Past Life Regression


I first became interested in past life regression when I went to Norway in the late 70’s. Once there, I found it quite extraordinary that I had an understanding of the ways and idiosyncrasies of most Norwegian people I came across and felt quiet at home there.In the large group of international nurses who worked with me in the hospital, I was the only one who understood the language without any problems. Whenever we were called into the office to see the Matron who was our supervisor, to report on how we were going with our work on the wards, I was the one who was pushed to the front of the queue to do all the talking.We were all working our way towards being Norwegian nurses in those days and were put through rigorous and sometimes difficult tests. The other girls squeezed behind me as I blabbed my way through the interviews. The secret, I found, was to just ask questions so they would do most of the talking. Everyone was most impressed though they were also puzzled as to how a foreigner could speak their language so well.

For years I thought I must have been a “super brain” and wondered why I had not discovered this unique ability before. I have always had a photographic memory, but I knew deep down I was certainly no super brain. When I returned to Australia a few years later, I went to a lecture on past life regression therapy and learnt how we carry memories and feelings, deep within our soul, from past lives. The lecturer told us that her husband had a session with her and he discovered that he had been on the Titanic. Strangely, he had always been afraid of the sea and feared drowning his whole life.

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what most practitioners believe is certain memories of past lives or incarnations. I have trained as a clinical past life and Life Between Life Therapist and have assisted clients to resolve issues from past lives in this lifetime. Often through reincarnation, we have played certain roles or lived in certain places before and are attracted to the same archetype role or country in this lifetime. In past life regression, the subject answers a series of question while hypnotized to help reveal their past life identities and associated events. Often, unresolved issues from other past lives may be the cause of the client’s present day problems. When I regressed one of my clients, we found she had died of consumption and the cold sometime in the 18th century. In this life this showed up as a recurrent problem with asthma and, after just one session, we were able to reduce her attacks.

When I had a past life regression with the lecturer I mentioned, I was taken back to a past life in Norway where I found I was a huge male Viking called Tron. I was horrified to feel thick hair all over my body, something that I really dislike to this day. (Trust me, everything is always waxed off.) In our session I began speaking fluent Norwegian and the therapist asked me to speak in English, as she had no idea what I was talking about. In other past life sessions, throughout the years I have since met many Viking friends from the longboats. One of these souls was a lovely lady called Maggie, who has been sitting and working with me for many years. She is a special needs teacher and uses her healing abilities and gifts with the children she works with.

In other lifetimes I have been American Indians or living in England, Europe and also other planets. I use regression regularly in my busy practice and have had the honor to witness many other people’s pasts. I have learnt about mankind and the soul using this modality.


Alana was a beautiful young woman in her early 40s who booked in with me to have a past life regression, as she felt stuck in her life and had no direction. She was also unhappy in her marriage and told me she had stillborn baby twins. She and her husband had stopped communicating and he told her he was no longer in love with her. I asked her if she had counseling in the past, but she said this had not helped them. After the death of the baby boys, their marriage had gone downhill and nothing seemed to help.

Sometimes grief can do this to people if not resolved. She felt very sad and angry with her husband and was ready to walk away from the marriage. As I took her down to the different layers of her life I cleared her chakras and in the healing bubble that I had set up she forgave both her husband and her drug-addicted sister. This was an enormous relief for Alana, as she had issues with her sister going back to their childhood. It seemed as if the death of her baby boys had brought everything up to the surface and she was now ready to forgive and let go so she could move on with her life. Next I regressed her to a sacred space, a beautiful garden full of flowers, birds and trees. In this healing space we can contact guides or loved ones who have passed over.Straight away she could feel and see her father who had died 10 years earlier. He came in to say he loved her and was alwaysthere for her and other personal messages.Next her guide appeared, an American Indian man with a Feathered headdress. This loving guide from the light introducedhimself as Red Arrow and reassured her all was well and howimportant it was that she should come into her own power andto trust her intuition more. She acknowledged this as she had always had strong feelings since she was little about helping others but found this draining as she felt everybody depended on her. Her guide told her about boundaries and suggested thiswas something she needed to learn.

After she received her healing from her guide, I asked her tocall out to her daughter on the other side. She was now olderand came forward and told her mother that she loved her as asoul but that she had not wanted to come in. She would returnand be born through another member of the family, which isoften the case with reincarnation.

After Alana finished her healing with her loved ones I askedher if she was ready to go deeper and to visit the past livesroom, where we could enter any doorway or look at any issueshe wanted.The first doorway she entered was the green doorway, which represents the heart chakra. In this past life she was a man andwas married to her now-husband who was a woman and livedin England in the 1800s. Most of our past life characters areusually also from this lifetime as they belong to the same soul group. As a couple they had a pretty uneventful life but weregood friends. In this lifetime, however, it was also difficult forthem to communicate but it was something they were aware ofand worked hard at.

This lifetime gave her great insight into her currentrelationship as she felt throughout the marriage she made allthe effort, as he was a quiet man who kept to himself. The mainthing, though, was that she realized she still loved him andwanted to make more of an effort, but knew that it was all up toher if they were to stay together. After all he was a good providerand father to her other children.The next doorway she visited was also in England where shewas married to a man who was really cruel to her. She did notrecognize this person when I asked her to look into their eyes. Itwas a very unsatisfactory lifetime and taught her how importantit was to feel love and not to just marry for name and money. Thistheme recurred in other lifetimes we visited and she realized itwas important for her to know her own worth and to speak hertruth. She was a strong soul, who was extremely loving and fullof compassion. It was important for her to live her life how shewanted and to explore hobbies and recreation where she couldmeet souls with similar interests. She especially needed to have fun and not think too much about life’s problems.As the session came to an end, Alana thanked me and I could see her face was clearer and appeared softer and calmer. She was happy to have so much insight into herself and felt that she had cleared a lot of things that had been stuck in her mind.She would take time to be more understanding of her husbandand his prolonged grief, look for some satisfactory work that she wanted to do and spend more time with people that shereally cared about and more in common with, instead of tryingto work out everybody else’s problems.


Tim was a 56-year-old from Adelaide who booked in for a past life session one day.

He was visiting friends with his wife,Sarah, who was also very interested in the subject and alsowanted to book in with me for a past life regression. Tim wasvery interested in finding his spiritual purpose, wanted to seewhat the connection was with other places he had visited inthis lifetime and felt a connection to and, most importantly,wanted to get in contact with his dog, Darcy, who had diedtragically of cancer. They were what he called best friends inthis life and were with each other constantly before Darcydied. Tim was finding it really hard to move on with his life,as he missed his beloved pet so much. Not a day went pastwithout Tim crying every time he thought of his beloved dogand mate.A year had passed and nothing much had changed as he foundhe was still very emotional every time he thought of Darcy andit seemed he was still going through the grieving process. Theirconnection had been so strong that he wanted to see if Darcyhad been in a past life with him and if he had crossed over safelyto the other side.He carried Darcy’s collar with him everywhere and couldnot stop thinking of the day when he had to make the painfuldecision to have his good friend put down. He was also consumedwith guilt and questioned himself daily whether he had madethe right decision.

As soon as Tim came in, I saw an elderly man in spirit enterthe room and stand to the left of him. He said he was Tim’s grandfather, James. He told me he had been dead for a whileand had passed from a stroke.I asked Tim if this was correct and whether they were closewhen he was still alive. Tim seemed shocked and surprised atfirst, and confirmed this was true and that they had spent alot of time together in the country when he was younger. Hisgrandfather had lived on a farm and he always carried happyand loving memories from the times that he’d stayed with himas it was so much fun.As he relaxed, the energy started to build up in the roomand I saw what appeared to be a spirit dog sitting on the otherside of him by his chair. I described the dog in great detail untilTim suddenly started to cry. It was then that I knew that Ihad contacted his best friend Darcy. He must have made an incredible effort to come over from the other side and knew hismaster missed him. I started to see him sitting next to his ownerwithout a care in the world.As soon as Tim stopped crying, he asked me to ask his dogif he had done the right thing by putting him down becausehe felt so heartbroken and guilty and missed his best mate somuch. With Darcy wagging his tail, he told me to tell Tim thathe needed to stop feeling so bad and, yes; he had done the rightthing. Darcy was in so much pain when he was alive, he washappy to pass over to the other side, even if it meant he had toleave his best friend here.

Tim and Darcy had such a connection that I felt they musthave had many past lives together as the love between them wasso strong.Funnily enough I could easily relate to what Tim was feelingas I have always had a very strong and loving connection to all my cats. My husband called me Cat Woman from the day I met himand, when he is in a bad mood, he will complain that I give themall the attention. I have always imagined and felt that they weremy horses from my previous past lives as an American Indian.

Thoughts of love washed over me and tears welled in myeyes as Darcy went on to say how he missed his friend terriblyas well, but he was happy now in the spirit world and did notwant Tim to worry any longer. When Tim was ready to moveon, I relaxed him down into a deep regression, the sacred spaceto meet up with his beloved spirit guides and angels, and alsohis loved ones in spirit who have crossed over to the other side.Once this sacred space has been created in the mind’s eye it ispossible to go back there in a meditation, a sleep state or simplyby closing the eyes.

In this beautiful garden near a great lake, Tim walked aroundand described everything to me. We went over to the great lakeand met with Tim’s guide and his grandfather, who both gavehim sound and loving advice. Tim was happy to do this as hehad never met his guide before and was thrilled to catch up withhis beloved grandfather who he had not seen in years. Whilein this space, Tim felt relaxed and at ease. He was in a deepmeditative sleep and able to receive healing from his own lovingguide as well.

Next I took him down to the past lives part of the session,where there is a white room with many different-coloureddoorways, which represent the chakras or energy points in thebody. After he selected a doorway, he could go in and just lookat his feet where he would see he had been transformed intosomebody else from a past life. He found this fascinating andhad read many books on the subject before he came so he wasmore than willing to explore his past lives. When we got tothis particular place, he told me that he just wanted to go intothe lifetimes with Darcy, as he felt this would help him in thegrieving process.

In his first lifetime, Tim saw himself as a strong warrior.He rode a great proud black horse that always accompaniedhim in battle. This horse was Darcy and they had a remarkableconnection. Tim felt safe with the horse as he was strong andthey were in tune with one another whenever they rode intodangerous battles. When Tim, as the warrior, finally died hishorse was with him and they crossed over together.In the second lifetime, in 18th century England, Tim sawhimself as a poor laborer called Samuel who worked in thefields with his best friend Peter, who turned out to be Darcyagain. In this lifetime they were together right through to oldage. Peter helped Samuel by looking after him when he becamesick until his death.In the third lifetime they were in France and the year was1788. Tim was a rich landowner and saw Darcy as his onlychild, a young son that he had fathered with his wife. Tragicallythe boy died at a very early age from an incurable disease thathad infiltrated most of the country at the time. This was reallysad, as there was nothing Tim could do for his son even thoughhe was a wealthy landowner.The amazing thing for Tim was that each time he went intoa different lifetime, he saw Darcy in some form or another. Theyhad been in many past lives together and probably will continueto do so as they are probably from the same soul group. Timwas, of course, overjoyed at seeing his old friend again and nowunderstood the connection they had. It proved to him that life isa continuous wheel that continues spinning and that love neverdies, as it is indeed eternal.

When the session ended Tim seemed much more relaxedand happier in himself. His face was full of wonderment andjoy and all the pain and stress that he had walked in with wasnow gone. He said he felt “over the moon” that he had receiveda message from Darcy that he was okay and that they had beenin so many lives together. He was now able to put it all togetherin his mind. He would miss his old mate, but now he knewthat they were destined to meet up again because isn’t that whatgood friends do.So, until the next life Darcy will always be in his heart forever.



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This story is also a tribute to dear Harry my cat that just passed into the spirit world and all the other dear friends and pets in the animal kingdom that have been a part of my family and have loved me unconditionally throughout the trials and tribulations of my life. For this I am eternally grateful and humbled.

Thank you xx