St Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi, born Giovanni di Pietro was an Italian Catholic friar and preacher. He was named the patron saint of animals and of nature because of his way of seeing God through a world as one, where everyone and everything was equal. In his childhood, he was one of several children to a prosperous silk merchant and a French noblewoman. He lived a good life as a wealthy young man but grew dissatisfied with that type of life when he was working for the military. While there he was captured and rapidly re-evaluated his life after a vision, which affected his whole way of being and life spiritually. Once he returned to normal life, he spent time as a beggar, building repairing chapels, and nursing lepers. He was soon joined by others. Many of the stories that surround the life of Saint Francis say that he had a great love for animals and the environment.  Saint Francis invited all of the creation animals, plants, natural forces, even Brother Sun and Sister Moon, to give honor and praise to the Lord.

While meditating with St Francis, I saw myself walking slowly into a big field, full of wild greenery, as far as the eye could see; flowers, insects, butterflies and many birds flying free and wildly, overhead. As I walked further into this space, I could sense a great peace and feel the soft green grass under my feet, the warm sun caressing my skin and the cool breeze gently touching my face, very gently and tingling as it did so. The sacred space I was in, was a serene place and any worries I may have had for the day, just simply disappeared without a trace. As I began to wander around in wonderment, I began to smell the sweet perfume of the wildflowers, all different shapes, and colors until I came to a great tree that must have been hundreds of years old. Sitting down I leaned gently against its gnarled roots and trunk and waited patiently for St Francis to arrive. Before too long I saw an old man in a long brown gown, surrounded by all types of animals, wild and domesticated, walking happily beside him.  As I looked closer, my eyes filled with tears and laughter, as I could see my own cats, in the spirit world running towards me. They all seemed happy and I was given a message of love that they are doing well, happy where they are and never forgotten. This was a beloved sign my fur babies are doing well.






This is a divine message letting you remember that you are a truly a kind and compassionate soul, forever aligned with these gifts from spirit. All your need to do is take ownership, embrace them and people will sense your golden aura. As you are aware, you are a sensitive soul and natural Empath that needs to understand you have an open heart and are able to heal people less fortunate than yourself, by just being you. Don’t be surprised if people are constantly being drawn to your gently energy for your help and wise advice, as they sense your open heart.  All natures gift on the planet like animals and birds will be drawn to your energy, as they are innocent, very loving and have been put on earth as companion souls with unconditional love. Your kindness will be rewarded in heaven.