ROBERT – Excerpt from Sacred Soul


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‘Ridiculing spiritual phenomena is a sign of low cosmic intelligence. The higher your terrestrial humanity the higher your cosmic intelligence’- London Metaphysic ET Forum.

Robert was a casual acquaintance and an interesting character I had known for many years that often sat in spiritual and development groups. He like many of us on the path of spiritual discovery had an avid interest in the spirit world and anything to do with spiritual phenomena. Anytime any of the groups we attended, discussed stories of haunting, spirit pneumonia or paranormal activities, Robert’s eyes would light up like two large shining large saucers. It was very funny to watch him get excited as he would suddenly drop his rather reserved persona and become incredibly animated, talking endlessly about his interests and what he had discovered on any of these subject in great detail. Overtime it did not take too long to realize he had a keen interest with anything to do with the supernatural, strange hunting’s and UFO’s, which his favorite topic was by far.

When anyone ever mentioned anything to do with sightings of spacecraft’s in the media or Internet he would suddenly stop whatever it was he was doing, become very interested, and begin talking about all his own theories and ideologies on the subject until he wore you down in a corner. Quite often I would have to step in and rescue friends that he had captivated with his stores, as it was always difficult to step away. In his spare time, he talked about how he was always sending his evidence of photographs of orbs, UFO’s and strange phenomena to magazines he had taken and collected over the years and often carried these around in a small dark suitcase, as if he was some type of secret spy working for the government. He had dozens of these photos, all packed nicely in his briefcase and he was always showing his rather large collection to anyone that would want to see. The weird thing was when he wasn’t talking about his work; he would just sit in silence in a corner of the room, watching carefully everything that went on around him. If you asked him a question, he wasn’t interested in, like how was he, he would always answer you with a one liner and then dismiss you straight afterwards. We all thought him odd because although quite an intelligent man, he never seemed to have much going for him when it came to social graces. When the group was finished most of us, if we weren’t busy would stay behind and have a bit of chat, but not Robert. Not one for idle chatter, he would pick up his bag and just walk out of the room without ever saying much of a goodbye to anyone. Most people thought he was rude and gave up on ever trying befriending him, which was in reality what he wanted as I always felt intuitively he was just lonely and had no social skills on how to befriend people unless he impressed them with his work.  As I got to know him, I realized it was just his way and did not take any offense, like the others, and was always interested in what he had to say. In fact, I found him to be an interesting fellow and unlike the others in the group, felt I understood where he was coming from and he was always extremely polite and respectful to me. When he asked me about my work one night I told him that I had been talking to and seeing spirit people most of my life. He then went on to tell me he had experienced similar things like me, but was not really interested in letting too many people know too much about what he could do, as he had no real interest in most people and his privacy was very important to him and if anything he had no interest in doing the type of work I did for a living.

I could understand what he was talking about even though he was extremely blunt   because the work we do as mediums is not an easy path and is always an enormous responsibility when working with the general public.

One night, instead of scurrying away like he usually did, he decided to stay back with the rest of us after the healing group and before too long came across to where I was sitting with some friends and asked if he could join us. I have to say it took me by surprise at first but it was interesting to have some other company. After a while, he seemed to loosen up and slowly began to open up and tell me about his life. Robert was an unusual fellow. Besides looking like a tiny gnome with small features and very thick glasses he went on to tell me he had grown up in Scotland and migrated to Australia when he was only ten years old. He always found it hard to fit in, especially looking and sounding so different and most of the children at school found him weird and bullied him most of the time. Through this experience he became a loner and preferred to keep his own company. To others, he may have appeared quite strange, because of the way he always managed to not want to mingle and his peculiar ways, but intuitively I felt he just liked it this way and was quite happy to do his own thing.  He also told me that he was a widower and this did not surprise me as I told him I often sensed a spirit woman standing to the right side of him all the time and I often wondered who she was as her energy was so strong. When he heard this he laughed and said he was not surprised because his wife had died from cancer many years ago and had a habit of just popping in when she felt like it. Laughing merrily, he then went on to tell me she was his soul mate Betty and that they still often had long conversations to each other in a dream state or whenever he meditated. When he told me this he began to get sentimental and, his eyes filled with tears. Slowly pausing, he wiped them away and said that they were just tears of joy as he had never stopped loving her from the day they both met at university in their younger years.  He also said that before she died in his arms, they made a pact that they would stay together till it was his time to pass over or whenever the time felt right. He then went on to say that after his darling Betty died he did not worry too much about marrying again as he had his sweetheart in spirit all the time, was happy that he could communicate to her whenever he wanted and was quite happy to just live his life how he saw fit.

Apparently when she was alive they both had a keen interest in the afterlife. Often they would spend hours and hours researching the subject and loved talking about anything they had both read or come across in their daily lives. Robert then went on to say that when Betty was alive she was a journalist and often wrote articles with Robert about the afterlife and spiritual phenomena which they both contributed for publication to articles in magazines and new age papers. He also laughed again and said how he couldn’t, for the life of him, get over the fact of how she hadn’t changed since her death because often when she came through and spoke to him she was still bossy and was always telling him what to do.  As far as he was concerned she was still in love with him as much as he was in her and was thrilled she was still as passionate about him. Their love for each other was still as strong as ever, even though she was now dead and living in the spirit world. This of course, was very helpful to him in the beginning, when she first passed, as he was so lonely because when she was alive, they were used to being together every day and doing everything together.  He then went on to tell me that after the years went by, he was finally able to accept her death and finally move away from the awful, suffocating sensation of the black cloud of grief that had tortured him for years. It also helped that he moved away from their home and relocated to a lovely place by the sea. After a while, Betty, must have got the message because she stopped visiting so much and seemed to just ‘move on’ in the spirit world. Over time her strong perfume disappeared and her earthly visits became less frequent until finally one day, she seemed to hardly visit him at all. He accepted this of course, as he understood that she was just ‘off doing her own thing’ in the vast consciousness of the spirit world. The funny thing was, these days whenever he saw her, which wasn’t often, she looked years younger, just like when they had first met and looked radiant and in good health. There was no sign of the cancer that had riddled her body when she was alive, or no evidence of the damage and horrific injuries to her soul, as she seemed so happy and care free.

In the past, before she decided to move on, in his dreams and visitations from Betty, she told him that she loved him very dearly and wanted him to know that she was ok. She also went on to say that there were many people with her, in the spirit world and for him not to worry. When he awoke from these dreams in the morning he would often find himself crying with happiness.

His pillow was always wet but he felt relived and the anxiousness that had plagued him and tightened his chest just seemed to disappear.  The other thing that amazed him as well was the fact how young and happy she looked in the spirit world, as if she was getting younger, when he on the other hand was psychically becoming older. These dreams turned out to be an enormous turning point for him in his life because he sensed and just knew that this was her way of finally saying goodbye.  They were also very healing because they enabled him to accept his own fate and get on with his own life in the living. If anything, she had given him the one gift that he truly needed in his life, which was the gift of pure unconditional love. With her love, he was able to fill the empty void from deep within and once again be able to feel happy and content with his own life.  He had finally accepted his destiny and was quite happy to let her go and live his life without her until it was his time. He would have to wait for his own untimely death now, until once again they would be reunited back together, in the spirit world.

Captivated by his beautiful story and wanting to know more, I asked Robert what his idea of the spirit world was he told me he had often dreamt about it over the years many times and felt he had a good understanding of it. He went on to describe it as a vast enormous, undiscovered consciousness of many different shapes, squiggles and vivid colors. To him it looked like a beautiful paradise of nature, mountains and valleys with thousands of colorful flowers. He also laughed and said that it was also like a recycling bin where, with a new spiritual contract, you could get a new body once you died, reincarnate and come back again to earth or anywhere else in the universe, if you chose to. His own spiritual guide had shown him these visions in his dreams and meditations so he knew his Betty was being looked after and ok. Unfortunately thought these vivid dreams of the spirit world would haunt him for days afterwards and fill him with a longing he found hard to shake afterwards, but eventually did as he had so much to do in the living.  He then went on and told me about another dream he had. He was a big fan of past lives and this time he thought it must have been one as it was so real like and special and filled him love, right down to his very core.  In this dream he found himself to be in what looked like a sacred and ancient Indian campsite, next to a beautiful river with free running water. Everything around him aroused his senses as it all seemed so uncannily familiar.

As he began to slowly look around and take everything in with his senses, he began to see many wild horses, of all different colors, running around freely in front of him, without a care in the world, with beautiful snow peaked, untouched mountains in the background. When Robert told this story, he had tears in his eyes, as he went on to say that it was a peaceful and tranquil place, full of great beauty and overwhelming love and made him feel like he had come home. He had always had, as far back as he could remember, a great love of nature from a very early age, so this dream was special and meant a lot to him. He also loved people from indigenous cultures so this meant a lot as well. After a while, while flying around in his dream, it was not long before he began to see someone familiar in this special place, and was overwhelmed when he looked into the Indian woman’s eyes and saw it was his beloved Betty.

Robert’s story had a big impact on me and it was no surprise that gradually we became good friends. He was also interested in my spiritual classes I ran and was keen to come and sit in my closed circles. These circles are important to me as I am always learning new things myself and without a doubt they are an integral part of my spiritual growth, because as a teacher and a spiritual medium, I am continually researching and going to new levels. Robert ended up being a great friend as he was a very knowledgeable fellow especially interested in all types of healing, especially earth healing and trance which had fascinated him since he was a child. Once he relaxed he really enjoyed the trance groups and soon learnt to bring through his own spiritual guides. One of these guides was a friendly loving star guide called Tajo.  When Tajo spoke through Robert, we found him to be an intelligent, intergalactic being, very loving and extremely funny because of the deadpan way he spoke. He went on to tell us that he had lived on star ships that travelled all over the star systems and other galaxies. It was no wonder Robert had such an incredible interest in UFO’s as his main guide had lived on many planets in many of his life times. I was pleased to learn this, as I have channeled a star guide for years that I very fondly call three of one. Each time Robert channeled his guide through his body, in the group, there would be a tremendous shift and exchange of incredible energy in the room and a loud buzzing sound could be heard within my ears, as I am mainly clairaudient.

Tajo would then, through Robert, tell the group in great detail, about his life on other planets and how his own planet had been destroyed for many hundreds of years. Tajo’s ancestors, we soon learnt, were what he referred to, as a peaceful species, called ‘The Explorer Race’. These were star beings that went to other planets, galaxies and places for scientific and peaceful missions. Tajo went on to say that these missions were fundamental for their own race but did not specify why. It made me think of our own early explorers and pioneers in our earlier centuries here on earth. We were all much honored to have this amazing light being in our group and everyone welcomed him, which I am sure helped Robert as well, because he could be himself and felt welcomed.

When Robert wasn’t working and was now fancy free, he would simply take off and travel all over the world so he could learn more about his own spiritual purpose, here on earth, often attending seminars, spirit conventions and going to all types of native places, like the Amazon. One of his favorite places, for healing anyway was a place hidden in the mountains Brazil, where he would go and visit the great healer John of God. If time allowed it he would try and treat himself to a trip once a year as he suffered from many genetic problems within his body, besides having a hip and leg problem leg as well. When I asked him why he did this he just said he was always hopeful to find a cure for anything that ailed him when conventional medicine could not help him. It was strange how he suffered from these strange ailments, especially the painful lymphomas, called Dercum’s disease, which were painful fatty benign lumps that just formed under his skin. Some of them grew as big as lemons and oranges. He went on to tell me he had over fifty removed through plastic surgery and when I asked him why did he think he had them, he just laughed and said he was probably an alien and was not compatible with the earth’s energy. This of course was a real joke to him, but I have to admit at times he was definitely strange and I often wondered if he was from another world like he said.   In fact I could imagine he was from somewhere else as he was very different from anyone I had ever met.  It did make me shudder though when he talked about his health problems but at least he said his guide told him he would never get cancer. Always the optimist, I told him it was a good thing and he should be happy he had not be given a fatal disease that could eventually kill him like his ex-wife Betty and other poor souls I had seen in the past working as a young nursing sister.

When we talked about it further he also said that his specialist could only say that he had an idiopathic disease and there was nothing he could do. The surgeon told him that he would just have to live with his lot and just beta lumpy old man”. If it made him feels better it was ok for Robert to believe it was all because he had these lumps from past lives as aliens on other planets. His theory was, that the reason they were there was that the earth’s atmosphere was denser on earth than the planets he had lived on and this was a common occurrence for people like himself. It was no wonder he always found it hard to just fit in and make friends easily.

Since meeting Robert I have meet other people, just like my friend, mostly clients that I have had the privilege to work with when doing survival evidence, healing, readings and past life therapy. The kind beautiful souls are always so grateful for everything you do for them and it makes me happy that they are out there. When you think about it, we are always meeting different types of people in our daily lives that have some type of impact and are here on the planet with us. I can’t help but think that most of them are generous and kind and it is a good thing to know we have so many beautiful souls living on our planet now as it goes through its shift. The year 2013 is a fantastic time on the planet to be here as the energy is changing so fast, especially when we really start to get into it by February. All we have to do is focus and manifest what we want in our lives, by living it in the now, not tomorrow. I also believe that with a bit of faith, like- minded energy people would always find one another no matter how long it takes. A spiritual teacher I once worked from America for three years but is now in spirit, also like Robert and me channeled and trances a star being from Andromeda. She went on to tell me that if ever I wanted to re-connect with my other brothers and sisters from other planets, just simply call out “Star people come in….. star people come in….I am now ready to work with you again”. This made sense to me, because if you think about it, we are all made up of energy and our energy acts like telegraph poles that transmute our own energy out into the atmosphere and to each other. That is why it is always important to watch your thought forms and keep them positive as it is so important what you may attract in your life so it is best to keep your energy clear.  Any anger or ill emotions towards yourself and others, is not a good thing to have because it will attract a similar energy into your life.

If people came more with their intentions from the heart and spent more time being kind, generous and loving, what a wonderful world we would all live in. There would be no wars in the world and planet earth would be a sanctuary of unconditional and peace. We can only dream. I will say, I did try her simple technique once but found it quite hysterical as most of the people that were in my life and especially the ones that sat with me in my spiritual classes, all had star guides as well. It also made me realize that all the people that you are surrounded with in your lifetime or are in your circle of friendships are meant to be there anyway. Often you will also find that these friends and people will have played a part in some life time in your past lives and perhaps future lives as well as they are all spiritual ‘contracts’ in the wheel of life.  My own star guide, ‘Three of One’ that I have mentioned in my earlier books “Memoirs of a Suburban’ Medium’ was able to give me symbols to help me in my own healings. As I was already trained in Reiki and spiritual healing, in my early years, I found these symbols to be very beneficial as I understood their simple energy and resonated with them automatically.

I once used one of the symbols (the cancer symbol the star guide had given me years earlier) on my own father who had terminal cancer of the brain at the time. After a long 18-hour operation, the team of doctors that worked on him finally decided to just close him up said there was nothing more that they could do for him. When they wheeled him out to the intensive care they said that he was lucky if he could survive for just a few months. This shocked the whole family as one could imagine and we could not believe how a simple skin cancer, which looked so tiny on the side of his head, could do so much damage, let alone kill someone. We all loved dad and did not want him to die. He had been such a wonderful father and we were in total disbelief that this should happen to our own family. You often read and hear about these things but when it happens to your own family it is a total shock and kick in the head. When my mother was given the prognosis, my mother, having no intentions of living as a widow and taking matters into her own hands, insisted that I give him healing as soon as he came out of the recovery room.  I told her I would do my best, but if it was God’s will and that he should die, it was not my responsibility and was totally out of my hands. All I could do was do my best and just put the symbols my guide three of one had given me for cancer.

She of course understood this and as soon as he was wheeled out of the operation room, into recovery I was allowed to go in and place the symbol into his crown chakra, (which was the energy point above his head). Luckily for me, my daughter Kaja was by my side and together we both prayed and gave him spiritual healing as well, which seemed to bring a bit of color back into his face. After we gave him the healing, my father opened his eyes, looked up at us and smiled so I saw this as a sign that it would go well. In fact, he was able to live on for many years without any problems or signs of the brain cancer and malignancy returning. At the time, it was very difficult period for all of us in the family but it is amazing what a bit of faith can do. I also remember how I prayed daily for a miracle and asked God for help, even asking stupidly to take years off my own life, so he could survive, just a bit longer as my mother did not want to be by herself. Of course this was the wrong thing to do, as it does not work like that. Everyone has their own spiritual contract but sometimes the human element of sadness and desperation can interfere. After a while, I knew he would be ok, because one day, right out of the blue, one of my favorite aunts, Aunty Gladys, who I was very fond of when she was alive, came through in spirit and gave me a message. She had been dead for many years but often ‘popped in’ like Robert’s wife Betty to just have a chat, whenever I was in meditation. She knew I was a natural medium when she was alive and often said that when she was dead, she would take advantage of it when she died. So true to her word, she told me to tell my mother not to worry, as it was not ‘little Reggie’s time and that he would be ok. She went on to say that the spirit world was not ready for him and he would have plenty of extra time here on earth.  When I told this to my mother, she laughed, said Aunty Gladys was never wrong and seemed extremely relieved. She always thought Aunty Gladys was one to exaggerate, and a bit of a colorful character, when she was alive, but this time she would give her the benefit of the doubt and of course we all found out she was right.



Cancer Symbol

The Cancer Symbol is placed in the Crown Chakra energy point, at the top of the head.

Clearing or Detox


Place the Clearing or Detox Symbol in the Crown Chakra energy point at the top of the head.


Crown Chakra


Place this symbol in the Crown Chakra energy point at the top of the head.





Place the symbol in the Crown Chakra energy point at the top of the head.