According to Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created with instructions from Zeus, the Sky and thunder God after the golden age. She was portrayed often like Eve and given divine gifts by Athena, teaching her all the fine crafts and dressing her in silvery robes, Aphrodite giving her grace and an energy for burning desire and Hermes who gave her a dog’s mind thievish character, lies and guileful words. Pandora was created to be a curse on mankind as retribution after the Titan Prometheus stole fire and gave it to humans. Hermes made her lovely as a goddess, with the gift of speech to tell lies, and the mind and nature of a treacherous. She was also given a box that contained sickness, death and many other nasty and unsavoury evils, which were then released into the world. When she opened the box, the terrible afflictions were released into the world including old age, sickness, vice, passion, insanity and passion. Hope was the only gift and a precious light for man that did not fly away, but stayed letting us know that despite disappointment, unhappiness and loss, the future can hold great happiness, with a new dawn for new beginnings, all is not lost.



When I channelled the mythical Pandora, I saw her in many ways as an innocent soul, very beautiful but not unlike anybody else I know, as after all she was only human. Her downfall was to open a box that was given to her as a temptation and curious like most of us, she had to see what was inside, which is similar to many of us, doing what we know is probably wrong and going there anyway. In her hands she held a small golden box and inside, unbeknown to her, were all the worries, utter disaster, degradation and pain of the world, just waiting to cause havoc. As soon as she peered in all the unsavoury nastiness flew out, to all of us, playing havoc to our lives, minds and thought forms. When you think about negative experiences, lessons and learnings are constantly thrown at us all the time and the sooner we learn to move on, not listen to negativity and close the door on this rather unpleasant intrusion, the better for everyone. It is like a test in a way. Sometimes we allow ourselves to go down the same old path or pattern of loneliness, stupidity and destruction but after a while, we finally learn it is simply not worth going through all that pain again. The good thing about Pandora’s story is the essence of Hope remained. Hope in itself a powerful tool for all types of dreams and healings as it comes with a promise for a new day, a new you and has the power to give us insight is able to turn all our bad experiences and negative energy away. It gives you the power to stand up and walk forward and welcome in positive and exciting experiences. It allows you to shine, for all the world to see as this energy is so seductive.


There is a welcome change coming your way as you have chosen to believe in all your dreams again and make them a reality. Universal law allows there is always a place for honesty, innocent and unconditional love in our lives if we chose. You may be thinking of giving a cleanse to do this, wiping away the old and letting yourself shine. You are now allowing happiness in your life and with it comes great success. Whatever you are thinking of you will be successful.