Are you having problems selling a home?

Everyday I get asked by people why isn’t their house selling, or the business moving faster along. Try these quick tips and without a doubt you will get a positive result.

1.Clear all the clutter.

When you clear clutter from your home, you are removing negative, blocked energy. This simple procedure will not only bring more balance and harmony in your life but it will help in the sale of home and allow you to move on. Just like spring-cleaning, but on an energetic level, space clearing releases negative energy and encourages positive energy to enter our lives, because often as consumers we collect a lot of things that we truly don’t need that can block the natural flow of energy.

2.Give your homes a good smoke out with some dried gum leaves and sage, which you can burn in an old tin. Once you have done this, room-by-room, it will disperse any negative energy and help any lost souls or spirits move on that may be lost or stuck on the astral. After a while you will feel intuitively the energy in your home feels a lot lighter. Lost souls or spirits can disturb the natural balances of a home and create incredible disturbances, which in turn stops the natural flow of good Chi energy. Family members can get sick, pets will be affected, and it will be impossible to sell or rent the home, as all the natural good energy will be drained.

3.Once you feel satisfied with what you have done, light a candle inside the front door, walk around the space, room by room and talk to your home or space, in a loving compassionate way that you have been grateful for its protection, shelter and love. When you have done this tell the home softly that you are ready to move on and thank it again for the experiences, love and gratitude it gave you, your family, or your clients if this was a business while living there.



Harry was a client that owned a timber yard, wanted to sell it so he could move to be with his son interstate and was having problems in every aspect of his life. He had split up from his wife, lived too far away from his grown up children and was now experiencing not only problems with money and business but also trouble as well with his neighbors and the local council. When I spoke to him on the phone I could sense he was a non-believer in what I did but was weary and open for change. One of his friends, a woman neighbor had heard about me and the work I done from friends of her, so she insisted he should give me a go as he was at his wits end and tired of struggling all the time.

When I arrived at the five acres of pristine rural property, I listened quietly when Harry told me all his troubles and went on to tell me in his gruff way, that his home was in complete chaos after he decided to block the creek running at the back of his home while major renovations were in progress. This natural stream had been there for as long as anyone could remember and had never been disturbed before. Why he foolishly decided to do this was beyond me. Clearly, his actions did not go unnoticed by all the Elementals and Nature spirits that had been living there forever. It was no wonder his life had changed dramatically and was now a constant struggle with things going inexplicably wrong.

Within days of obstructing the little creek, Greg’s once peaceful home became a war zone with angry neighbors, unreliable workmen and obstructions from the council. He was also having electrical breakdowns, telephone and power circuit disruptions, not to mention blocked pipes and sewerage. The disputes, continuing negative energy and general bad luck had become overwhelming, he said, and was beginning to cost him a fortune. It did not take him long to realize that he was way out of his depth. Everything around him began to seem like a nightmare and his health soon began to suffer from the stress. Greg had called me in as a last resort.

I tuned into the situation and immediately saw the build up of energy that was out of balance in the home and surrounding yard. On entering the home, I also encountered an earth-bound spirit, an elderly man, who had been living in the house since it was built and was upset with the disruption. He said he was unhappy with all the noise and could not understand what was going on in what he still thought was his home.

Once I explained that he needed to go into the light and sent him on his way, I had the nature spirits to contend with next. This was not so simple as the client had to unblock the stream, which took a few days, and I had to say many prayers of love and appreciation to the nature spirits, appearing as tiny little orbs surrounding the creek, to reassure them that the stream would never be harmed again. My spirit guide instructed me to ask for forgiveness from the elders of the land, who were the traditional Aboriginal owners, and to ask for a blessing for my client and his home. As I did, the atmosphere seemed much less frenetic, although Greg reported it took another week or so before everything settled back down to a peaceful state again but he was happy to use a few of the cures that I suggested as well.

About a month later he rang me and said that he had finally found a buyer for the property and was thrilled to finally move onto the next chapter of his life.

How can I be successful and make a difference in the world?

Most successful people in the world have integrity, are driven by love, kindness, inspiration, amazing creativity and absolutely LOVE what they do. They are passionate about their work, their ideas and feel they want to and can make a difference in the world. They would never cheat, lie or behave in a bad way towards others, as they understand the Law of Karma because what goes around comes around.

They also understand how important it is to praise people and not criticize others as just like a flower we all need to be nurtured and watered and bathed in light so we can all grow and reach our highest potential. I also believe it is always a good thing to give back to others or have a charity where you can make a difference in the world for people less fortunate than yourself.

Another good way is to stay positive and focused, no matter what you are going through with worry, never compare yourself to others and remember that things happen for a reason in the general scheme of things. And most importantly walk away from negative people or gossips, as these energies are highly toxic to the soul and on another vibration and learning their own lessons, in their own way.

Love and Blessings,
Kerrie Erwin