Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was a Jewish woman, from Magdala a small fishing village, the western shore of Galilee. She was known as the wife Jesus and travelled around with him as one of his followers, spreading his teachings and supporting his ministry as an integral part of his fellowship. Mary Magdalene is portrayed as a visionary and she witnessed his crucifixion, burial and resurrection. In the bible she has no relationship at all to the nameless adulteress mentioned and his in fact was a powerful force in the early Christian movement. She is the author of the Gospel Mary and other spiritual writings and was slandered because of her popularity, with her own powers was slandered by the early church. Many believe that Mary Magdalen and Jesus bloodline is the long-sought Holy Grail. It is believed in her lifetime, Jesus removed and exorcized seven demons she was processed with. He did this type of work with a many of his worshippers. In the first century, demons were widely believed to be the cause of physical and psychological illness and in spiritual healing today, it is the same. Mary supported Jesus’s ministry financially so it is said she was wealthy in her own right and his ministry did bring women to greater liberation than they would have experienced in mainstream Jewish society. Part of Jesus’s teachings was in the imminent kingdom of God, there would be a reversal of roles and those who had been oppressed would be exalted. This would have been appealing to many women of that day.

Every time I meditate with Mary Magdalen, I see her standing next to Jesus. I believe her to be a very strong restless energy, as I felt the need for my independence as soon as I felt her core energy. She must have been a very empowered soul with a high intelligence and great healer. She certainly must have been a strong character in her day, very grounded and very independent. As I tuned into her energy, I felt my hand chakras opening up and warmth in my heart. I believe she is a wonderful healing energy very similar to the Jesus energies. This is because both energies are derived from the source. When I asked her a question to a problem, I was having one day, with a relationship, she told me very firmly the spiritual contract was over and I would receive the energy and confidence to move on. Toxic relationships and people who steal your power are not good influences, as the stop you from progressing in your life.






You are awakening to a new dawn and have the key to your own freedom. It is time to listen to the gentle wisdom within from your soul’s energy and walk your own path. Trust in this process as there is nobody stopping you except yourself. You are your own leader and you have the power to make things happen and need no one. When you have the divine trust in yourself, which is so precious all the right people will come into your life and your heart will sing again.