father and is said to have created the first olive tree. It was written that Athena was one of the three goddesses including Aphrodite and Hera whose feud resulted in the Trojan war and who transformed Medusa into a Gorgon after she was raped by Poseidon in her temple. Her twin flame is Maha Chohan, represented of the holy spirit.


Setting up boundaries in life is an integral part of our development as a soul in our early years. Boundaries form the foundation of our lives and an integral part of the road map to a good and stress-free life. To have a happy life is essential and boundaries are a tool and skill for healthy relationships throughout of lives. Boundaries are basically simple guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them. When someone, for example a work colleague, boss, friend, family member, spouse or neighbour behaves in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable, compromised or stressed it is up to us to respond in the correct way when someone passes those limits. Boundaries are actually a life skill, which are built out of our belief system, opinions, attitudes, past experiences and social learning. They teach us to have a voice and setting distances from overbearing and insensitive types that are happy to invade our space, press our buttons for their own benefit making us feel spiritually, emotionally, mentally and psychologically overwhelmed, unprotected and energetically drained. Never be afraid to say no to any situation you may find yourself in when you feel you are being compromised and have the courage to walk away from toxic people, offensive behaviour and persons that do not have your best interests at heart.

1) Always trust your feelings and honour what you know to be real, as trusting and tuning into your feelings and emotions is the key and open doorway to your own sacred and inner wisdom.

2) Learn to know your own limits what feels right and what does not. Always honour your own feelings or guy instincts, or how you feel in your body, as they are always true. Feeling guilty comes from someone or somebody imposing his or her own expectations, views or values onto us.

3) Have the confidence to speak up and be heard.   Often, we make the mistake of being silent, tense and not having the courage to speak up but if the bad behaviour continues it is often a good idea to be direct. Learn to give an opinion about what you feel is important to you, as we are all different. For example, “I don’t give you permission to speak to me in this way.” The person may not like it but once stated gently they are aware they are out of line or disrespectful.

4) Never allow people to think you owe them something or make you feel guilty. It is better to speak your peace than feel guilty, drained or taken advantage of. Remember healthy boundaries are a sign of self-respect and self- love.

5) If you are having problems with boundaries that are important to you join a group of like- minded people that you can share your interest with, seek counselling or other ways of support of yourself and wellbeing.

6) Keep a diary of how far you have come. Often when you read back you will see how your life has changes and how confident you have become. Boundaries is an art, but very easy to learn. Once you learn to say no, the rest is easy.

7) Learn to meditate or join a spiritual group with life minded people. Often when we take the time to go within, we are able to tap into our own higher self, Soul and intuition. The soul has the memoires of every lifetime we have ever lived and has the answers to any problems in life. Once we learn to tap into this we also learn about the afterlife and the guides, spiritual helpers and angels that come with that reality that are always here to help us.


This is a timely message telling you, it is now time to move away from any toxic situation that may be causing you harm or creating any type of negativity, drama or sadness in your life. Sometimes no matter what you do or say you are not heard and it is time to end the spiritual contract as your energy is being wasted on a useless situation, often caught up in senseless ego. Nobody is a winner here, so time to walk away. Time to focus on the positive and leave the past behind.